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What a better way to enjoy the charm of Val di Fassa than riding your mountain bike along its many paths and tracks, discovering places of unrivalled beauty? Perhaps this is the reason why mountain biking is becoming more and more popular. It allows you to leave the noise and the stress of traffic behind, at least for one moment, and to venture out on exciting rides, up daring climbs and down breathtaking descents, surrounded by a unique natural environment: fields, woods, mountain streams which gently glide down to the river Avisio, and surrounded only by the silence of nature.
There are different mountain bike routes throughout Val di Fassa and bike enthusiasts will be really spoilt for choice. You can choose among easy and accessible routes or more difficult and challenging ones which put you and your body to test. The most athletic ones do certainly know the new Val di Fassa Marathon, the international mountain bike race, whose route runs entirely round the peaks and forests of Moena. They will not miss the chance to tackle this exclusive route at least once in life. If you do not have the right equipment, mountain bikes off different kind are available for rent.

Download the map of "Mountain bike tours": the best bike trails in Val di Fassa in PDF format.

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Bike Facilities

Shops, MTB rentals, schools, facilities and bike transport, bike parks in Val di Fassa

Bike excursions and tours with MTB instructors in Val di Fassa

Canazei: Sport Check Point - Phone +39 340 1147382

Campitello di Fassa: Sport Check Point - Phone +39 0462 750490

Pozza di Fassa: Sport Check Point - Phone +39 331 2989721

Moena: Sport Check Point - Phone +39 338 1769900

Mountain bike rentals in Val di Fassa

Alba di Canazei: Ski Paolo Noleggio Sport
Strèda de Contrin, 18 - Phone +39 0462 601331

Alba di Canazei: Sport Platter
Strèda de Costa, 171 - Phone +39 0462 600284

Canazei: Detomas Shop
Strèda de Parèda, 31 - Phone +39 0462 602447
E-bike charging station Bosch

Canazei: Northland
Strèda del Piz, 15 - Phone +39 0462 601656
E-bike charging station Bosch and Yamaha

Canazei: Bikeasy
Strèda del Ciuch, c/o Fassa Park - Phone +39 0462 600232
E-bike charging station Bosch

Canazei: Peak Sport
Strèda de Parèda, 83 - Phone +39 0462 600247
E-bike charging station Bosch

Canazei: Sport Walter
Strèda Dolomites, 107 - Phone +39 0462 602210

Campitello di Fassa: Fassa Ski Bike
Strèda de Pènt de Sera, 10 - Phone +39 0462 750145
E-bike charging station Bosch

Campitello di Fassa: Mambo
Strèda Dolomites, 20 - Phone +39 388 0453037
E-bike charging station Bosch

Mazzin di Fassa: Fassa Ski Bike
Strèda Antermoa, 8 - Phone +39 0462 750145
E-bike charging station Bosch

Pozza di Fassa: Fassa Ski Bike
Strèda de Meida, 34 - Phone +39 0462 750145
E-bike charging station Bosch

Soraga di Fassa: Sport Brunel
Piaza Cioch, 28 - Phone +39 0462 768363
E-bike charging station Bosch

Moena: Sport Navalge
Piaz de Navalge, 1 - Phone +39 0462 573050

Moena: Livio Sport
Piaz de Sotegrava, 9 - Phone +39 0462 573368

Bicycle-sharing stations in Val di Fassa "Fassa E-Motion" (available from June to September)

Canazei: Strèda de Parèda - Phone +39 0462 609600

Campitello di Fassa: Strèda Dolomites - Phone +39 0462 609620

Mazzin di Fassa: Strèda Dolomites - Phone +39 0462 609650

Pozza di Fassa: Piaza de Comun - Phone +39 0462 609670

Vigo di Fassa: Strada Rezia - Phone +39 0462 609700

Soraga di Fassa: Stradon de Fascia - Phone +39 0462 609750

Moena: Piaz de Navalge - Phone +39 0462 609770

Lifts adapted to carry bicycles (see open lifts summer):

