Hiking in Val di Fassa: a contagious passion!

Up to the top. Who, enchanted by the fascination of the Dolomites of Val di Fassa, has never dreamt of climbing their peaks? A dream fulfilled, as these mountains are served by a thick net of itineraries which extends for 2,440 km. A wide choice of excursions, from low-level walks perfect for the whole family to demanding via ferratas and equipped paths on the steep walls of the Dolomites. Between these two extremes, a whole world devoted to trekking and endless possibilities open up to you in the Val di Fassa.
Vibrating, unforgettable emotions are guaranteed. But beware: by the time you get back home, you’ll probably suffer from "Fassanite", an incurable form of nostalgia. To relieve symptoms we strongly recommend you should stay in the valley as long as - or come back as soon as - possible!

Dolomiti Walking Hotel

Hiker-friendly hotels in Val di Fassa

If you are keen on trekking, you should spend your holidays in Val di Fassa at one of the exclusive hotels belonging to Dolomiti Walking Hotel, a holiday package created not only for expert excursionists but also for beginners. Each hotel offers warm, cosy hospitality, tasty food, guided excursions, hiking services and equipment. For the owners of these family-run hotels love for the mountains has developed into a life philosophy.

Trekking routes and suggestions

Non-stop trekking in Val di Fassa

Breath-taking views from the summits of the Dolomites of Fassa
1,252 km of paths, 1,190 km of dirt roads, hundreds of SAT trails (Società Alpinistica Tridentini - Association of the Hikers of Trentino) and forest roads along and across Val di Fassa. Of particular importance among these are Dolomiti Panorama Trek, Sentiero della Pace, Alta Via delle Dolomiti and Via Alpina, which are hikes that take several days, cover a rather long distance and require overnight stays at refuges. No one can describe the emotion of watching the Enrosadira at dawn, a natural phenomenon that makes the Dolomites look coral red. Among all-time favourites, the following hikes deserve a special mention:
  • Troi di Ladins (The Ladins’ Path), from Penia to Forno di Moena, develops on a circular itinerary of 85 km that connects the whole Val di Fassa. The track consists of 15 stages (9 on the right side of the stream Avisio and 6 on its left side, with several alternative paths leading to the main villages of the valley) that bring along the ancient low level mountain paths, partially renovated (only where necessary), that used to be covered by the locals to carry wood and hay to the valley. A mainly unexplored territory reveals to those who pass through it and, step by step, hikers discover more about flora, fauna and geology as well as pastoralism, the habits and the local language. This environment must be covered with no urge (better if following the guide that can be found in libraries and bookshops), in order to catch all its unusual beauty. Every stage of "Troi di Ladins" is indicated by a red and white sign representing the emblem of the valley, the shepherd of Fassa ("Pèster de Fascia").
  • L’antica Strada del sale e del vino, a prehistoric path which links Campitello di Fassa through Val Duron and Passo Duron to Alpe di Siusi. It was an important track for trade and exchange of goods with the people of Siusi, Castelrotto and Tires. Path nr. 532
  • Viel dal Pan (Bindelweg in German), a path with a breath-taking view which links Passo Pordoi to Passo Fedaia. Its name comes from the Ladin word "way of bread", as in the past  this was the favourite track of the flour traders from Belluno who travelled to Val di Fassa. Path nr. 601
  • Friedrich August Weg, opened on July 30 1911, this track is dedicated to Frederick August III of Saxony, a regular in the valley. The path links the Sella pass via Sella Rodella to ex-refuge Seiseralpe. Path nr. 557
  • World War I, remains of World War I and its battles in the mountains can still be seen in Val di Fassa, especially in the Marmolada area and on Passo San Pellegrino (Cima Bocche and Creste di Costabella). For a historic guided tour one can join one of the weekly excursions organised by the mountain guides.
  • Elisabeth Promenade, one of the favourite walks of Austrian Empress "Sissi", who used to spend her summer holidays at Passo Costalunga at the Grand Hotel Carezza. Starting from the downhill station of chairlift Paolina, the path leads to a monument to the empress (Elisabeth-Denkmal) to be found past the farmhouses in Nova Levante.
  • Sentiero del Majarè (Hirzelweg), a panoramic hike around the Majarè group (Catinaccio). The path goes past the bronze eagle in the memory of Theodor Christomannos, a doctor of Greek origins from Merano who contributed in the development of tourism in the Dolomites. Path nr. 549

Events, activities, mountain trips and excursions for the guests in Val di Fassa

Alpine guides

Safely in the mountains with our Alpine guides

Trekking is one of the most popular summer sports in Val di Fassa. It is a holiday philosophy which combines the contact with nature with the limitless sense of freedom conveyed by the achievement of goals. Mountain fans can find an ally in the mountain guides, true "guardian angels" for trekkers. Expertise and professionalism characterise their programme of excursions and climbing courses. Who doesn’t really know the mountain needs someone to help them to best experience it and accompany them in the exploration of the land. Also local guides are important figures. The legge provinciale (law of the province of Trento) no 20/93 describes their profession as "the accompaniment of people in mountain excursions, along nature trails and paths of geological and ethnographic interest, and the furnishing of information about the places visited". They are expert guides who promote a more sustainable form of tourism, a non-invasive, non-mass one.

Mountain huts, lifts and shuttles buses

Mountain refuges and bivouacs

High-level hospitality
From Alpe di Lusia to the Marmolada, from the Sella to the Catinaccio: itineraries winding among the most famous summits of the Dolomites with overnight stay at a refuge. This is for sure an alternative holiday, in close contact with nature, for mountain fans only. Located at the foot of spectacular mountains, usually at a strategic position, close to the valleys and at the crossing of popular paths, refuges are important points of reference for trekkers. They offer simple accommodation in a cosy, family-like atmosphere. Homemade food is prepared in the old fashion, Ladin tales and legends are told by the keepers at the fireplace, experiences and opinions are shared among the guests.
Besides mountain huts there are also bivouacs on the most impervious summits and in the remotest places, refreshment bars with terrace at the uphill lift stations and dairies offering mountain foods and products.

Services and transport in the mountains

Lifts, shuttle buses and public transport
Adventure never ends in Val di Fassa as there are so many hiking trails and equipped paths that a whole summer is not enough to explore all of them. Daredevils can start from the valley and reach the dizzying summits of the Dolomites exclusively on foot. But these mountains are accessible to anybody, thanks to modern lifts open from June to October and shuttle buses to shorten the way to the top. Going back to start is easy by public transport or private transfer service.


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