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Alba di Canazei - Ciampac

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The cableway takes one from the centre of Alba di Canazei up to Ciampac in just a few minutes. Ciampac is a natural viewpoint in the Gruppi del Sassolungo, of the Sella and over towards the Marmolada, the "Queen of the Dolomites". The Ciampac is one of the most famous and exciting black slopes of the entire Val di Fassa. It is a very technical run, about 2,5 km long and with a difference in level of 660 m, it is a sheer drop right down to the village. From the basin of Ciampac, dominated by the impressive size of the Colac and of the volcanic Crepa Neigra, one glides quickly along the Panorama ski tour pistes that connect, bypassing Sella Brunech, with the di Pozza-Buffaure ski area.
It is the only ski area in the whole valley that can boast having a cross country circuit at an altitude of 2,000 metres. An ideal place for families and for children, Ciampac is very sunny and has a well-equipped babypark.

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Skipass: Val di Fassa/Carezza, Fassa XL 3+3 or Dolomiti Superski

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See also: the rules of good behaviour for skiers on the slopes of Val di Fassa.

  • The Ciampac ski area is linked directly to the Buffaure ski area by two chairlifts
  • The ski area is reachable by Ciampac cablecar from Alba di Canazei
  • The ski area is reachable by Ciampac cablecar from Alba di Canazei
  • The ski area is reachable by Ciampac cablecar from Alba di Canazei
  • Kinderpark Ciampac
  • The ski area is reachable by Ciampac cablecar from Alba di Canazei

Ski area opening

Ski area - Lifts   Opening   Closing
Alba di Canazei
Ski area Ciampac  
Chair lift Sella Brunech  
Chair lift Orsa Maggiore  
Skitour Panorama  

For dates marked with day 00, the real opening/closing date of the lift corresponds at the moment only to the month.
The lifts opening and closing dates may be subject to change owing to circumstances beyond one’s control, as adverse weather or snow conditions.

Skipass Office
Strèda de Contrin, 15 - Alba di Canazei
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Lifts: 6
Open: 0
n.1 Cable car
n.1 Chair Lift
n.2 Skilift
- Automatico
n.2 Automatic Coupling
Lifts: 15 km
Open: 0 km
n.1   Easy | km. 1,25
n.0 | km. 0
n.5   Intermediate | km. 10,5
n.0 | km. 0
n.1   Difficult | km. 3,25
n.0 | km. 0

Means of Transport
Open Open
Closed Closed

Slopes and lifts

Skiarea Alba di Canazei - Ciampac closed

Connected slopes
Closed Cable car Alba - Ciampac | Cable car (75 p.)
Closed Ciampac Alba (3,250 km) Difficult Artificial snow
Closed Chair Lift Sella Brunech | Chair Lift (4 p.)
Closed Sella Brunech (2,620 km) Intermediate Artificial snow
Closed Skilift Delle Baite | Skilift (1 p.)
Closed Delle Baite (1,250 km) Easy Artificial snow
Closed Skilift Sasso di Rocca | Skilift (1 p.)
Closed Sasso di Rocca 1 (1,550 km) Intermediate Artificial snow
Closed Sasso di Rocca 2 (1,550 km) Intermediate Artificial snow
Closed Automatic Coupling Roseal | Automatic Coupling (2 p.)
Closed Roseal (1,730 km) Intermediate Artificial snow
Closed Automatic Coupling Orsa Maggiore | Automatic Coupling (4 p.)
Closed Orsa Maggiore (3,050 km) Intermediate Artificial snow
Open Open
Closed Closed
Easy difficult slopes
Moderately difficult slopes
Hard difficult slopes

Map and webcams


Practical guide to ski area - Notices and advice

In this section you will find: the main services in the ski area, the list of activities and sports one can practice and a link (connection) to the locality or village nearest the ski area, and lots of useful information on how best to plan your holiday on the snow.

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Shopping and services

Below are listed the names and addresses - grouped in categories - of restaurants, refuges, mountain huts and places offering refreshment, of clothing and sports gear shops, of rental shops, of snow crȇches for children, of ski and snowboard schools (all situated in the immediate vicinity of the ski area), and of the partners of the Tourist Board Val di Fassa.

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Flying to the snow
Fly Ski Shuttle: low cost transfer service from the Verona, Bergamo, Treviso and Venice airports directly to the Val di Fassa resorts, in Trentino. Timetables and tickets


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