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Enjoy walking through thick woods or surrounded by green meadows, spotted with a multitude of colorful Alpine flowers. Our valley offers trekking tours both for families as for more exacting hikers, aspiring to the most majestic Dolomites peaks, via ferratas and ascents along historic routes guided by our Alpine Guides. In summer our guests can choose among a wide range of excursions, scheduled and organized to best meet everybody’s needs and expectations.

Excursions with the Alpine guides. The Val di Fassa mountain guides are at disposal of all those who want to discover the territory, almost in its secluded corners. The excursions will be grouped according to their level of difficulty, alternating shorter easier routes with more challenging ones.

Nature and cultural excursions. People who want to get to know the Ladin culture and the Alpine environment can take part to the guided excursions organized by the local guides.

Walking in security

  • For your hikes in mountain always choose itineraries in accordance with your technical and physical abilities. Consult maps of the area to visit and check the best way to follow. If you walk in group including slower hikers, always calculate longer average times to cover the distances.
  • Wear adequate clothing, footwear and equipment suitable for the length and grade of difficulty of trail to be taken. Always try to be self-sufficient and carry with you the necessary to face possible emergency situations and a first aid kit.
  • Preferably do not hike alone in mountain. Otherwise tell someone the itinerary that you are going to follow and let him know when you are back.
  • Check the weather forecast and, while hiking, constantly pay attention to the evolution of the weather.
  • If you do not feel safe, give up. In mountain, sometimes, it is better to surrender that to face the dangers deriving from bad weather conditions or from difficulties superior to one’s limits. In advance look for alternative itineraries to get back.
  • Bring rubbish back with you. Respect the flora and fauna. Remain on the marked tracks, avoiding to follow shortest ways, in order to avoid causing damages to vegetation and the territory. Respect local cultures and traditions, always bearing in mind that you are a guest.

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