A journey through the flavours of Val di Fassa

Ladin culture and hospitality reign in every restaurant of Val di Fassa. From family-run restaurants in typical Tyrolean style, where ordering the classic dishes of the Ladin tradition is a must, to gourmet restaurants which offer a creative haute cuisine and are listed in the most famous Italian and foreign food guides. And not to mention the mountain huts, mountain dairy farms, bars and pastry stores in the villages where to stop for a yummy break. Also the hotels in Val di Fassa propose menus that honour the purest mountain tradition.

Guide to the best locals in Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa at lunch and at dinner. Which are the most typical dishes to taste in Val di Fassa? Of course "canederli", famous bread dumplings made with speck, "Puzzone di Moena" cheese or spinach, also available in their sweet version with ricotta cheese, apricots or strawberries. Among the first courses, choose between the barley soup and the "ciajoncìe", ravioli stuffed with potatoes and dried figs, the "tagliolini" (pasta) with Boletus mushrooms or "pappardelle" (pasta) with game sauce. The main courses, more robust, include "polenta" cooked in a traditional copper pot, served with melted cheese or with sausages and sauerkrauts, roe deer hotpot or pig’s knuckle. When it comes to desserts, one can’t miss "fortaes", delicious snail-shaped fried pastry, served with cranberry jam, or mild Apfelstrudel with custard and whipped cream. All these delicacies will trouble your diet plans, which is absolutely to forget to completely enjoy Val Fassa in all its delicious scents.

Typical products from Val di Fassa

A call for foodies

The secret of the good mountain cuisine can be found in the simple, genuine, traditional recipes, prepared by using only high quality natural ingredients. This is what makes Val di Fassa unique. Among the several traditional delicacies, one cannot miss speck, cold meats, cheeses, bread, pastries and honey.

  • Speck. Produced by the master butchers of the valley after ancient alpine recipes, speck is the king of the starters. The tradition recommends "few salt, few smoke and a lot of good air" according to a method which combines Nordic smoking and Mediterranean seasoning. With its spicy taste, it is ideal to be served with rye bread, pickles and herb butter. It can be tasted alone or with other typical cold meats, such as deer salami and roe deer ham. Where to buy speck in Val di Fassa: shops selling traditional foods and delicatessen

  • Cheeses. "Puzzone di Moena" (P.D.O. - Protected Denomination of Origin - product) is the king of the Val di Fassa cheeses, and it is called "Spretz tzaorì" in Ladin. It is impossible to mistake its robust aroma and rind odour, to which its name is due. "Puzzone" is a semi-hard cheese with scattered small-medium holes, whose aging varies from four to eight months. The "Malga" version, branded with an "M", is a Slow Food presidium. Only the wheels with this letter can boast being produced with the milk taken in summer from mountain pastures between 1,700 m and 2,000 m of altitude. Cows are fed with OGM free fodders containing neither silages nor industrial by-products. "Chèr de Fasha" ("Cuore di Fassa"), instead, is tasty but characterized by a sweeter hint, and it is the other highlight of the local production. This cheese is obtained from non-skimmed raw mountain milk exclusively drawn from cows of local farms and processed in copper pots with the addition of rennet and salt and no preservatives. The third tidbit is the so called "Il Fassano". This soft cheese is made of raw milk and cherishes the genuine aromatic smell of Dolomites pastures. It has a non-washed rind, a yellowish big holes texture, characterized by unique flavours of mountain herbs and toasted nuts. Besides traditional cheeses, you can also buy yoghurt, cream, ricotta cheese, butter and many other milk delicacies (cow, sheep and goat cheese). Where to buy: shops selling traditional foods and delicatessen in Val di Fassa

  • Bread. Fennel, potatoes, cereals, caraway or poppy seeds: entering any baker’s in the valley is the triumph of perfumes and flavours. A must-try is "Schüttelbrot", original from Alto Adige, crispy, seasoned, round, flat, dried rye bread, usually displayed on a wooden rack. "Puces", are also made with rye but softer, represent instead a perfect snack when accompanied by speck and cheese. Where to buy: backeries in Val di Fassa

  • Honey. Honey from Val di Fassa holds the essence of the Alpine flowers in each of its precious golden drops. Open a jar and smell the exhilarating aroma of the "Millefiori" or fir variety. Try also rhododendron honey, from beautiful protected bushes which only grow at an altitude of more than 2,000 m. Honey is also a genuine, "cheap & chic" gift idea. Where to buy: shops and stores of typical foods in Val di Fassa

Strada dei formaggi delle Dolomiti

Itinerary among the tastes of Trentino

Local cheeses are the most longed-for by gourmands. To get to know ancient local secrets there is an interesting gourmet itinerary, the so called Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti, which involves three valleys: Fassa, Fiemme and Primiero. The itinerary includes cheese factories, restaurants, farmhouses and stores where to stop and taste the best products of Trentino.

Osteria Tipica Trentina

Val di Fassa in the inns

Osteria Tipica Trentina,an association of restaurants and inns which promote tradition, involves even Val di Fassa. In cozy and welcoming environments, the guests are served menus prepared with local ingredients and zero mile products: wine and water, but also cold meats, cheese, bread and fruit. Thanks to the choice of seasonal products, the proposed dishes are a triumph of flavours and colours.

Gastronomy events

Gastronomy appointments and events in Val di Fassa

There are two important gastronomy events which take place in Val di Fassa every year, devised by four restaurants in Moena, Foresta, Rifugio Fuchiade, Ostaria Tyrol and the Michelin-starred Malga Panna, which belong to an association called "Ristora Moena". The first event, called "A tavola con la Fata delle Dolomiti" (Dining with the fairy of the Dolomites), takes place in March and, throughout the years, it has become expression of the highest gourmet of Trentino for its quality and fame. It is a week devoted to traditional Ladin food of Val di Fassa, reinterpreted with creativity and innovation by the chefs of the restaurants.The latter, "Sapori d’Autunno" (Autumn Tastes), takes place in September. The menus are characterised by autumn flavours and colours, such as the yellow-brown of boletus, chanterelles and chestnuts, the bright orange of pumpkins, the dark green of savoy cabbages, the beige of barley, the pale pink of arctic char and porker. All dishes are accompanied by the best wines and spirits from Trentino. Other gastronomy events/festivals in Val di Fassa

Gluten-free and vegan cuisine

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly holidays in Val di Fassa

To allow coeliac or vegan guests experience a lighthearted holiday in the Dolomites, Val di Fassa offers hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, farmhouses and mountain huts which guarantee the utmost accuracy in the preparation and service of "gluten-free" menus (some of which have been certified by AIC - Italian Coeliac Association) and vegan-friendly dishes.

Mountain huts and refuges

Val di Fassa: food temptations at altitude

Cuisine is another deal-breaker for Val di Fassa. Having lunch or dinner by a mountain hut is a must-do during a holiday in the valley. Go up at altitude (by lifts or on foot) and have a break on the terrace of one of the many panoramic refuges to enjoy the sun, whet the appetite with some fine typical dish, perhaps while listening to some live music. After all, nature can be enjoyed even when seated. The traditional "stubi ladine", wooden roms whose walls are covered with old wood from the barns, perspire an inebriating scent of pine and fir and a rustic and welcoming atmosphere. Here, guests are offered typical Ladin dishes, extolled in every single detail by the refuge keepers, with whom it’s nice to exchange long and pleasant conversations. Refuges and mountain huts open in summer in Val di Fassa


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