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Inhabitants: 2.620
Altitude: 1.184 s.l.m.
Number of beds
- in hotels: 3.339
- in other accommodation facilities: 7.421


Hamlets belonging to the municipality: Forno, Pezzè, Sorte and Someda 
Etymology: Moena was called in ancient times "Mojena", from the Latin word "Molis", damp soil/ wetland. In fact, the symbol of the town is a boater.
Points of interest: San Volfango Church (founded in 1025) in Troi de Gejia; San Vigilio Church (founded in 1164, extended in 1534 and renovated in 1600 and 1929) in Troi de Sèn Vile; the Turkish fountain and the district of "Turchia" in Strada de Turchia; First World War Museum "Sul fronte dei ricordi" in Someda in Strada de Someda by the church; "El pont de mur" (stone bridge built in 1749, rebuilt in 1882 and 2008) in Strada de Pont de Mur; ancient hamlets Ciajeòle, Someda, Sorte, Forno, Medil, Penìa.
Events: Festa de Ciajeòle, village festival in Moena’s district in second half of July; Festa de le sociazions, village festival in Moena’s district in the second half of August; Val di Fassa Marathon, important mountain bike competition in the second week-end of September; Marcialonga, famous cross-country skiing competition that starts in Moena, the last Sunday of January; Carnival Parade, procession of masqueradors around the streets of the centre, on Shrove Tuesday; Scufoneda, a week dedicated to telemark, skiing on the pistes of Lusia and San Pellegrino in March.

Description: imbued with a fairy tale atmosphere and surrounded by the coral peaks of the Catinaccio at sunset and of the Pale Mountains, Moena stands physically and politically as an important "middle earth" between the Val di Fassa and the Val di Fiemme. It is the ideal place for those who want to relax and enjoy free time and shopping.
In summer Moena offers a great variety of excursion possibilities, especially low level walks and mountain bike trails. The name of Moena is in fact linked with an important mountain bike race known as "Val di Fassa Marathon", taking place on the second Sunday of September and attracting thousands of bikers from all over the world.
In winter the Moena visitors can ski in the Alpe Lusia - San Pellegrino carousel, a modern ski area including Alpe LusiaSan Pellegrino Pass, the Col Margherita and Valle del Bios, with up-to-date lifts and fantastic slopes of all levels of difficulty, always perfectly covered with snow thanks to cannons.
Moena, traditional starting point for the popular cross-country race Marcialonga, offers the fans of this discipline the possibility of practising it at any level at the cross-country center Alochet, 2 km far from the San Pellegrino Pass, the place where also our former Olympic champion Cristian Zorzi likes to train.
Moena is famous for its wine and food events "A tavola con la Fata delle Dolomiti - At the table with the Dolomite Fairy" in winter and "Sapori d’Autunno - Fall Tastes" in September, organised by the association "Ristora Moena" made up of four fine restaurants, whose cuisine tries to combine traditional tastes and high quality local raw materials with a creative and innovative touch. 
The king of local cheeses, "Puzzone di Moena DOP", whose production has always been strictly controlled, is the protagonist of many recipes. The result is a unique taste that it is impossible not only to imitate but also to forget.

Notes: Moena is the first Alpine Pearl in Trentino, taking its place alongside Malles, Racines and other selected villages in South Tyrol, and lighting up the magical Dolomites, now a Unesco heritage site. The Alpine Pearls it’s a group of the best resorts in Europe, where guests enjoy all the usual comforts, without compromising on environmental concerns.

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Webcam Moena - Alpe Lusia - Le Cune - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Valbona-Le Cune cabin lift arrival (second trunk). In the background, Cima Lastè, the group Pale di San Martino, the Lagorai mountain chain. The slopes
Webcam Moena - Alpe Lusia - Le Cune
Webcam Moena - Alpe Lusia - Le Cune - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam.
Webcam Moena - Alpe Lusia - Le Cune
Webcam Moena - Alpe Lusia - Le Cune
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir - Le Fassane slope - Altitude: 1,970 metresArea: CastelirPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Upstream station of the Castelir-Fassane-La Morea cableway. The old chair lifts Castelir-Fassane and Fassane-Morea have been replaced by a modern cabin lift, inaugurated in 2016, with intermediate ...
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir - Le Fassane slope
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir - Le Fassane slope and Morea Snowpark
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir Bellamonte - Altitude: 1,550 metresArea: CastelirPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. The slopes in the area are ideal for skiers of any tipe, from beginners to pros. Ski slope nursery, kindergarten on snow, tobbogan run, snowpark and boardercross. A groomed trail leads from the ...
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir Bellamonte
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir upstream station - Altitude: 1,970 metresArea: CastelirPanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Castelir-Fassane-La Morea cableway departure. The old chair lifts Castelir-Fassane and Fassane-Morea have been replaced by a modern cabin lift, inaugurated in 2016, with intermediate station at 1,800 metres. ...
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Castelir upstream station
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Lastè - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. View over the slopes and the chairlift that goes up from Bellamonte along the 
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Lastè
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Le Cune - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Upstream station of the Valbona-Le Cune cabin lift (second trunk). The slopes
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Le Cune
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Lusia Pass - Altitude: 1,550 metresArea: CastelirPanoramic viewpoint: the slopes in the area are ideal for skiers of any kind, from beginners to pros. Ski slope nursery, kindergarten on snow, tobbogan run, snowpark and boardercross. A groomed trail leads from the resort 
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Lusia Pass
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Piavac - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. Piavac chair lift arrival, ski area Alpe Lusia - San Pellegrino. From this area it’s possible to ski to Bellamonte or in direction of
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Piavac
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Valbona - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam. From 
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Valbona
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Valbona - Altitude: 2,210 metresArea: Le CunePanoramic viewpoint: static webcam over the black slope
Webcam Moena - Lusia - Valbona
Webcam panorama realtime 360° Moena - Lusia

