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Issued on 21/01/2021
Ufficio stampa Val di Fassa

After having been designated by the BoD of the Ladin tourist board at the end of December 2020, Grigolli will flank the director Andrea Weiss, who will then retire, from April to June, to officially enter the company at the beginning of July

A huge change awaits the Tourist Board Val di Fassa, with the arrival of the new general manager Paolo Grigolli, designated at the end of December by the Board of Directors of the Ladin Tourist Board.
Grigolli, 55 years old, a degree in Business and Economics at La Sapienza in Rome, a Master in Marketing Services, has been director of the special Agency of the Chamber of Economy, several other professional experiences, study and consulting activities in Italy and abroad and, then, several years as director of the Trentino School of Management for tourism and culture. He has been judged as the best candidate for the role of director of the Tourist Board, in view of the conclusion of the office for Andrea Weiss, who will retire at the beginning of July. A radical change for both the professional and private life of Grigolli who face it with enthusiasm. "This is an opportunity – he explains – that I have taken into deep consideration and there are at least three reasons that have convinced me to undertake this new personal and professional path. In 2017, with tsm, we have undertaken an analyses of the strategic development of tourism in Val di Fassa and this has given a start to a significant knowledge of the area, of the Tourist Board BoD and of the different operators of the valley, as well as to thoughts and projects that I want to deepen and carry forward. I think that Val di Fassa is "the" destination "par excellence" in the Dolomites and, for this reason, something that is highly challenging under several points of view. In the end, I would like to give a significant contribution to the valorisation of the internal resources of the Tourist Board, in a constructive relationship with the stakeholders, to give them the possibility to guide the tourist development of the area in future".
And this is why Grigolli says that he feels more a coach than a "technical" director. He will begin his path at the Ladin tourist board in Val di Fassa during one of the most difficult years for the local and for the international tourism. "The prosecution of the pandemic is undermining the tourist system in all the destinations. This is why it’s important to find and pursue a new perspective for the future of the Val di Fassa. A course that must be followed together by the Tourist Board, the stakeholders and the local community. These are ambitious goals that Grigolli wants to share: "We are living a time that requests the involvement of the communities as active and strategic parts of the change. I strongly believe in the relevance of everyone’s contribution".
And also, Grigolli know that he can count on the inspiration that derives from the immersion in the territory and in its net of relations. "Last autumn, I found myself thinking about the idea of making a change in my life and job, while I was going up from Vajolet to the Antermoia.
When I reached the lake, I was thining that it would have been interesting to have the chance to spend some years in the valley. I have been given this chance and now I can’t wait to find out more about it, on foot, by bike or with the skis, creating new networks with the local community, a fundamental support in this new adventure".

The selection of the new general manager of the Tourist Board took place in December 2020, with the institution of a commission composed by: Fausto Lorenz, president of the Tourist Board, Elisa Maccagni, vice-president, Patrizio Prandi, counsellor, the current manager Andrea Weiss and, as external members, Laura Salomoni, expert in human resources and personnel recruitment, and Daniele Dezulian, expert in tourism. About 15 applications have been sent. The commission has evaluated four profiles that could respond to the "job description" published in the announcement and Paolo Grigolli has been recognized by everybody as totally appropriate to the role. The BoD of the Val di Fassa Tourist Board, during a meeting on December 30th, 2020, has decided for a two-year fixed-term contract (from April 1st, 2021), with one year of possible extension. Between April and June 2021, Paolo Grigolli will go on duty to flank Andrea Weiss, who will leave his post on July 2nd.


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