DEPARTURE 02/10/2022

The name of this elegant discipline comes from the region of Norway where the ski-technique based on using a free-heel ski fastening was born. The telemark technique consists in putting the uphill ski ahead, taking the typical "bent-on-the-knees" position, while the braking emulates that of Nordic skiing jumpers. Experts say that the free hill technique conveys a greater degree of freedom of movement; in addition, the telemark turn ensures greater safety in case of fresh or deep snow or steep downhill stretch. The charm of this discipline recalls past times and conveys great fun! In Val di Fassa you will have many chance to try this special discipline and you will find several places where to rent the necessary equipment. Above all, do not miss the so called "Scufoneda", the winter event par excellence for telemark athletes and amateurs. The highlight lasts one week and includes races, excursions with mountain guides, telemark equipment tests, food, live music, workshops, acrobatic free ride shows and much more!

Collective courses and private lessons in Canazei:
Scuola Italiana di Sci Canazei Marmolada
Strèda del Piz, 12 - Phone +39 0462 602688 

Collective courses and private lessons in Campitello di Fassa:
Scuola Italiana di Sci Campitello di Fassa
Piaz de Ciampedel, 21 - Phone +39 0462 750350

Collective courses and private lessons in Pozza di Fassa: 
Scuola Italiana di Sci Vajolet Pozza di Fassa
Piaza de Sèn Nicolò, 3 - Phone +39 0462 763309   

Collective courses and private lessons in Vigo di Fassa:
Scuola Italiana di Sci Vigo di Fassa/Passo Costalunga
Piaz J. B. Massar, 1 - Phone +39 0462 763125 

Collective courses and private lessons in Moena:
Scuola Italiana di Sci Moena Dolomiti
Strada de Sèn Pelegrin, 2 - Phone +39 0462 573770


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