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Issued on 04/06/2020
Ufficio stampa Apt Fassa

Breath-taking frames remind that, starting from June 4th, the mountain huts of the Ladin valley open their doors to hikers, alpinists and bikers

"For over a hundred years, the mountain huts of the Dolomites have been offering shelter and protection to mountain lovers. A mountain hut is a safe roof even in the worst storms… and it will always be". The incipit of the video "Your home at high altitude" is an invitation to reach the peaks of Val di Fassa, relax by one of these warm places, capable to face and overcome many difficulties with safety and tenacity. An so it’s in summer 2020, when the hosts of the mountain huts in Val di Fassa are ready to implement the safety protocols against the Covid-19 and offer a beautiful dolomitic summer to alpinists, hikers and bikers. The hospitality will slightly change but it will be warm as always, in the name of the Ladin style that characterizes this land and its inhabitants. And so, from the first days of June the mountain huts - more than twenty of which are shown in the video realized by the journalists Andrea Selva and Elisa Salvi for the Tourism Board - open their doors. In some cases they open even earlier than usual, showing their will to be present and active, spreading the massage of a lively mountain that doesn’t surrender.
For those who want to hit the road and then take a well-deserved break, we signal that the Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz is open. Here the further openings: Micheluzzi on June 4th; Des Alpes on June 10th; Antermoia, Dona, Paolina on June 11th; Sasso Piatto, Roda di Vael, Fronza alle Coronelle, Gardeccia, Vajolet, Alpe di Tires on June 12th; Re Alberto, Passo Santner, Passo Principe on June 13th; Capanna Piz Fassa on June 15th. "There’s always a path for those who hit the road in Val di Fassa", where the high-altitude hospitality is a must-do.


Considering the current situation, hikers are invited to get in touch with the mountain hut before starting the excursion, to get to know about any extraordinary restriction or indication being applied, due to the Covid19 emergency. During summer 2020, the majority of the refuges will follow the rules here below. Cooperation and common-sense towards the managers of the huts will be necessary, as they are working hard in order to implement the health-hygienic rules issued by the responsible bodies for everyone’s safety.


- Make sure you are healthy before starting your excursion
- Booking is recommended
- Respect the distancing rules you will be told to by the owner of the hut
- The number of both inside and outside seats will be limited
- Deposit your equipment where indicated by the owner of the hut
- Remember to bring face mask and gel sanitizer with you
- Wear your face mask when entering and getting out of the refuge as well as when approaching to your table, wherever it is necessary, or in case it is not possible to respect the safety distance
- Be patient, the counter service could be suspended or limited
- Respect the distancing while at the toilet, and remember to always sanitise your hands
- The owner of the refuge could ask you some information about your health condition, or check your body temperature and, in case of any doubt, ask you not to enter, for safety reason


- Reservation is mandatory, each family/group will be asked for a contact (cell phone). Always bring mask and single-use gloves with you. Use your face mask inside the hut and or in case it is not possible to respect the safety distance
- Bring your own slippers and use them inside the mountain hut
- It is mandatory to use a sleeping bag and a pillow case for the overnight
- The use of common toilets and showers might be ruled or run by rotation
- Dinner might be served over multiple shifts to allow the distancing (kindly avoid crowds in the common areas while waiting)
- Bring a book or playing cards from home, they might not be available by the hut this year
- The room/beds will be preferably assigned from 4 p.m.



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