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The mineral water "Alloch" in Pozza di Fassa, already known at the end of the XV century for its beneficial qualities, flows at an height of 1,320 metres from the sedimentary rocks of "Bellerophon", in the Monzoni Group. It has a constant temperature of 9.5 °C and a regular flow that does not change over time. The spring, bacteriologically pure and rich in salt minerals, has a calcium-magnesium-sulphate-fluorinated-sulphurous composition (Certificate of Analysis no. 4242/2004 conducted by the Environmental Protection Provincial Agency) and it is the only sulphurous source in Trentino. The spa complex Terme Dolomia, opened in July 2003, offers traditional curative therapies (aerosol therapy, mineral water therapy, mud therapy and balneotherapy), in agreement with the Italian Healthcare System. The baths are recommended for otorhinolaryngological, broncho-pneumological, rheumatic disorders and skin diseases. The water is very helpful in maintaining and recovering a good physical condition. It has the important effect of protecting health, as far as prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as of inducing an increase of antioxidant compounds.

Thermal baths and treatments

Medical examinations

  • initial medical examination
  • specialist visits
  • diagnostic tests
  • intolerance tests

Course of treatments

  • mineral water therapy
  • inhalation therapy for adults and children
  • mud therapy; balneotherapy (whirlpools, rehabilitative pools, thermal shower and cave)

Body wraps

  • skin-smoothing body treatment
  • detoxifying treatment
  • moisturizing/tonic body treatment
  • lymphatic drainage/anti-cellulite massage

Health therapies

  • physiotherapy
  • massotherapy/therapeutic massages
  • crystal healing
  • Bach flowers remedies

Beauty treatments

  • Rhassoul clay bath
  • aromatherapy with essential oils
  • facial/hand/feet/neck and shoulder massages
  • hair-removal

Spa programs

  • thermal curative treatments
  • relaxing and revitalizing treatments
  • couple spa treatments
  • day spa; cosmetic products

Thermal cures

Terme Dolomia Pozza di Fassa

How to access the thermal therapies:

  • private cures. You have access to private cures, thermal and therapeutic treatments after being visited by a medical specialist. You can book an appointment by calling the centre. Alternatively, you can make an appointment in person.

Opening hours

Terme Dolomia Pozza di Fassa

Avoid going out if you have a fever. You will be asked to have your temperature taken (safe limit 37,5 °C), before entering the spa centres/swimming pools/thermal spas. The accesses are staggered according to the timetable and the reservation is mandatory to avoid any crowds. Follow the instructions of the staff and keep your distance, and remember to wear a face mask where needed.

Opening hours from May 16th to October 30th: from Monday to Saturday 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and 3.00 - 7.00 p.m.; Sunday closed. 


Terme Dolomia Pozza di Fassa

Terme Dolomia at Hotel Antico Bagno
Strada di Bagnes, 23/25 - Pozza di Fassa
Phone +39 0462 762567
Web site:


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