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If you belong to ski-fanatics you really can’t miss this special hit list ranking the best ski runs of Val di Fassa, the best place to put your ski-champion side to the test. Intriguing slopes, humps, dizzying declivities and fast high-speed bends. Discover if you are skiing on the right slope!

Diego - Belvedere ski area (Canazei). A 1,359 m long black slope, starting at "Col dei Rossi" (2,383 m a.s.l.) and arriving to "Pecol" (1,926 m a.s.l.). The fast and technical track, now wider, presents a max grade point of 56% (32% on average). You ski in the sunny and wide hollow of Belvedere, reachable from Canazei downtown with the ropeway getting to "Pecol". Here you will find both a gondola and a 8-seater chairlift connecting the plain of "Gherdecia", where you can enjoy one of the best panoramas of the Dolomites. From "Pecol" you can also take a cable car and ascend to "Col dei Rossi". Do not forget the Sass Becé Tour and, above all, do not miss the famous Sellaronda, also known as "The 4 Passes Tour".

3-Tre - Col Rodella ski area (Campitello di Fassa). It really gives you the feeling of a never-ending slope: thanks to the many track’s variants, you can start skiing from Col Rodella and directly reach the downtown of Canazei. The first stretch has to be regarded as a warm-up part. The piste is broad and unwinds through wide curves, which make it extremely varying and dynamic. Let your ski run before crossing the wood and facing some steep slopes, giving a touch of sprightly to the track. Before "Pian de Frataces" ("Lupo Bianco"), the departure-point of cable cars returning to Col Rodella or getting to Belvedere ski area, take the left variant, characterized by steep slopes and "black" stretches, that quickly lead you to the return slope ending in Canazei.

Prà di Tori - Carezza ski area (Costalunga Pass). Surrounded by the enchanting panorama of the Catinaccio-Rosengarten group there is a beautiful track where every year the Snowboard World Cup takes place. The first short wall warms up the legs in order to take on the breathtaking descent, quite wide but very steep. Only in the final part skiers can relax and enjoy, with wide curves, a sweet and relaxing ride. Carezza, right at the border between Trentino and South Tyrol (reachable by car or ski bus from Vigo di Fassa), is definitely a versatile, multi-purpose ski area, the ideal one for families with children, ski beginners and expert ones, all the way to snowboarders and freestylers.

Marmolada Slope - Fedaia Pass ski area. If you want to feel the intriguing sensation of skiing on the glacier known as the Queen of the Dolomites, you can’t skip the so called "Marmolada Slope", usually open from February till the beginning of May. The ski run starts from "Pian dei Fiacconi", at an altitude of 2,630 m, and ends at Fedaia Pass at 2,054 m asl. The Marmolada area can be reached by car and offers 5.5 km of red slopes. And when you catch the historic gondola lift, you will really enjoy an original, old-time skiing experience.

Ciampac - ski area Ciampac (Alba di Canazei). It is a tough black slope, which in 2014 has been enlarged reaching a width of 40 m. A panoramic cable car carries you from the hamlet of Alba to the hollow of Ciampac in a couple of minutes. Once you get off the gondola, you will get immediately fascinated by the spectacular view on breathtaking Dolomites massifs, such as Sella, Sassolungo and Marmolada. You will then face a 2.8 km long slope, covering an altitude gap of 660 m and putting even most trained legs under pressure through a series of dizzying declivities. The final part softens into a wide, gentle bend crossing the wood before the final "schuss".

Aloch - Pozza di Fassa ski area. The Aloch has an average grade of 27% (a maximum one of 49%), an altitude gap of 200 m, a length of 1,2 km and hosts the official coaching sessions of Italian Alpine Skiing Team, as well as many World Championship competitions. Beside this, it provides you with the opportunity to experience the thrill of skiing by night, from December till the end of March, every Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. The ski run is located right at the feet of the majestic Cima Dodici, in central position and equipped with a 3-seater chairlift. The Aloch really requires concentration and due to its very steep slopes and natural humps, it definitely leaves no room to distraction from the beginning till the end.

Vulcano - Buffaure ski area (Pozza di Fassa). Freshly inaugurated in December 2014, the "Vulcano" ski slope at Buffaure absolutely deserves the appellative of "explosive ski run". After sharing the initial part with the red sister slope called "Panorama", you turn to the right and take an amazing 2,150 m long direct line, dizzyingly diving down the mountain slope and covering an altitude gap of 566 m, quickly leading skiers to the gondola’s departure in Meida. The track starts from 1,920 m asl at Buffaure, it is technically demanding and especially designed for expert skiers, who want to put themselves to the test on a very breathtaking run, characterized by exciting steep slopes. The "Vulcano" has an average grade of 30% and reaches a maximum of 58%.

Tomba - Ciampedìe ski area (Vigo di Fassa). As its name suggests, this ski slope is designed for champions. It is 900 m long and has an altitude gap of 300 m with a maximum range of 59%. The ski run has been dedicated to the outstanding Alpine skiing athlete Alberto Tomba, who used to work out in the hollow of Ciampedìe, in the shade of Catinaccio-Rosengarten. After the first steep wavy lines you will immediately understand that you are tackling with a slope suited to snow-professionals, able to dominate the hard snow declivities and the sudden incline’s changes. In its last part, the slope softens, becoming more gentle until the departure of "Pian Pecei" chairlift. We suggest less brave skiers to take the easier ski run called "Thöni" and to enjoy its new panoramic variant.

Piavac - Alpe Lusia ski area (Moena). On the Alpe Lusia, in the heart of Moena ski area, the "Piavac" slope is a kind of magnet for expert skiers. Its initial part is regarded as one of the most steep ones within the Dolomites. The 1,2 km long black slope starts off from "Le Cune" at 2,194 m asl (reachable by means of chairlift or gondola) and "drops" down to the valley across diagonals and north-facing gullies, which are often frozen and do really get adrenaline flowing. The tension calms down in the second half of the slope, where a final easy sprint leads to the chair lift’s departure. Eyes must be locked on the slope, without getting sidetracked by the breathtaking panorama of Catinaccio peaks.

La Volata - San Pellegrino Pass ski area. The new fast and technical ski run starts from the uphill station of the cable car Col Margherita (2,510 m a.s.l.) running till to the San Pellegrino Pass (1,879 m a.s.l.) the piste is 2,350 m long with 631 m of drop. Actually, the track is not completely new, part of it was already there along the piste leading to Lago di Cavia, and, at the end, when joining with the slope "Col Margherita". This is the new track "Volata", just before the final part, the piste presents a max grade point of 57% (30% on average). The track is varied and wonderful just like the Dolomites panorama and the fairy woods surrounding it. As the slope requires your full concentration, we suggest you to stop at the cable car’s arrival to look around and enjoy the wonderful view on the Pale di San Martino and on the majestic peaks surrounding the pass.


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