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Mushroom picking is controlled by appropriate laws in Val di Fassa, as in the whole region Trentino. The regulations aims at protecting the environment and natural resources in order to avoid an excessive picking, which would damage the vegetal ecosystems.

Methods of picking

The seven districts of Val di Fassa have built a unique and uniform area, which includes the whole of Val di Fassa (with the exception of the Paneveggio Nature Park area) where non-residents of Trentino can also go picking subject to registering their activities and paying a fee which varies according to the length of picking period (from a minimum of Euro 10,00 for a day to a maximum of Euro 60,00 for a month). Wild mushroom picking is permitted from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. every day subject to a maximum of 2 kg per day per person (the limit is not valid if a single mushroom weighs more than this). You must briefly clean the mushrooms where they are picked and carry them in solid, perforated containers (baskets). It is forbidden to destroy or damage the mushrooms (even if non-edible) where they are picked, using rakes, hooks and other similar implements that may damage the subsoil. The law punishes those who do not comply. You can register your picking activities in any one of the seven districts of Val di Fassa or by paying the sum due with the appropriate paying-in slip at the post office.


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