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Issued on 09/03/2021
Ufficio stampa Apt Val di Fassa

The bio agricultural farm from Val di Fassa is the first ever in Trentino to obtain the certification for its mountain honey, which represents a real excellence

It’s delicious and "rare", and now it is even certified. The wildflower mountain honey produced by the bio agricultural farm "Ciasa dò Parè" in Soraga, is a Slow Food Presidium. This acknowledgement – first in Trentino, in these days, is an important quality mark of the quality of the "Miel da Mont" (mountain honey) from Val di Fassa, made with nectar that is hauled at 1400 metres at least. As the other Presidia – whose goal is to save varieties of vegetable and fruit, bread, cheese, meet, delicacies, breeds and, in the meantime, professionalties that give more value to the local landscapes, territories and cultures – the mountain bio honey is difficult to produce and usually small in quantities: a good season usually comes every four year. "Three years ago, we had the best summer ever and we produced about 180 kilos of wildflower mountain honey. In the worst year, instead, we stopped at 50 kilos. The factors that those who practice the so called "nomadism" – which means moving part of our 60 hives to 2000 metres of altitude – have to deal with are numerous, but the main one is always the weather. This is an activity that requests dedication and perseverance, therefore being a Slow Food presidium with our honey is a great satisfaction, even because we have been the first in Trentino and among the firsts in the Eastern Alps. There are about 40 certified producers, up to now, mainly in Piemonte, Val d’Aosta and Lombardy". This is what Aurora Brunel and her husband Alessandro Suffritti explain. Beside the bees, by "Ciasa dò Paré" they also take care of Tyrol Grey cows, goats, rabbits and hens, cultivate vegetables in a big garden and produce excellent cheeses. A real mountain farm, where the bees are attentively taken care of, insomuch that their honey has been awarded with an important acknowledgement, after specific analysis done on samples that Aurora and Alessandro had sent to Bra (Cuneo) and visits to the firm by part of Slow Food experts. "Our 60 hives gives us the possibility, weather permitting, to make 300 kilos of "Miel da Ciasa" honey (otherwise between 220 and 250 kilos), a wildflower honey hauled at 1300 metres in Soraga and its surroundings. Then there is the honey "di malga" (from the mountain dairy farm (because we brought most of the hives up to the pastures of San Pellegrino, and the bees stay there between July and the beginning of September, more or less".
The certification represents an assurance for those who buy the "Miel da Mont" at "Ciasa do Parè" (that can also be bought online on the website «Our customers are mainly tourists, who come to Val di Fassa sporadically, stay in our apartments, have lunch a tour restaurants or take part in the activities of our educational farm. The Slow Food trademark is the best calling card for those who have chosen a biological lifestyle and way of working".


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