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Climbing up and down, making mistakes and trying again to find the right way to reach the top, in a continuous tension between the body and the mind: this is the thrill of the free climbing, that [continue]

Cross-country skiing

The Marcialonga has given Val di Fassa the chance to develop and consolidate its cross-country skiing tradition. The competition starts from Moena and crosses the whole valley. Almost every [continue]

Downhill skiing

The paradise of skiing is here! One of the main features of Val di Fassa winter is the chance of skiing every day in a different area and the unrivalled experience of the most famous ski [continue]

Extreme sport

Ski instructor and mountain guide: this is Tone Valeruz, but there is much more to know about him… Among his epic ventures, he can boast the ascent to almost all the 4,000 m high peaks in [continue]

Fat e-Bike

A real biker never stops cycling, not even in winter, when he only changes vehicle, choosing a bike with oversized tires (which measure 3,7 inches at least, run at low pressure and are studded to [continue]

Freeride, powder skiing

In Val di Fassa winter is off-piste Total fusion with the snow, weaving trails visible for several days along steep slopes, gutters and gullies to be ridden freely. That’s freeride, the [continue]

Freestyle and snowparks

Surf the wave of freestyle and give voice to your creativity on the snow! Val di Fassa is the most versatile ski resort of all Trentino, where ’softer’ activities such as snowshoe [continue]

Hang-gliding and paragliding

Paragliding, airborne thrills, fly with the champions! It is no idle boast to call Val di Fassa the home of free flying. Here, we fly all year round, taking off from one mountain rather than [continue]

Horse riding

Mountains, woods, fresh air, rivers: what a better setting for a horse ride through the woods. You can also try riding a horse for the first time, maybe with your children, in the saddle of a [continue]

Ice climbing

You need to be really brave and hold your nerve to climb frozen vertical walls, equipped with ice axes and crampons. Val Udai, Marmolada glacier and Pordoi Pass: here ice-climbers you find the [continue]

Ice hockey

The Ice Stadium "Gianmario Scola" in Alba (2 km from Canazei) hosts one of the most thrilling winter sports, that is ice hockey. If you want to join the supporters of the local team, the club [continue]

Night skiing

Still active and performing after a ski day? Feel the thrill of night skiing at the Ski Stadium Aloch in Pozza di Fassa, a demanding slope which got enlightened at night twice a week. Skiing at [continue]

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is an outdoor activity, a soft training that develops endurance, strength, coordination and fitness. The technique consists in walking with poles, a movement that firms not only [continue]


The passion for the 4-wheels board is growing even in Val di Fassa. Riders of every age, prepare your skateboard and the rollerblades: skateboarding arrives triumphant in Campitello di Fassa, [continue]

Ski mountaineering and freeride

Val di Fassa can offer the many enthusiasts of this discipline an infinite range of off-piste routes, alternatives to the traditional ski slopes and surrounded by scenery with thousand [continue]
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