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Issued on 12/03/2020
Ufficio stampa Apt Val di Fassa

From springtime to autumn, fourteen farmhouses in the province, among which the "Ciasa do Parè" in Soraga, offer the possibility to live experiences in the name of healthy gastronomy and nature

Discover the fun of a wallk in a meadow, in a cultivated field or through the plants in a vegetable garden. Pick up spontaneous herbs, vegetable and fruit. Learn to transform the harvest with your hands, hold it in a personalised jar making unique jams, special pestos, aromatic salts and much more. This is "Trentino in un barattolo – made by me", the initiative that takes place in springtime and in autumn by fourteen farmhouses in all the province, among which the "Ciasa do Parè" in Soraga. This is the right experience to: hold the secrets of storing, reinforce the bond with the earth, its products and the people that cultivate it, plunge in the pleasant and familiar atmosphere of a farmhouse and bring home all the taste of Trentino and, more specificly, of Val di Fassa. Pine and olive-tree, larch and lemon, apple fields and a big garden of vineyards: Trentino is a vivid and stirred land, that goes down sweetly from the Dolomites towards the sea. A rich morphology, which assumes the mediterranean microclimate and the alpine environment and offers an incredible variety of products. The agriculture has preserved and given value to this landscape made of unique characters, able to offer an extraordinary union of interaction between the man and the environment. In Val di Fassa you can live an authentic experience with "Trentino in un barattolo – made by me" with two appointments by the farmhouse "Ciasa do Paré". In the first week-end, from June 19th to 21st, you will learn how to make the mountaine pine honey, a specialty of the Dolomites. At the farmhouse, Aurora and Alessandro, their splendid children and the grandparents Luigi and Flavia host you and introduce you to their numerous animals. The family is ready to welcome you and let you taste fine "homemade" cheeses and the mountain honey, made by their bees. And honey is the protagonist of this experience, together with the cows leaving for the alpine pasture on San Pellegrino pass with the suggestive "Monteèda" (the deplacement of the cattle for the summer season). Instead, from September 18th to 20th, always at the "Ciasa do Parè", make the "onion and apple jam for your cheeses" with the vegetable collected in the vegetable garden of the farmhouse: fresh products and cooking skills are the right combination to make delicious sauces and mustards. And the heart of this week-end in September is in this triumph of combinations and flavours, with the celebration of the cows coming back from the summer grazings with not just one, but two "Desmonteèdes", one in Soraga and one in Moena, also theatre of the "Puzzone di Moena Festival" during these days (info and costs for a holiday and activities:


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