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Inhabitants: 1.886
Altitude: 1.460 s.l.m.
Number of beds
- in hotels: 4.660
- in other accommodation facilities: 8.338


Hamlets belonging to the municipality: Gries, Alba e Penia
Etymology: Canazei comes from the Latin word "cannacetum", "groove of reeds". Probably there was a marsh created by the periodic overflowing of the stream Avisio.
Points of interest: San Floriano Church (founded in 1570) in Piaz de Sèn Florian; Canazei Town Hall by the architect Ettore Sottsass senior (end of the twenties, renovated in 1998) in Piaz Marconi; frescoes in Cèsa Bernard (by Virgilio Soraperra, 1979) in Strèda Dolomites; Madonna della Neve Church (founded in 1570) in Piaz de Gries; Sacro Cuore Church (founded in 1935 and renovated in 2009) in Strèda de la Gejia; Sant’Antonio Abate Church (founded in 1410) in Strèda de Sorapera, Alba; ancient hamlet of Soraperra along Strèda de Sorapera, Alba; Lorenz and Verra: the highest hamlets in Val di Fassa (Troi de Lorenz path and view point); "Sia", ancient Venetian sawmill (16th century renovated in 1929) separate section of the Ladin Museum in Strèda de Ciamp Trujan; Santi Rocco and Sebastiano Church (founded in 1562) in Strèda don Luigi Baroldi; Cèsa Dovolavilla, type of ladin "majon" with bread oven in Strèda de Treve, Penìa.
Events: "Da na tieja in l’autra", folk feast on the second week-end of July; DoloMyths Run Skyrace, international mountain running race held in mid July; Canazei Night Event, acrobatic show on the snow at the main square, in August; Gran Festa da d’Istà, important folk festival that brings all the Dolomite’s Ladins together, first week-end of September; Ladin Carnival, one of the highest forms of expression of the Ladin culture, form the 17th of January up until Shrove Tuesday; Sellaronda Skimarathon, ski-mountaineering competition in mid February.

Description: surrounded by the most important Dolomite peaks, Canazei is one of the most worldwide famous Alpine resorts. It is a winter paradise both for ski and snowboard fans directly linked to the Sellaronda circuit, that also offers cross-country slopes of all level of difficulty in the Buffaure-Ciampac ski area. Many important sport events take place in Canazei such as the Sellaronda Skimarathon (night mountaineering competition) in winter, and the DoloMyths Run Skyrace in summer, a high-level mountain race, but Canazei is well known also for its lively night life. 
Val di Fassa also means relaxation and well-being. Along with the wellness centres present in numerous hotels of the valley, the Eghes Wellness Centre is also worth a mention. Located by the new Water Center Dòlaondes in Canazei, it offers a varied programme of regenerating treatments. 
The strong tourism development in the 50s changed deeply the aspect of the town, making it an important and modern resort, but the village preserved traces of its original architecture. In the end of August, all the Ladin valleys gather together on occasion of the "Gran Festa da d’Istà", a very longed-for event for the local people, who can show their proud of being Ladins and their most beautiful traditional customs and accessories, different from valley to valley.

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Map of Val di Fassa - Canazei Alba Penia resort

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Interactive webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac
Interactive webcam Canazei - Belvedere
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac - Altitude: 2,376 metresArea: Col dei Rossi Panoramic viewpoint: static webcam. View from the top station of the
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac - Altitude: 2,100 metresArea: Ciampac Panoramic viewpoint: view on the
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac - Roseal and Sasso di Rocca - Altitude: 2,100 metresArea: Ciampac Panoramic viewpoint: view on the
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac - Roseal and Sasso di Rocca
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac - Sella Brunech chair lift - Altitude: 2,100 metresArea: Ciampac Panoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Outlook in direction of the
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac - Sella Brunech chair lift
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac Skiweg - Altitude: 2,376 metresArea: Col dei Rossi Panoramic viewpoint: static webcam. View from the top station of the
Webcam Alba di Canazei - Ciampac Skiweg
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Altitude: 2,413 metresArea: Col dei RossiPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. View down on
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Col dei Rossi - Altitude: 2,413 metresArea: Col dei RossiPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Glimpse of the Canazei ski area and the chair lifts
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Col dei Rossi
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Sas Becé - Altitude: 2,413 metresArea: Col dei RossiPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Panoramic view of the Belvedere ski area and the chair lifts
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Sas Becé
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Snowpark - Altitude: 2,413 metresArea: Col dei RossiPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. panoramic view over the slopes on Belvedere. On the right side Sass Becé; Sass Pordoi (2,950 m), known as
Webcam Canazei - Belvedere - Snowpark

1.460 s.l.m.

