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Val di Fassa mountain bike gravity

Full helmet, technical protective equipment, bikes with shock absorbers and disc brakes: dear bikers, welcome to Val di Fassa! Top-ranking location of several editions of the Superenduro circuit and of the Enduro World Series, Val di Fassa is a top destination for those who want to practice the MTB gravity disciplines, which drag the Dolomites into a thrilling whirlwind of downhill parabolic curves and skids to face at full speed.

Val di Fassa & Bike Park: user guide

Gravity trails in Val di Fassa start from the top of the mountains, a step away from its great peaks. The Fassa Bike Park, which developes between "Col Rodella" and "Belvedere", can be easily reached by taking the lifts from Campitello, Canazei or Alba. The descent starts at 2,000 m, along paths and single tracks that alternate stretches with natural obstacles (roots, stones and counterslopes) to more artificial stretches, with bends and wooden runways. The landscape is really uncontaminated: wide meadows at altitude framed by the marvellous dolomitic panoramas leave space to woods made of larches, pines and musk: this is what gravity passionate bikers should expect in Val di Fassa. For the majority of the time, the bikers stand on the pedals, absorbing the asperities of the ground with their arms, holding tight the handlebar and keeping the fingers ready on the brakes. At first, you can rely on the instructors and guides of the Fassabike MTB School to learn straight the game rules, but do not worry, this sport is accessible to all levels thanks to its tracks of various difficulty.

Technical features of the Fassa Bike Park

Locality "Col Rodella - Belvedere - Col dei Rossi". Reachable by mountain lifts, taking the cable car "Col Rodella" from Campitello, the cabin lift from Canazei to "Pecol" and then the "Col dei Rossi" cable car or the cabin lift "Alba - Col dei Rossi" from Alba di Canazei, or even from "Pian de Frataces", located along the road that goes up from Canazei to the passes Sella and Pordoi, by the cabin lift "Pian Frataces - Gherdecia" to Belvedere, or the cabin lift "Pradel - Rodella" to Col Rodella. Otherwise, the park is accessible from "Pont de Vauz", along the road that goes up from Arabba to Pordoi Pass, with the cabin lift "Vauz - Pordoi".
Bike park opening times, summer 2022: from June 18th to September 25th, every day 8.30 a.m. - 5.20 p.m.
Lift ticket including bike transport, summer 2022:

  • from June 18th to July 1st and from September 19th to 25th: one-day ticket adult € 39; one-day ticket junior € 27(born after 21.05.2006); morning ticket adult, till 12.30 p.m., € 33; morning ticket junior, till 12.30 p.m., € 23 (born after 21.05.2006); afternoon ticket adult, from 1.00 p.m., € 31; afternoon ticket junior, from 1.00 p.m., € 22 (born after 21.05.2006); 2-day ticket adult € 66; 2-day ticket junior € 46 (born after 21.05.2006);
  • from July 2nd to September 18th: one-day ticket adult € 42; one-day ticket junior € 29 (born after 21.05.2006); morning ticket adult, till 12.30 p.m., € 35,00; morning ticket junior, till 12.30 p.m., € 24,50 (born after 21.05.2006); afternoon ticket adult, from 1.00 p.m., € 33; afternoon ticket junior, from 1.00 p.m., € 23 (born after 21.05.2006); 2-day ticket adult € 71; 2-day ticket junior € 49 (born after 21.05.2006); 
  • Dolomiti Supersummer (multi-day card) is also valid.

It is compulsory to wear helmet and back, elbows and lower limbs protection.
Bike park services: guided downhill/freeride/enduro tours for adults and children, full suspension mountain bike rental, bike washing with biological professional detergents.

The park is one of the most famous bike parks in the area, and so it is easy to meet training crews and teams; your descents will have the taste of a challenge! Thanks to its characteristic, the park hosts important international competitions and sector companies organizing "demo-days" and setting up test-tracks.

