Skiarea: Skiarea Moena - Alpe Lusia

Length: 1100 mt.

Width: 6 mt.

Snow height: -

Opening time: from 8.30 a.m. to 4.15 p.m.

Opening period: end of December - early April

Entrance fee: skipass

How to get there:

detach. gondola ropeways Ronchi-Le Cune
and chair lift Campo-Le Cune

Status: Closed

  • Boardercross

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0 on 27,44 Km


On the south mountainside of the Alpe Lusia, towards Bellamonte, there’s a nice boardercross track, about 800 m long and 6 m wide, of medium difficulty: straight after the starting point there are 10-12 parabolic curves, followed by 5-6 jumps. It can be reached with the new "Ronchi-Le Cune" 8-seat cablecar, at 1,5 km from Moena. 

Snowboard rules

  • The use of a homologated helmet is compulsory and the utilization of other protection equipment is recommended (e.g. back protector, etc.).
  • In the snowpark jumps, slope gradient variations and artificial structures are installed; they vary in difficulty and change constantly depending on snow-conditions, wear, shape and time.
  • Make a precautionary check to measure the degree of difficulty and the risks linked to the track you choose.
  • Avoid using the facilities if you lack the necessary skill and experience to use them safely.
  • Check carefully that the landing area is clear before jumping.
  • Read and follow the rules of conduct for skiers and snowboarders (art. 30 ter in the Regulation for the implementation of the Provincial Law 7/87).

Snowboards and skis entail risk of injury. Acrobatic manoeuvres increase such a risk.


  • Altitude: 1.950 mt. slm
  • Length: 1100 mt.
  • Width: 6 mt.
  • Snow depth: -
  • Difficulty levels: intermediate
  • Maintenance: daily
  • Available snowcats and tools:

    2 snow groomer

  • Artificial snow: YES
  • Music: NO

  • Lusia Boardercross - Skiarea Trevalli Bellamonte
  • Lusia Boardercross - Skiarea Trevalli Bellamonte
  • Lusia Boardercross - Skiarea Trevalli Bellamonte



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