Resort: Sèn Jan di Fassa - Pozza di Fassa
Categories: Museums and exhibitions

Openining times: July and August

Description: forest, trees, wood, ancient instruments, history and legends: these are some of the parts of "L Segat", a section of the Museo Ladino di Fassa dedicated to forestry, that opened in May 2017 in Pozza ("Meida"). The new section - with visit to the modern sawmill of Pozza - hosts "Bepo e Jan Cherlo" exhibition about the ancient family from Moena. The section presents also various mutimedial material and spaces for kids with plenty of surprises. The comparison among woodsmen, carpenters and other ancient jobs and the actual elaboration methods is amazing.
The local branch "L Segat" was designed as a museum facility with a marked educational vocation, complementary to the sawmill "La Sia" in Penìa. It’s dedicated to the comparison between traditional water-driven sawmills and the modern timber-working techniques.

Notes: the building is accessible to disabled people.


Opening times and tickets

Opening times from July 1st to August 31st: from Monday to Saturday 4.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.; Sundays closed.
Other opening periods of time: only upon reservation and for groups of visitors.

Tickets: free admission. Guided tours and educational activities with prior booking only.

Getting here

  • on foot, from the center of "Meida" walk along "Strada de Meida" that then turns into "Strada Ruf de Ruacia" (in front of the Hotel Valacia);
  • by car, free car park in the immediate surroundings.




Museo Ladin de Fascia

"L Segat" (The silviculture) - Territorial section of the Fassa Ladin Museum
Strada Ruf de Ruacia
38036 - San Giovanni di Fassa - Sèn Jan (Pozza)
Phone +39 0462 760182
Web site:


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