For more information: Fassabike MTB SchoolSport Check Point

Electric Line


The black slope starts from "Pecol" and goes down to Canazei through the wood. It is divided into three different stretches, a downhill one, a freeride one and a North Shore track. This demanding course has 17 wooden bridges, which are 300 metres long altogether, with jumps and parabolic turns. Difficulty: difficult; length 2.5 km; vertical drop 480 m



Black track that goes down to Canazei from "Pecol" on a natural ground with demanding passages, as an alternative to the Electric Line. Difficulty: difficult; length 2.5 km; vertical drop 480 m



A single track that winds through the stunning meadows of the "Belvedere" basin towards "Pecol" through intriguing parabolic curves, bumps, switchbacks and natural mounds. Difficulty: lower-intermediate; length 2.7 km; vertical drop 385 m



7 km return track from Pordoi Pass to Canazei with some flow style-shaped parts, stretches along the ski slope and transfer stages. Difficulty: intermediate; length 7 km; vertical drop 610 m

Rabble Trail


A blue track, variation of the trail Infinity departing in the nearest of the bottom station of the chair lift "Kristiania" at "Belvedere". The track goes down through a nice wood of larches, along a smooth slope, with passages on north shore boardwalks, to go back on the Infinity. Difficulty: easy-medium; length 600 metres; vertical drop 30 m

Animal House


A red line in the area "Belvedere", totally hand-built, departing in the nearest of the bridge just beside the Ciampolin Refuge, at about 2,000 metres of altitude. The trail, after an easy start, is characterized by a demanding central launch, followed by a steep, final enduro stretch with some technical passage. To return to Canazei, it goes back to the trail Infinity. Difficulty medium; length 1,4 km; vertical drop 207 m



Modern flow-style line, entirely built, which develops along about 3 km across the "Belvedere" meadows, with artificial wooden structures such as drops, wallrides, inclined planes, banks and table tops. After a stretch in common with the Double-U, the slope bends to the right, enters the Infinity and then goes back to the lifts at "Pecol". Difficulty: lower-intermediate; length 1.5 km; vertical drop 172 m



A modern flow line, serving the Sellaronda Tour in clockwise sense, which goes down from "Col Rodella" to the grassy sadle below, towards the Salei Refuge. Difficulty: medium-easy; length 600 m; altitude difference 85 m

Rode Line


A red line in the "Rodella" area which starts directly from the Salei Refuge and goes down along the namesake valley, following the natural structure of the ground, to reach the forest road at "Pian de Frataces" ("Lupo Bianco"). The first and final stretches of the trail run on modern flow tracks. The central parts, instead, transfers to the ski slope that brings to a nice half-way natural enduro path. Difficulty: medium; length 1 km + 1,5 km; vertical drop 530 m

The Col


From the Pordoi Pass to the Fodom Refuge (Arabba). This is a flow-style shaped line, entirely built, suitable for any level. Smooth trail, beaten, amusing and fast, rich in parabolic curves, humps and gangways. Difficulty: medium-easy; length 0.8 km; vertical drop 100 m

All Fever


Enduro line on smooth terrain, with a good grip. It is a prosecution of the trail The Col and it links Fodom Refuge (Arabba) to the bottom station of the cabin lift "Vauz - Pordoi". Difficulty: medium; length 2 km; vertical drop 240 m



A very panoramic single track, entirely structured throughout the meadows of the Pordoi Pass towards Arabba, which counts parabolic curves, changes in gradient and gangways. From "Col dei Rossi", the track begins in the nearest of the Fredarola Refuge, than dives towards Fodom Refuge goes on along the All Fever and reaches the bottom station of the cabin lift "Vauz - Pordoi" at "Pont de Vauz". This is one of the access routes to the lines The Col and Infinity. Difficulty: medium; length 2.95 km; vertical drop 263 m

Val di Fassa Bike District: Lift, ride and repeat with Veronika Widmann and Harry Molloy

Val di Fassa Bike District: Lift, ride and repeat with Elena Martinello and Paomad


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