Room rental
Mia Majon, Peter, Villa Paola, Claudia, Cèsa Planber, Cèsa Rotic, Lasties, El Sangon
Agritur (Private apartments)
Debertol Remo ´Cèsa Ciasates´
Agritur (rooms)
Agritur Cèsa Ciasates
Private apartments
Bernard Claudia, Davarda Rosa, Iori Carla "Appartamento Vernel", Balducci Stefano "Casa del Bosco", Fosco Guido e Mauro "Cèsa Fosalac", Iori Ida "Cèsa de Poldo", Castlunger Paolo e Adriana "Cèsa Castlunger", Daprà Silvana "Cèsa Pascalin", Fosco Sofia "Baita Pecol", Fraccaroli Ugo "Casa Italo", Bernard Giorgio, Sottsass Monica "Cèsa Struta", Planchensteiner Mario "Cèsa Felezina", Soraruf Erica "Cèsa Erica", Testor Elena "Cèsa Elena", Pegoretti Patrizia e Daniele, Fosco Maurizio "Appartamento Piaz de Gries", Dantone Luigi, Soraruf Giuliano, Sottsass Loretta "Cèsa Struta", Suen Maria, Verra Paolo, Zulian Renato, Dantone Ennio ´Chalet Orchidea´, Soraperra Claudio ´La Capinera´, Fosco Carlo ´Majon del Tisler´, Dovolavilla Graziella ´Cèsa Dovolavilla´, Crepaz Patrizia, Crepaz Renata, Deflorian Alessia ´Appartamenti Cleva´, Soracreppa Marisa ´Cèsa Soracreppa´, Soracreppa Nicoletta ´Cèsa Soracreppa´, Soracreppa Martino ´Cèsa Soracreppa´, Lorenz Antonio "Cèsa de Agnese", Valle Filippo, Planchensteiner Dolores, Verra Maurizio "Chalet Verra", Bernard Giovanni, Davarda Dino "Casa Dino", Planchensteiner Maria Teresa "Azalea", Bacosi Giulio "Condominio Penia 1", Bernard Paolo "Appartamento San Cristoforo", Zulian Renato "Cèsa Tesor", Debertol Massimo "Cèsa San Florian", Valle Maura, Verra Luciano, Bertuzzi Italina, Piva Marco "Appartamento Marmolada", Iori Romeo, Bernard Paolo "Il Giornalgaio", Iori Anita "Cèsa Anita", Micheluzzi Maria Grazia, Accorsi Andrea "Piccola Cèsa Apartments", Piras Stefania "Cèsa MeSa", Rovere Alessandro "Majon Baticher", Pacher Jimmy Luciano "Crepes de Sela", Verra Gianluca "Majon Gianluca e Alida", Xella Francesca "Chalet Marmolada", Negri Raffaella "Condominio Anny", Sechi Liliana "Mansarda Marmolada", Soldateschi Gianluca "Dolomiti Genziana", Wolcan Sieglinde "Cèsa Fraìnes", Wolcan Sieglinde "Chalet Vulcano", Soraperra Monica, Debertol Rinaldo ´Villetta Pordoi´, Degiorgio Gabriella, Dantone Iori Federica ´Bucaneve´, Dantone Augusto, Dantone Elisa, Detone Maria Enrica ´La Vivènes´, Boninsegna Antonietta, Fosco Maurizio, Iori Battista ´Cèsa Jori´, Costantino Andrea ´Cèsa Farinol´, De Bona Marika ´Ta Moki´, Iori Luciano, Appartamenti Bel Sit, Nemela Sergio ´Cèsa Valbona´, Planchensteiner Dolores, Piffer Devid ´Casa Villa L’Aida´, Pitscheider Maria Dolores, Fosco Carlo "Cèsa Pitscheider", Pitscheider Mariagrazia ´Majon di Roces´, Pitscheider Renata "Appartamenti da Renata", Pitscheider Ricciarelli Rita ´Cesa Roseda´, Famiglia Planchensteiner "Cèsa Crepa Neigra", Mazzel Anna Elisabetta ´Cèsa Marmolèda´, Mazzel Flavio ´Cèsa Gardenia´, Merli Maria Assunta, Riz Diego, Riz Esther e Sergio, Riz Maria Teresa, Dantone Raffaella, Brunner Evelina, Micheluzzi Renata ´Cèsa Micheluzzi´, Carmignani Lucia ´Residence Ciampac´, Cloch Teresa "Appartamento Vernel", Dantone Giorgio, Dantone Giuseppe, Dantone Maria, Davarda Lina ´Cèsa Col de Pin´, Ploner Adriana ´Cèsa Mesdì´, Davarda Tiziano "Casa La Montanara", Davare Franco, Balzan Lorenz Maria Luisa ´Cèsa Balzan´, Bernard Erica "Villa Antermont", Bernard Fortunato, Bernard Eliana
Bed & Breakfast
Piccola Cèsa, Cianbolpin
Houses and flats to rent