1.184 s.l.m.

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Agenzia Viaggi e Vacanze Totali, Loft 50 - Agenzia Immobiliare Dolomiti
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Agritur El Mas
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Nodari Sofia, Gaggioli Matteo, Felicetti Maurizio, Menechini Prospero "Ciasa ne’ Monti", Chiocchetti Nadia "Villa Montana", Donei Fiorenza, Chiocchetti Giorgio, Chenetti Maria Giovanna, Deflorian Katia, Iellici Maria Giovanna "Ciasa Tinoto", Cainelli Leonardo "Villa Katia", Defrancesco Modesto, Defrancesco Bruno, Cantutti Massimo "Ciasa ja le Pegne", Chiocchetti Lodovico, Eccher Maria, Nuvoli Angelina "Casa Sommariva", Moena Appartamenti "Casa Valene", Zanoner Margherita, Sommavilla Riccardo "Casa Ciajeole", Riz Luca "Casa Zanoner Maria e Graziella", Giovagnoli Michele, Casagrande Mattia, Sommariva Stefano "Ciasa Gran Panorama", Eccher Maria, Slaviero Giovanna ´Casa Millefiori´, Chenetti Nicolina ´Ciasa Lola´, Chiocchetti Alberto, Chiocchetti Bruna, Tomaselli Domenica, Nocher Maria Angela ´Ciasa Cioto´, Chiocchetti Fabio, Chiocchetti Paola, Chiocchetti Giuseppina, Chiocchetti Lorenzo, Chiocchetti Maria Giovanna, Chiocchetti Claudia ´Villa Claudia´, Chiocchetti Natale ´Primavera´, Chiocchetti Silvia, Desilvestro Luigi, Deville Corrado, Donei Dario, Facchini Sommavilla Giulietta ´Villa Primula´, Felicetti Alessandra, Felicetti Mariano, Decrestina Margherita ´Casa Defrancesco´, Defrancesco Giacomo, Defrancesco Giovanni ´Villa Corona´, Fenti Olga "Ciasa Lino Defrancesco", Defrancesco Valerio, Zorzi Annalisa "Condominio Zorzi", Dallaglio Giovanni ´Cielo Azzurro´, Chiocchetti Loredana ´Casa Serena´, Daprà Renata, Dariz Anna Maria, Dariz Simonetta ´La Pineta´, De Francesch Francesca ´Villa Himalaya´, Morelli Maria Celeste ´Ciasa Morelli´, Vadagnini Elisabetta, Pini Rosa, Pettena Giuseppe, Pettena Margherita, Pettena Mariapaola "Ciasa de Sort", Ganz Ruggero, Iellici Graziella, Iellici Norma ´Villa Iellici´, Iellici Enrica, Iellici Claudia e Sandra ´Villa Mantina´, Moena Appartamenti "Casa Ramon", March Cristina, Felicetti Sommariva Elisa, Chiocchetti Caterina, Damolin Pierangelo "Ciasa Gianot", Beyer Helga "Residenza Mariella", Dellantonio Francesco ´Ciasa Longiarif´, Iellici Letizia, Avanzi Lilliana, Chiocchetti Lorenzo, Felicetti Mariano, Rovisi Marcella, Sommariva Domenico ´Casa Simonin´, Stoffie Giuliana ´Ciasa Stoffie´, Zanoner Maria Doretta ´Villa Sera´, Zanoner Lorenzo, Ghisolfi Alessandra ´Residenza Margherita´, Zanoner Rosalba ´Bellavista´, Daprà Renata ´Casa Zerilo Pel´, Donei Renata, Zanoner Maria e Graziella, Donei Pederiva Alessandra, Donei Cristina e Marilena ´Ciasa Christina´, Vuerich Emiliano ´Tai Bedoes´, Weber Maria Beatrice, Weber Mariangela ´Ciasa Weber´, Vadagnini Patrizia, Weber Claudio, Brunel Iris "Attico Faloria Luxury"
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Roda de Vael, Ciasa Weber
Houses and flats to rent
Cavalli Cristina "Cèsa Aria de Val", Cavalli Cecilia "Cèsa Sores", Appartamenti Chalet Aster, Adler Family & Wellness Apart Hotel, Pastore Cesare ´Residence Lastè´
Adler Family & Wellness Club Residence Apart Hotel, Post Hotel Ostaria Tyrol, Aurora, Central Hotel, Miravalle, Vajolet
