Walking routes, Nordic walking itineraries, theme-based paths and easy excursions for families, both through the valley and high in the mountains, in the Dolomites of Trentino

No doubts, Val di Fassa and mountains are two things that go hand-in-hand. At the very same time, the Dolomites undoubtedly do represent an unrivalled, spectacular backdrop for any excursionist. Hence if you are looking for breathtaking panoramas, reaching high altitude viewpoints is not always necessary. The majestic, legendary peaks of Val di Fassa can be observed from the villages as well: mountains will stand in front of you, imposingly, enchanting you at the very first sight. Here you can find a list of easy walking routes through the valley; naturalistic routes; excursions accessible to strollers; religious trails; theme-based paths across woods and meadows, specifically created for families with children. We refuse any juridical responsibility in case of damages or accidents occurring along the indicated itineraries. Many walking tours are suited also for Nordic walkers. Suggested time of year: spring, summer and autumn (from May until October). Times are generous and have been calculated bearing in mind any short breaks for rests.

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L Troi de la Musega da Vich

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