Residence Villa Avisio, Bernard Renato ´Appartamenti Cèsa Bernard´, Dezulian Cristian e Tea ´Casa Maurivan´, Cèsa Soramurat, Iori Livio ´Residence Villa Flora´, Aparthotel Princess, Residencehotels ´Residence Contrin´, Debertol Mario ´Majon Betites´, Barzellato Michela ´Cèsa Mandi e Miky´, Famiglia Artoni ´Mountain Hospitality Cèsa Maria´, Desilvestro Lucia "Cèsa Camilla", Micheluzzi Maria Grazia ´Villa Maria´, Ploner Enrico ´La Ciasaa´, Lorenz Walter "Casa Lorenz", Dioli Lodovica ´Cèsa Dioli´, Dezulian Cristian e Tea ´Appartamenti Albert´, Deflorian Adriano "Appartamenti Maria", Dolomiti Holidays "Appartamenti Anny", Dolomiti Holidays "Fraines", Dolomiti Holidays "Appartamento Marmolada", Dolomiti Holidays "Cèsa Leo", Dolomiti Holidays "Cèsa Testa", Dolomiti Holidays "Claudia Apartment", Dolomiti Holidays "Cèsa Ciampac", Dolomiti Holidays "Apartment Dolavilla", Dolomiti Holidays "Appartamento Rododendro", Dolomiti Holidays "Gran Vernel", Fosco Mauro "Cèsa Roìs", Fosco Daniele "Jan Maria - Cèsa Dolomia", Fosco Valeria "Villa Lory", Al Sole Hotel & Club Residence, Spezia Raffaella ´Cèsa Galadriel´, Appartamenti Vidor de Vederil, Appartamenti Cirelle Suite & Spa, Appartamenti Kristiania, Finazzer Osvaldo "Gonzaga", Iori Remigio ´Albergo Arnica´, Micheluzzi Mirko "Cèsa Tobiadel", Micheluzzi Fernanda "Lachè", Dolomiti Holidays "Casa al Parco", Dolomiti Holidays "Il Cardo", Dolomiti Holidays "Cèsa Civetta" , Dolomiti Holidays "Cèsa Dolavilla", Dolomiti Holidays "Enrosadira"
Chalet Margoni, Majorka, Col da la Vila, Monika, La Campagnola, Princess, Serena, Stella Alpina, Val de Costa, Villa Mozart, Al Viel, Centrale, Ciamorc, Cirelle Suite & Spa, Eden, Edy, Gonzaga, Hirsch, International, La Zondra, Arnica
Astoria, Aurora, Azola, Bellavista, Bernard, Cèsa Tyrol, Chalet Pineta, Chalet Valeruz, Villa Clara, Col di Lana, Conturina, Cristallo, Croce Bianca Leisure & Spa Hotel, De Matìe, Diana, Dolomites Inn Sport & Relax, El Ciasel, Engel, Fedaia, Fiordaliso, Gries, Irma, Italia, Jan Maria, La Cacciatora, La Perla, Lupo Bianco Wellness & Walking Hotel, Madonna delle Vette, Savoia, Bellevue UHC, Park Hotel Il Caminetto Gran Tobià UHC, Dolomiti Schloss Hotel UHC, Laurin, Denise, Al Sole Hotel & Club Residence, My Kosher Hotel, Villetta Maria UHC, Oswald, Pareda, Piccolo Hotel, Rita, Santa Maria ad Nives, Sassleng, Sonia, Soreghina, Tita Piaz, Villa Adria, Villa Agomer, Alpine Boutique Villa Cristina Hotel, Villa Rosella, Alba, Albolina, Alla Rosa, Alpe, Alpino al Cavalletto, Andreas, Majon Miramonti, Park Hotel Faloria, Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel, Villa Emma, Chalet Queen, Locanda degli Artisti - Art Hotel
Rifugio Boè, Rifugio Sass Becé, Rifugio Capanna Punta Penia, Rifugio Capanna Piz Fassa, Rifugio Maria al Sass Pordoi
Marmolada E. Castiglioni, Ciampac, Ciampolin, Salei, Carlo Valentini, Rifugio Tobià del Giagher, Monti Pallidi, Fredarola, Cima Undici
Huts and refreshment places
Baita Pradel, Baita Rodella 2222, Bar Ristorante Kristiania, Rifugio Boè, Rifugio Capanna Piz Fassa, Rifugio Capanna Punta Penia, Rifugio Carlo Valentini, Rifugio Ciampac, Rifugio Ciampolin, Rifugio Cima Undici, Rifugio Contrin, Rifugio Fienile Monte, Rifugio Fredarola, Rifugio Ghiacciaio Marmolada, Rifugio Maria - Terrazza delle Dolomiti, Rifugio Marmolada E. Castiglioni, Rifugio Monti Pallidi, Rifugio Salei, Rifugio Sass Becé, Rifugio Tobià del Giagher, Snack Bar Pian de Frataces