Valsorda, Active Alm Hotel, Chalet Aster, Fanes, Moena, Alle Alpi Beauty e Relax, Ancora, Arnika, Park Hotel Belvedere, Cavalletto, Ciampian, Costabella, Cristallo, Resort Dolce Casa Family & Spa, El Laresh, Europa, Faloria, Foresta, Garden Moena, La Campagnola, La Romantica, La Serenella, La Soldanella, Laurino, L’Ideale, Malga Passerella, Maria, Monza, Park Hotel Leonardo, Patrizia, Piedibosco, Rancolin, San Marco, Alpen Life Hotel Someda, Sporthotel San Vigilio, Stella, Stella Alpina, Trentino, Vallechiara, Zirmes, Debra Park Hotel, Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel, Catinaccio Rosengarten, Al Parco
Rifugio Lusia
La Rezila
Huts and refreshment places
Agritur Malga San Pellegrino, Bar Le Cune, Bar Ristorante Baita Paradiso, Bar Ristorante Chalet Cima Uomo, Chalet Isabella, Malga Pozza, Rifugio Chalet Valbona, Rifugio Flora Alpina, Rifugio La Rezila, Rifugio Lusia
Cafes and confectionery shops
Bar Caffè Moena - ricevitoria, Bar Cavalletto, Bar El Barba Bruno, Bar Mancin, Bar Ramon, Bar Sport Navalge, Bar Stont Il Giardino, Fantolin Golf
Pubs, apres ski and disco bars
Lounge Bar Bistro Matisse
Restaurants and pizzerias
Agritur El Mas, Bar Ristorante Faloria Bistrò, Bar Ristorante Pizzeria Snow Thrill, Malga Peniola, Ristorante Bar Bicigrill Moena, Ristorante Bar Malga Roncac, Ristorante Hotel Costabella, Ristorante Hotel Cristallo - Nichi’s Lounge, Ristorante Hotel Foresta, Ristorante Hotel Malga Passerella, Ristorante Hotel San Marco, Ristorante La Stua de Zach - Hotel Miralago, Ristorante Malga Panna, Ristorante Ostaria Tyrol, Ristorante Pizzeria Hotel Stella, Ristorante Pizzeria Kusk - La Locanda, Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Sfizio
Banks and insurance agencies
Cassa Rurale Dolomiti
Housing and design
S.T.E. Costruzioni Generali
Joineries and furniture
Artigiani Associati, Defrancesco Ivan Falegname
Professional services
Zanoner Nicola - Dott. commercialista
Clothes’and sports’shops
Free Time, Gide Sport, Jellici Sport Calzature, Ladin Sportswear & Fashion, Livio Sport, Livio Sport, Mode Sport, Sport Navalge
Grocer’s and local products
Eder Officina Naturale, Famiglia Cooperativa Moena, Famiglia Cooperativa Moena - Coop Trentino, Fassa Coop - Eurospin, Macelleria F.lli Felicetti, Panificio Pasticceria Boninsegna, Salumificio F.lli Felicetti
Handycraft - Souvenirs
La Bottega del Rame, Le Formiche di Fabio Vettori
Household goods - hardware
Famiglia Cooperativa Moena
Parafarmacia La Perla
Fashion & Jewels Croce
Hairdressers - beauty salons
Charme & Relax Wellness
Guides and mountain guides
Accompagnatore di territorio Gianluigi Chiocchetti, Accompagnatore di territorio Martinello Stefano
Gyms and sport facilities
Centro Sportivo Navalge
Playgrounds & amusement
Fantolin Golf, Parco giochi Fiabilandia
Ski & snowboard schools
Scuola Italiana di Sci Moena Dolomiti
Leisure services
Defrancesco Michele - Gite in slitta
Transport services
Funivia Col Margherita Spa, Impianti Falcade Col Margherita Spa, Impianti Funiviari Lusia Spa
Taxi - NCC
Desilvestro Taxi e Viaggi, Taxi Bez
Winter equipment
Bepi Sport, Livio Sport, Livio Sport, Sport Navalge

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