  • cabin lift Belvedere, Canazei. One-way ticket including bike transport 10,00 €;
  • funifor Alba-Col dei Rossi, Alba di Canazei. One-way ticket including bike transport 15,00 €;
  • cable car Col dei Rossi, Canazei. One-way ticket including bike transport 11,00 €;
  • cabin lift Canazei-Belvedere + cable car Col dei Rossi. One-way ticket including bike transport 15,00 €;
  • cabin lift Vauz-Pordoi (Fodom), Arabba/Pordoi Pass. One-way ticket including bike transport 9,50 €;
  • cable car Col Rodella, Campitello di Fassa. One-way ticket including bike transport 15,00 €;
  • chair lift Padon, Malga Ciapela. One-way ticket including bike transport 9,50 €;
  • cabin lift Ronchi-Valbona-Le Cune, Moena. One-way ticket including bike transport 12,00 €;
  • cabin lift Castelir-Fassane-Morea, Bellamonte. Daily ticket including bike transport 11,00 €;
  • chair lift Costabella, San Pellegrino Pass. One-way ticket including bike transport 7,00 €;
  • cable car Col Margherita, San Pellegrino Pass. One-way ticket including bike transport 8,00 €;
  • cabin lift Falcade-Le Buse, Falcade. One-way ticket including bike transport 6,00 €;
  • cabin lift Laurin I, Nova Levante/Carezza. One-way ticket including bike transport 10,00 €.

E-bike charging stations in Val di Fassa

Canazei: Fassa E-Motion Station in Strèda de Parèda - Phone +39 0462 609600

Campitello di Fassa: Bosch E-Bike Power Station by the Micheluzzi Refuge (Val Duron), open from 1st Juni to 16th September - Phone +39 0462 750050

Vigo di Fassa: Fassa E-Motion Station in Strada Rezia - Phone +39 0462 609700

Moena: Fassa E-Motion Station in Piaz de Navalge - Phone +39 0462 609770

Fiemme-Fassa Bike Express: bus service for cyclists

A bus service Fiemme-Fassa Bike Express (from 16th June to 16th September 2018) takes cyclists who ride down the bike path from Canazei to Molina di Fiemme back up to Val di Fassa.

Mountain bike skill parks for children

Skillpark Fassabike

Canazei, near to the Avisio ski lift (locality "Ciasates"). Open from mid June to mid September from 2.00 to 4.00 p.m., supervised by a MTB guide. Helmet obbligatory, free entry. Info: Sport Check Point - Phone +39 340 1147382. 

Bike Park 3ESSE

Soraga, near the river Avisio (locality "Molin"). Open from July 3 to August 31, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4.30 to 6.30 p.m., supervised by a MTB Guide. Helmet obbligatory, free entry. Info by the park.

Cross-Country Tours and GPS Tracks

Sellaronda Mountainbike Tour

In the past, the imposing Sella massif represented an invincible target for mountain bike lovers. Accompanied by a guide and with the aid of lifts to reach the top of the four Dolomite passes - Sella, Pordoi, Campolongo and Gardena - it is now possible, in just one day, to go around the Sella group by mountain bike (clockwise or anti-clockwise).
You can start from one of the villages situated around the Sella group like Selva Gardena, Corvara, Arabba, Canazei (by lifts to Pecol or Col dei Rossi) or Campitello di Fassa (by cable car to Col Rodella). The descents are performed mainly on single trails and only partly follow the road. It’s an unforgettable tour with a breathtaking view.
Clockwise, the trail around the Sella massif has a length of about 58 km with a difference in altitude of 3,900 metres, of which 330 metres must be pedalled. Anti-clockwise, the length of the trail is of about 55 km with a difference in altitude of 3,370 metres, of which 1,020 metres must be pedalled.
The Sellaronda Mountainbike Tour can be managed for those owning the Bikepass Sellaronda for the use of the lifts and, better, if accompanied by a MTB guide.

Hike & Bike

Also the so called "Hike & Bike" has definitely to be experienced in Val di Fassa: an innovative circular excursion (anticlockwise) that departs from Alba di Canazei or from Pozza di Fassa. Thanks to the lifts and a unique pass (31,00 € for adults and 24,00 € for youngsters, born after 01.06.2002. With PanoramaPass: 15,00 € for both adults and youngsters. Possibility to buy the lift ticket only at 18,00 € for adults and 12,00 € for youngsters born after 01.06.2002, free for children under 8 years old) you can combine walking sections and riding stages (with the availability of bike rental - axcept during the lunch break from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. - and redelivery at the Buffaure cabin lift departure within 5.30 p.m.), crossing the Buffaure and Ciampac area on foot and reaching Pozza along the Dolomites cycling route on your mtb from Alba. The tour can be undertaken from June 16th to September 16th. It is better to book in advance, at least the day before the excursion, at the cableways’ ticket offices of Ciampac and Buffaure (Phone: +39 0462 763339). Guided tour with Territorial and MTB guides, on Thursdays, by booking at the Sport Check Point of the valley.

