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In Val di Fassa slalom with the "blue arrows"

By the time, the Dolomites in Trentino are the second home for the Italian Ski Team. While skiing on the perfectly groomed slopes, it is possible to meet the Italian champions speeding around for their trainings. The collaboration between Val di Fassa and the national ski team of slalom, downhill and superG goes on. Since many years, the valley is the Official Training Camp of the blue team. A dozen of tracks around the pistes of Val di Fassa are dedicated to the trainings for the World and European Cup of the upcoming winter season.

Blue pistes: the best Italian ski champions in Val di Fassa

After the successful project with the testimony of the Italian ski champion Alberto Tomba, Val di Fassa proves to be the ideal location for the training of the national ski team. The idea came out in the summer 2006 from Richard Weissensteiner, member of the FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation) and responsible of the downhill ski division and from Flavio Roda technical director of the federation. Since when he was the coach of Tomba, Roda used to know Val di Fassa very well. The project was submitted to Trentino Marketing Company, Val di Fassa Tourist Board and Dolomiti Superski that welcomed it enthusiastically. The agreement was named "Blue pistes" (in honor of the official colour of the national Italian sport teams). Local hotels and lift companies of the valley provide athletes with accommodation and personal ski pass cards. The opportunity to focus the training activity in a single place allows athletes and teams to work out longer and develop new training techniques e.g. the ski tests in November and the special training session in spring. Moreover, thanks to Trentino Marketing, special training gears have been purchased such as slalom and giant slalom poles, already in use by the coaches of the national teams both men and women. In collaboration with: Consorzio Elettrico Pozza di Fassa

Azzurri on the ski slopes of Val di Fassa

Teams and athletes, together with the management of Dolomiti Superski, have identified eight tracks around the valley to be the official locations of the project "Blue pistes". The pistes have been chosen according to their slope and other technical features that make them similar to the World Cup tracks. All the pistes have already hosted important ski competitions, such as the "Aloch" in Pozza di Fassa where the yearly European Cup takes place and the piste "La VolatA" at San Pellegrino Pass, that is the location of the Women’s European Cup. Furthermore, these runs hosted the Junior Ski World Championship in 2019. And, in February 2021, Val di Fassa debutted in the World Cup with three women speed events that took off from "Col Margherita". 

Every weekend, the beautiful "Blue pistes" will host races, also thanks to the perfect organization of the lift companies providing teams and associations with an all-inclusive package including racing bibs, timing and ranking management. Let’s find out more about them.

Fiamme Oro 1

Ski area Moena-Alpe Lusia
Lenght Fiamme Oro 1: 1,600 m
Start: 1,810 m
Arrival: 1,360 m
Altitude difference: 450 m


Ski area Moena-Alpe Lusia
Lenght pista Piavac: 1,200 m
Start: 2,196 m
Arrival: 1,766 m
Altitude difference: 430 m


Ski area Moena-Alpe Lusia
Lenght Mediolanum: 2,050 m
Start: 2,188 m
Arrival: 1,766 m
Altitude difference: 422 m

La VolatA

Ski area Passo San Pellegrino
Lenght La VolatA: 2,350 m
Start: 2,510 m
Arrival: 1,879 m
Altitude difference: 631 m

Cima Uomo

Ski area Passo San Pellegrino
Lenght Nuova Cima Uomo:
 750 m
Start: 2,458 m
Arrival: 1,958 m
Altitude difference: 500 m


Ski area Pozza-Buffaure
Lenght Aloch: 1,000 m
Start: 1,631 m
Arrival: 1,322 m
Altitude difference: 309 m


Ski area Vigo-Ciampedìe
Lenght Tomba: 900 m
Start: 2,100 m
Arrival: 1,840 m
Altitude difference: 260 m


Ski area Canazei-Belvedere
Lenght Belvedere: 1,122 m
Start: 2,375 m
Arrival: 2,035 m
Altitude difference: 340 m

Our ski champions

A strong relationship links Val di Fassa to sports because it embraces the ideals, values and lifestyle of its athletes, believing in their potential. That’s the reason why the Val di Fassa Tourist Board has decided to invest on two young champions, who have grown up on their native ski slopes: Federico Liberatore and Stefano Gross. The National Slalom Team athletes are ready to step on to the podium during the next World Cup competitions, the Alpine World Ski Championships and the Winter Olympic Games. After the lucky adventure with Alberto Tomba, these champions, sponsored by their valley, will carry the brand and colours of Val di Fassa all around the world.


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