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Along the River Avisio, flowing from the Marmolada Glacier through Val di Fassa, fishing is allowed from 1 May to 30 September. In the area of Fassa and Fiemme valleys, european tourists and children under 14 years - without an Italian fishing license - can purchase a daily tourist fishing permit at the price of 18,00 Euro. With this permit is allowed to fish in the Avisio River, Fedaia Dam, Lago delle Pozze (San Pellegrino Pass) and in the Pezzè Dam (Moena-Soraga), till a maximum catch of 5 fishes.

Daily fishing permits are available in the following places:

Bar "Alla Diga" Fedaia - Fedaa, 12 - Phone +39 0462 601370
Bar "Miramonti" Alba di Canazei - Strèda de Costa, 199 - Phone +39 0462 601325
Sport Walter Alba di Canazei - Strèda de Costa, 292 - Phone +39 0462 602210
Sport 2001 Canazei - Strèda de Parèda, 41 - Phone +39 0462 601322
Free Time Sport Canazei - Strèda del Faure, 26 - Phone +39 0462 601283
Sport Walter Canazei - Strèda Dolomites, 107 - Phone +39 0462 601521
Pino hairdresser Campitello - Piaz Veie, 26 - Phone +39 0462 750467
Bar "Centrale" Pera di Fassa - Strada Dolomites
Lino Sport Pozza di Fassa - Strada de Meida, 78 - Phone +39 0462 763358
Bar "George’s" Soraga di Fassa - Piaza Ciock - Mobile +39 328 4005029
Hotel Al Lago Soraga di Fassa - Strada de Pont, 4 - Phone +39 0462 768127
"Ja Vito" Soraga di Fassa - Stradon de Fascia, 2 - Phone +39 0462 768360
Bar "Il Giardino" Moena - Strada de la Comunità de Fiem, 43 - Phone +39 0462 573287 (only for Moena area)
Hotel Miralago Passo San Pellegrino - Pas de Sèn Pelegrin, 5 - Phone +39 0462 573791

Fishing rules in Val di Fassa:

  1. The holder of this licence is authorized to fish in the entire Avisio River (NO KILL zone from the bridge in Strada de Molin in Soraga to the bridge in "Ciarlonch" in Sèn Jan di Fassa - hamlet Vigo), Fedaia Dam, Lago delle Pozze (S. Pellegrino) and in the Pezzè Dam (Soraga). He is also obliged to respect the bounderies of the fishing reservation of the Moena county. 
  2. Maximum catch allowded: no. 5 fishes (max. no. 1 "marmorata" trout).
  3. Minimum measure: 20 cm for fario trout, char and “iridea” trout; 34 cm for "marmorata" trout.
  4. It is not possible to use a second permit for the waters in concession.
  5. Only n. 1 fishing rod can be used in the Avisio River, no. 2 fishing rods in the lakes: in both cases they should be guarded personally. The fisher must have his own container.
  6. It is forbidden to fish at night.
  7. It is forbidden to fish by using grubs, feeding, nets, spears and hands.
  8. The fish under 20 cm should be unhooked with great care and those hooked in depth should be liberated exclusively by cutting the thread.
  9. It is obligatory to mark the fishing zone and to write down immediately the fish caught in the apposite square on the form.
  10. For what not provided in this regulation, the provisions of the fishing law in force and the inland disciplinary measures are valid.

Disciplinary measures: transgressors will be taken back the fishing licence and the caught, according to the art. 22 L.P. no. 60 as modified from the art. 65 L.P. of 9.09.1996 no. 8. After more than one infraction and according to its gravity the fisher will be marked as an unwelcome guest.

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Fishing spots in Val di Fassa

Avisio River


Avisio River


Lago di Fedaia


Lago delle Pozze


Lago di Pezz - Moena


Lago di Pezz - Soraga



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