DEPARTURE 21/05/2021

The passion for the 4-wheels board is growing even in Val di Fassa. Riders of every age, prepare your skateboard and the rollerblades: skateboarding arrives triumphant in Campitello di Fassa, with the realisation of the first park of the valley. The structure, done on purpose of the municipality and built by Mooveramps from Turin, rose up inside the Multifunctional Sporting Centre in Ischia (near Col Rodella lifts). The place, managed by the association Val di Fassa Skateboard, is made of ascents, ramps and a mini-bowl to perform in sensational aerial manoeuvres. The exciting skyline of Sassolungo, the delicious Ladin cuisine and the lively nightlife make the joy of young skaters’ crews that here find a place to have fun and practice one of the new generation’s favourite urban sports. Not only boys with a "street" spirit, the track hosts also girls. Despite the common belief, ladies seem to be particularly at ease with all the freestyle disciplines. Precision, technique, prettiness in the movements and a hardened character are the main qualities that mark the "skater girls".

Val di Fassa Skatepark

Ischia Sk8park technique sheet

  • The skate park is composed by a mini-bowl (814 cm wide, 1,194 cm long, 93 cm high) and ramp (1,389 cm long, 93 cm high), perfectly skateable, thanks to the smooth surface, made of Skatelite panels.
  • Opening time: every day from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Closed in case of rain, snow or ice. At the moment, the park is not illuminated.
  • Free access. Forbidden to children under 10 years old. Youth from 10 years old to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Under-18 must wear the helmet; kneepads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
  • Access limited to skaters and roller skaters.
  • Val di Fassa Skateboard organizes basic courses for its members.
  • The skate park is not supervised. Everybody can enter under his own responsibility.

The access to the fenced-in area is conditioned by the respect of the rules affixed at the entrance.


Val di Fassa Skatepark


For further information:
Associazione Val di Fassa Skateboard
Handy +39 347 0449924


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