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Have fun in the Dolomites with respect!

Summer sports such as hiking, climbing and mountain biking contribute to create a special relationship with nature and the mountain environment. Before setting out for a hike, a few hours’ walk or bike tour, you should plan your journey in advance and learn more about the place you are going to visit. Mountain sports require knowledge, experience, preparation, evaluation ability, common sense and carefulness. In summer the weather might be risky sometimes; thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls are more likely to happen in the afternoon, so you had better follow this old "CAI" (Club Alpino Italiano) motto: "Leave early, go back in time".


10 tips to live the best outdoor experience

Plan your excursion according to your skills and the weather

Walk slowly, enjoy the landscape and the silence

Inform somebody about your itinerary, return time and possible changes

Rely on professionals (Alpine and local guides)

Help those in need. Call 112 only in case of real necessity

Make sure you have suitable clothes and equipment + some water and snacks

Respect the environment around you and its inhabitants. Bring back your rubbish

Follow the marked trails avoiding those in the bike park

To protect the wonders of nature, leave everything in its place

Bring your pet along, but keep it on a leash

Rescue - Emergency contact and services

- Alpine rescue/medical emergency, Phone 112
- Fire brigade, Phone 112
- Carabinieri, Phone 112
- Police, Phone 112

Mountain biking

10 tips to live the best bike experience

Plan your tour according to your skills and the weather

Enjoy the ride, the landscape and the silence

Adapt your riding to the characteristics and conditions of the ground

Rely on bike guides

Wear suitable clothes and equipment

Respect the environment around you and its inhabitants. Bring back your rubbish

Respect the trail and avoid the forbidden ones

Be cautious on cycle-pedestrian way

Help those in need

If you meet pedestrians and hikers, warn them of your approach and reduce your speed

Move carefully

While the wood revives, follow the signpost!

In October 2018 Trentino was hit by extreme weather conditions that damaged some of our beautiful paths, and subsequently these had to be temporarily closed down.

We are now working to restore the paths.

All updates and possible routes in Val di Fassa


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