DEPARTURE 07/10/2022

Virtual reality lands on Val di Fassa ski slopes

Top View is an interactive map that allows all ski-enthusiasts to "virtually" ski on Val di Fassa slopes, in the Dolomiti Superski resort, every time you want and anywhere you are. Are you wondering how? By simply using your pc, tablet or smartphone, while the less skilled in technology can explore ski areas of Belvedere-Col Rodella-Pordoi, Buffaure-Ciampac, Vigo di Fassa-Catinaccio, Moena-Alpe LusiaSan Pellegrino by using the traditional Google Street View. The white arrows point the panoramic destination, while by clicking the red ones you can change viewpoint. Besides the tracks, also mountain refuges and huts have been mapped and "virtualized".

The implementation of virtual reality in the world of ski slopes is the most innovative aspect of the project, as it amplifies the Virtual Tour Experience. You get immediately catapulted at an altitude of 2000 m and Val di Fassa will magically disclose around you: clear blue sky, pure tingling mountain air, majestic Dolomites peaks, perfect groomed ski slopes, and the magic of snows flowing quickly under your skis. The easiest way to live such an exciting experience is by means of Cardboard, a very simple and cheap device which turns your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. The Cardboard is a kind of box with a special smartphone housing. Once you position the box on your eyes, the Cardboard lenses enlarge pictures fitting them with your field of view. The image appearing on your mobile’s display will slightly differ from one eye to the other and gives the impression of a 3D space. Also the head movements get converted in the virtual world: if you look up, the imagine will shift upwards, if you look left also the picture will move to the left. From the Virtual Ski Tour you only need to click the Cardboard icon and scan the QR-Code in order to start the VR experience. And now

Thanks to the Virtual Ski Tour intuitive menu (arrows, hotspots and thumbnails), to its multimedia contents and graphic information you will be able to:

  • explore Val di Fassa ski areas. Top View uses the renowned Google Street View technology in order to localize the high definition panoramic pictures within the maps;
  • use the satellite Google Map to orient yourself, by in and off-piste skiing;
  • enter the photo gallery to visualize all the panoramic views of the valley;
  • share the Virtual Ski Tour Experience on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) or by link;
  • switch to Cardboard modality.


Download for free the official mobile App of Val di Fassa on your smartphone or tablet.
With a simple touch of your finger you can explore the entire valley! Available on App Store and Google Play

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