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Issued on 14/09/2021
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Open until 2022, the exhibition celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the museum and, above all, those who have contributed to its realisation and those who - mostly young people -have been cooperating during the last year

"Which are the three representative words of being Ladin?", "What if the Ladin didn't exist anymore, starting from tomorrow?". These are the significant questions asked to about fifteen people from Fassa - children, youngsters, adults, aged people - whose answer have been collected in a video. And this product is the foundation of the exhibition entitled"Mie Museo - arpejon per l davegnir - per ereditare il futuro", (My museum - to inherit the future), that will be open by the Ladin Museum of Fassa from September 14th to October 11th and, after a break in autumn, from December 1st to April 15th, 2022. "This exhibition - the president of the Ladin Cultural Institute Lara Battisti has said at the inauguration of the exhibition - represents a way to mention those who have given their help for the foundation of this museum twenty years ago, in particular Fabio Chiocchetti, former director of the Ladin Cultural Institute of Fassa, and the antropologist Cesare Poppi, who has studied the culture and the language from Fassa in depth and who has taken part in the project. The building hosts and important etnographic heritage and is a relevant place for the Ladin community and an invitation to think about the future of the people, their culture and the museum itself".
At the inauguration of "Mie Museo", the director of the Ladin Cultural Institute Sabrina Rasom, instead, highlighted the young soul of the institution: "This museum reflects the point of view of those who work here with passion, as well as of those who have donated objects and documents and the vividness of the youths that have been involved this year in some activities, thanks to the collaboration with the association Inout and with the boys and girls who have chosen to do their internship here and help us to keep the detached sections in the summer. By opening them the doors of the museum, we have all lived an experience of unusual curiosity towards the museum and the etnographic heritage that it hosts: they have even asked to enter the storage, insomuch that they have discovered the great amount of findings that haven't found their place yet, because we would need further space for them.
The interest of the students, as well as that of the visitors, is fundamental for us as we consider the place as on open site. That's why, at the end of the exhibition, you will find a building site were it is possible to leave your thought as well as an idea of the museum in the future years". 

The exhibition "Mie Museo" has been conceived in such a way that the visitor can understand that the Ladin Museum belongs to everybody. " The exhibition - the handler in charge of the museum Daniela Brovadan, explains - looks both at the past, through pictures and items of those who have given their contribution to the etnographic heritage, and at the future, in particular, with works by contemporary artists that can be found at the upper floor. The idea is to give value to a building that belongs to both the past and future community, and even to the visitors, that we are awaiting and that we hope will also give new ideas for this "open site" which we want to be always active".


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