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Issued on 20/05/2021
Ufficio stampa Apt Val di Fassa

The summer season is ready to begin with the opening of the cable car that goes up to the "Terrace of the Dolomites" and of many other lifts between the end of May and the second week-end of June

Even this year, in Val di Fassa, the first lift to open is the cable car that goes up from Passo Pordoi (at 2239 metres) to Sass Pordoi (at 2950 metres). On May 22nd , after 6 months closed (in compliance with the Covid restrictions), it’s a blast to reach the mythical "Terrace of the Dolomites" and we are sure that the mountains, from up there, will look even more beautiful. After the Sass Pordoi cable car (which will close on November 1st), the majority of the lifts (open in summer) of the Ladin valley will take off again between the end of May and the second week-end of June, officially giving a start to the summer season .

To enjoy Val di Fassa beautiful mountain landscapes and the excursions in the nature, take note of the lifts opening dates, to reach incredible panoramic points and the start of many adventures. On May 22 nd at Carezza opens the cabin lift Welschnofen Laurin I, then from May 29th, it will be possible to take the cable car Catinaccio that goes from Vigo to Ciampedìe at 2000 metres, the chairlift Paolina at Carezza, the cabin lifts Castelir - Le Fassane and Le Fassane - La Morea at Alpe Lusia and the cabin lift Buffaure in the week-ends of May 29th and 30th and of June 5th and 6th, then everyday from June 12th. On June 5th, instead, it’s time for the cable car that goes from Campitello to Col Rodella as well as for the cabin lifts Ronchi - Valbona and Valbona - Le Cune in Moena, while on June 10th opens the Forcella Sassolungo. On June 12th, instead: the cable car Alba-Col dei Rossi, the cabin lift Canazei-Pecol and the cable car Pecol-Col dei Rossi, the cabin lift Vauz - Pordoi, the cabin lift Alba - Ciampac, the chair lifts Roseal - Giumela, Vajolet 1, Vajolet 2 and Pian Pecei - Ciampedie, the cabin lifts König Laurin I and König Laurin II and the chairlift Tschein at Carezza and the chairlift Padon 2.
On San Pellegrino, from June 19th it is possible to take the chairlift Costabella and from June 26th the cable car Col Margherita, the cabin lift Falcade - Le Buse and the chairlift Le Buse - Laresei. Then, on July 3rd, opening of the cabin lifts Pian Frataces and Pradel - Rodella and the chairlifts Rodella - Des Alpes and Pian Pecei - Pra Martin.
Even this summer, it will be possible to travel in an intelligent and convenient way on the lifts of the Val di Fassa, thanks to the PanoramaPass, available in the usual three appreciated formulas (3 days out of 6; 6 days out of 6; 7 days out of 13).

Travel safe in Val di Fassa by the mountain lifts

In compliance with the national and provincial law, the access to the mountain lifts in Val di Fassa is ruled by regulations and hygienic-sanitary indications, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

  1. Follow the dedicated signal signs to get to the ticket offices and to the boarding and exiting areas, in order to avoid crowds and crossing paths with other people.
  2. Before purchasing your ticket, by the ticket office and wherever else indicated, remember to clean your hands with the sanitizer provided.
  3. Keep a distance of at least 1 metre from the other passengers.
  4. Wear a face mask on board of any lift, whether they be cable cars, cabin lifts and chair lifts, as well as in all the common areas by the stations.
  5. People with flu-like symptoms are not allowed on the lifts, to prevent themselves and other people from any risk.

The enclosed lifts such as cabin lifts and cable cars can carry 2/3 of their maximum capacity. People of the same family can travel together.

Commonly touched surfaces (doorknobs, handrails, turnstiles) are regularly sanitized and the common areas and the cabins of the lifts are regularly ventilated.


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