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1.150 km itineraries up to 2.000 m high in the spectacular mountains of the Val di Fassa, the wild scenery of the Lagorai range and the natural oasis of Parco di Paneveggio Pale di San Martino e del Monte Corno. Dolomiti Lagorai Bike, a joint project by the Tourist Boards of the Val di Fassa, Val di Fiemme, San Martino di Castrozza and Valsugana offers this and more while suggesting also a selection of the best mountain bike tracks.
All the GPS routes of Dolomiti Lagorai Bike in the Val di Fassa

Bike Hotels

Biker-friendly hotels in Val di Fassa

The Dolomiti Lagorai Hotel Association was born from the idea of creating a taylor made holiday for cycling fanatics who choose the Val di Fassa to practise their favourite sport. The hotels that take part in the initiative are selected quality facilities which offer high accommodation standards. The well renowned Ladin hospitality tradition together with commitment to satisfying guests’ demands provide an ad hoc stay in the Dolomite mountains.

Each Dolomiti Lagorai Hotel offers:

  • bike deposit: safe, locked, roofed, with cycle racks and lockers, access for guest bikers only;
  • bicycle/ mountain bike washing area;
  • daily laundry service (with fee) when back from training or excursions;
  • tools/repair kit for minor fixes;
  • hearty buffet breakfast (also before opening time - on demand) to start your day with energy;
  • special menus before/after training - on demand;
  • afternoon snack when you are back from training with hot drinks and local products (service with fee);
  • bike corner and info corner with magazines, books and maps of the Val di Fassa and Trentino;
  • accessories and equipment directly sold in or nearby your accommodation facility;
  • special rates for bike rental (mtb or cycling) and qualified assistance;
  • "bike manager" inside the hotel, a person that knows the place and can suggest itineraries or help you choose the route that best suits your demands;
  • two half-days mountain bike excursions with an instructor.

Moreover, some of the accommodation facilities also have fitness rooms and pools where guests can train when the weather is bad. After sport one can relax in a Spa and have a massage done by an expert.

Pools, gyms and spas open to the public in the Val di Fassa.

Medical assistance is available in case of small injuries or muscular soreness which could bother your holiday, in the valley you can find several physiotherapy centres with qualified staff.

Holiday packages Dolomiti Lagorai Bike Hotels

- Cycling holidays in Val di Fassa, a strong emotion on the two-wheels

- Grand Tour, MTB itinerary of 6 days along the paths of the Dolomiti Lagorai Bike circuit

- Dolomiti Lagorai Bike - Freeride Tour

Bike shops

Mountain bike rentals and specialist shops in the Val di Fassa

No problem at all for bikers! Nobody will stop you from biking. In the Val di Fassa, in the different villages, you will find lots of rentals and specialist shops where to choose among: city bikes, ideal for asphalted roads (like the cycling path Fiemme and Fassa), road bikes, children’s bikes, mountain bikes (also available in dirt-jump, free ride, cross-country and downhill) perfect for mountain tracks and dirt roads, e-bikes (electric bikes) with pedalling assistant to enjoy a day in the open air without effort. Moreover a wide choice of accessories to organise your trainings and excursions at best, also for families. In fact here you will find baby bike chairs and twin buggies (tow/trolley), which is the safest way to carry your kids.

We suggest your contacting the rental to check bike availability.

Schools - MTB tours

Mountain bike schools and instructors in the Val di Fassa

To get advice, for guided excursions along the paths of the Val di Fassa, you can trust our qualified instructors. Bike tours with MTB instructors in the Val di Fassa:

Sport Check Point Canazei
Strèda del Piz - Phone +39 340 1147382

Sport Check Point Pozza di Fassa
Piaza de Comun - Phone +39 331 2989721

Sport Check Point Moena
Piaz de Sotegrava - Phone +39 0462 565038


How to move from one place to another in the Val di Fassa

Families with children that are fond of cycling can have fun on the easy, almost flat cycling path that links Canazei (1.465 m) to Molina di Fiemme (965 m). The itinerary is 46.8 km long, takes about three hours and is served by "Bike Express Fassa-Fiemme". This is a bus that has a trailer and offers cyclists the possibility to go back to starting point without any effort.

