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In the Province of Trento the picking up of ores is controlled by regulation L.P. no. 37/1983 which aims to preserve the mineralogical, paleontological, paleethnological and karst heritage of Trentino and hence of Val di Fassa.

According to the official regulation ores are considered as homogeneous bodies inside the rocks, originated by inorganic processes and with specific chemical, physical and crystallographic features, while fossils are rests and traces of animal and vegetal organisms belonging to a former era that can be found inside the rocks. The picking up of superficial fragments of ores is free in the whole Province of Trento up to 5 kilos per day per person, save the case of a single fragment of superior weight. Only authorized people are allowed to pick up more than 5 kilos a day. It is allowed to extract ores and fossils both from the mother rock and from superficial fragments only by means of hammers and cudgels weighing up to 3 kilos, bits up to 30 cm long, and other auxiliary tools up to 1 m long.
The use of explosive, mechanical or water propulsive means is strictly FORBIDDEN.
Special authorizations for the extraction and the picking up of ores and fossils are exclusively given to students and collectors by the Geological Service of the Province of Trento and are valid within the whole Provincial. Authorizations are personal and valid only within the solar year they are issued for.

For further details:

Geological Service Autonomous Province of Trento
Via Roma, 53 - 38100 Trento
Phone +39 0462 495200


Mineralogical Museums in Val di Fassa:
Museo Mineralogico Monzoni
Strada de Pilat, 10 - Vigo di Fassa

Mostra mineralogica - Mineralogical Exhibition
Piaza Deodat de Dolomieu - Pozza di Fassa

Mineralogical Museums in Val di Fiemme:

Museo Geologico delle Dolomiti
Piazza SS. Filippo e Giacomo - Predazzo


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