Gravity routes

Mountain-biking downhill

Fassa Bike Park Belvedere Canazei
Locality Col dei Rossi - Pecol. By lifts from Canazei, from Alba di Canazei or from Pont de Vauz (Arabba-Passo Pordoi).
Wearing helmet and other protective clothes are compulsory.
For more information: Fassabike MTB School - Phone +39 340 1147382

Gravity mountain scooters for downhill

Alpe Lusia - Moena
Gravity scooter rental: at the intermediate station of the Lusia cabin lift (Valbona)
Timetables from 17th June to 16th September 2018: every day 8.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Trail: from Le Cune (2.200 m) to Valbona (1.820 m)
Prices summer 2018: 8,00 € adults; 6,00 € juniors (between 10 and 16 years). The price includes: mountain scooter rental, cabin lift ticket and the helmet.
For more information: SIF Lusia - Phone +39 0462 573207
Tested by Bikers in Cresta: view the video

Cycling route

Fiemme and Fassa Dolomites cycling route

From Alba di Canazei southwards. From Canazei, near the sporting centre and the playground, take the forest dirt road "Cercenà". Pedal along the easy and shady track towards the Soreghès plain and towards the Col Rodella cable car station in Campitello di Fassa. Go on skirting the stream Avisio. Flat tracts alternate with short ascents, until you reach the villages of Fontanazzo, Campestrin and Mazzin. The descents to Pera di Fassa starts here, with easy up and downs to "Fraine". Then, leaving the votive chapel on your left, cross the wooden bridge on your right and follow the paved road to the bus stop in "Vac" (Piaza de Fascia). Follow the state road, then pass the roundabout in the town centre of Pozza and, opposite Hotel Monzoni, come back into the cycling lane. Bike across from camping Rosengarten and continue to the bridge, cross it and descend towards the lower Val di Fassa.
Once again the track runs along the stream Avisio, among fields and woods, but it gives also space to magnificent views of the peaks of Latemar and Catinaccio.
Cycle carefully along the municipal road that serves the industrial area of Soraga: you will reach the playground and the town centre in few minutes. Take the underpass to cross the street safely and you will come to the uphill stretch that leads to "Palua". Looking back, your gaze falls upon Val di Fassa in all its beauty, framed by the high rocky "crode" (falls) of Rosengarten (Catinaccio), Sassolungo, Pordoi and Monzoni. Continue the descent to Moena. The cycle path finishes near the Minigolf Fantolin and the Centro di Addestramento Alpino (Alpine Training Centre). It is necessary to cross the town (along the municipal street or Prato di Sorte) to reach the Moena plain; this is the departure, in winter, of the legendary Marcialonga. Here, regain the cycle pedestrian path that goes on down to Predazzo and Val di Fiemme.

Fiemme and Fassa Dolomites cycling route map
Lenght: 48,100 km
Altitude difference: 650 m
Medium gradient: 5%

Bike Hotels

Hotel for bikers in Val di Fassa - Dolomites

Hotels specialized for bikers in Val di Fassa, provided with info-corner, hedged-in storage equipped with bycicle repair kit and bike-wash area. Mountain bike at disposal for the hotel guests. Special rates for laundry service, hiring of bike accessories and bike repairing by garages in the neighbourhood. Complete list of the Bike Hotels in Val di Fassa - Trentino


Mountain bikers behaviour rules

Remember you are a guest of nature: ride only on marked dirt roads and trails; respect "no entry" and private property signs; do not cross fields and pastures.

  • Pedestrians and hikers always have right of way: signal your coming in advance; moderate your speed depending on the different situation.
  • Do not leave traces of your passage: avoid braking sharply and restarting (excessive soil erosion); avoid riding on the trails after pouring rains (excessive soil erosion); do not leave rubbish.
  • Respect the local flora and fauna: avoid riding in protected areas and nature parks (such as swamps or fragile ecosystems); always close the pasture gates after your passage; avoid excessive and disturbing noises; do not scare the cattle and the wildlife.
  • For your own safety: plan your tours in advance; check that your equipment is fit and in good conditions; always use helmet and bike gloves; do not overestimate your technical and physical possibilities.

Written by: Bike Competence Center
In cooperation with: Associazione Guide Mountainbike Alto Adige.


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