Download the map of the Fassa and Fiemme Dolomites cycling route in PDF format.

Bike transportation (with fee) also on public transport (companies: Trentino Trasporti and Sad), only if there is enough room on the bus. See bus timetables.

Uphill, effortlessly. Cycling paths, dirt roads, low level roads and lots of panoramic routes in the mountain. Less trained bikers can skip the stress of cycling uphill by taking the lifts open in summer in the Val di Fassa on which bike transportation is allowed.

  1. Cabin lift Belvedere + cable car Col dei Rossi, Canazei, only for downhill and guided Sellaronda MTB tour
  2. Chair lift Fodom, Arabba/Pordoi Pass
  3. Cable car Col Rodella, Campitello di Fassa (with the obligation to go only through the suitable road along the way from Col Rodella to Passo Sella Refuge. It’s forbidden to follow the path "Friedrich August" or to cross the meadows)
  4. Cabin lift Buffaure, Pozza di Fassa
  5. Cabin lift Lusia-Valbona-Le Cune, Moena
  6. Chair lifts Castelir and La Morea, Bellamonte/Alpe di Lusia
  7. Cable car Col Margherita, San Pellegrino Pass
  8. Chair lifts Molino-Le Buse and Le Buse-Laresei, Falcade/Col Margherita
  9. Chair lift Laurin I, Carezza/Costalunga Pass

Bike Parks

Downhill: two-wheeled adventure in the Val di Fassa

Get thrill from racing downhill, the adrenaline alternative to mountain biking that you ca practise thanks to special bikes that go very fast down steep and slippery trails. In the Val di Fassa, bikers can have fun in the Buffaure bike park (reachable by cable car from Pozza di Fassa) and at extraordinary bike resort in the Belvedere basin, in Canazei. Who wants to try this new daring discipline can ask "Fassa Bike" instructors, who offer packages which include guided tours, bike hire, protective clothes (which you have to wear if you practice this sport) and bike-pass, the card that allows bike transportation on the lifts.

Mountain bike skill parks

The skill centre in Canazei (nearby the Aquatic Centre) is only for children and teenagers. With easy obstacles and paths, young  bikers can approach this sport in safe conditions, ride a bike in tranquillity or learn how to ride a mountain bike while being looked after by instructors.

Useful info

Riding a bike is an aerobic activity that make you burn a lot of energy. That’s why a healthy diet is important. A biker should never cut on carbs (pasta, potatoes, grains) and proteins (meat, eggs, fish and legumes). Fruit and vegetables are very important to ensure your body the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. You shouldn’t cut all the sweet foods but you should prefer fruit tarts. Never forget to drink a lot of water (both before and during sport activity), fruit juices or sugared tea. To warm up is a good habit before starting cycling, by doing so you will avoid any muscular soreness. After training, stretching is recommended in order to loosen up muscles. 7 to 8 hours sleep every night will give you back the energy you burnt during the day and help you feel fit the day after and ready for a new excursion.

See also: events, map of the tours and more mountain biking itineraries in Val di Fassa

The laws in Trentino provide for a ban on bicycles if the paths have the following characteristics:

  • slope or gradient over 20%;
  • path with less than the wheelbase of the bike (distance tire contact with the ground).

Such parts of the route are marked with the sign "push bike - bici a spinta".

Bike hotels in Val di Fassa

Shops and mtb/bike rentals in Val di Fassa

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Flying to the snow
Fly Ski Shuttle: low cost transfer service from the Verona, Bergamo, Treviso and Venice airports directly to the Val di Fassa resorts, in Trentino. Timetables and tickets


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