Cafes and confectionery shops
Bar Après ski International, Bar Caffè Antermont, Bar Diga, Bar Esso, Fassa Park Canazei, H.C. Fassa Bar, Wine Bar Valentini
Fast food and takeaway
Wurstelstand Pippotto
Pubs, apres ski and disco bars
Après Ski Cliff, Après ski Paradìs, Bar Après ski Taverna Espanola, Discoteca Hexen Klub, Kaiserkeller Pub & Wine, La Teneta, Rosengarten Pub Après Ski
Restaurants and pizzerias
Bar Pizzeria Baita al Parco, Bar Pizzeria Symphony, Bar Ristorante Tobià de Zeli, Ristorante Alla Locanda, Ristorante Alpino Villetta Maria, Ristorante De Tofi - Hotel Astoria, Ristorante El Cianton, Ristorante El Pael, Ristorante Hotel Bellavista, Ristorante Hotel Col di Lana, Ristorante Hotel Cristallo, Ristorante Hotel La Perla, Ristorante Hotel Lupo Bianco, Ristorante Hotel Pareda, Ristorante Hotel Savoia, Ristorante Hotel Tita Piaz, Ristorante Osteria La Montanara, Ristorante Pizzeria El Binocol, Ristorante Pizzeria El Resolè, Ristorante Pizzeria Hotel El Ciasel, Ristorante Pizzeria Hotel Laurin, Ristorante Pizzeria Kaiserstube, Ristorante Pizzeria Scoiattolo, Ristorante Wine & Dine, Rita Stube - Ristorante Hotel Rita
Banks and insurance agencies
Agenzia Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, Cassa Rurale Dolomiti, Cassa Rurale Dolomiti
Ads and Communication
Area Grafica, BC Web Solution, Fassa Media Comunicazioni, Radio Studio Record Fm 100 Mhz
Ongari Impianti Elettrici
Professional services
Riz Christian fisioterapista - osteopata, Studio Valentini e Bontempelli, Trauma Clinic Canazei, Trauma Medical Clinic - Canazei
Cultural and sport associations
Alla Seggiovia - Museo della Grande Guerra, FassActive Ski Department A. S. D., Sportiva Hockey Club Fassa
Clothes’and sports’shops
Detomas Shop, Famiglia Cooperativa Canazei, Livio Sport Lodge, Mirage Srl, Northland Ski & Snowboard, Peak Sport Adventure, Ski Paolo Noleggio Sport, Sport Bernard, Sport Valeruz, Sport Walter
Grocer’s and local products
Eder Officina Naturale, Enoteca Valentini, Famiglia Cooperativa Canazei, Famiglia Cooperativa Canazei, La Baita dello Speck, Panificio Pasticceria Boninsegna, Valentini Prodotti Tipici
Handycraft - Souvenirs
Bar Diga Souvenirs, Belebon Canazei, Pordoi Souvenirs
Household goods - hardware
Famiglia Cooperativa Canazei
Wine shops
Enoteca Valentini
Hairdressers - beauty salons
Wellness & Beauty La Perla
Newsagent’s and tobacconist’s
Anesi Tabacchi Ricevitoria Giornali Souvenirs
Guides and mountain guides
Accompagnatrice di territorio Sementilli Maria Letizia, Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo Guide Alpine Val di Fassa, Trinchieri Luca - Dolomiti Explora by Emotionlandguide
Mountain bike guides
Fassabike MTB School
Independent ski and snowboard instructors
Procacci Adriano
Playgrounds & amusement
Canazei Fun Park
Ski & snowboard schools
Scuola Italiana di Sci Canazei Marmolada
Leisure services
Cinema Teatro Marmolada
Transport services
Fassa Express, Funivia Ciampac e Contrin Spa, SITC - Società Incremento Turistico Canazei
Taxi - NCC
Benacus Car Service, Taxi Felix, Taxi Iori, Taxi Stambek, Wolf's Wagen
Summer equipment
Bikeasy, Ski Paolo Noleggio Sport
Winter equipment
Detomas Shop, La Zondra, Noleggio Scuola Sci Canazei Marmolada, Northland Ski & Snowboard, Peak Sport Adventure, Rightfeeling, Ski Paolo Noleggio Sport, Sport Platter, Sport Walter

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