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Resort: Moena
Categories: Museums and exhibitions

Openining times: from June to September

Description: this museum-exhibition, dedicated to the Great War, is located in Someda, panoramic hamlet of Moena, in the so called "Stala de la Nenola" building near the church. Open in 2007 by the historical association "Sul fronte dei ricordi", the exhibit collects weapons, ammunitions, uniforms, common objects used by the soldiers found during the maintenance and renovation works of the positionsts on the war front "Fango-San Pellegrino-Costabella-Cima Bocche". The exhibition, moreover, tells through pictures and vintage photos about the context of the village of Moena, which, for almost three years, was rear-guard of the first line. Inside it we find the reconstructions of a machinegun nest, the segment of a trench and a dorm.
The museum owns a tiny themed bookshop; in summer, guided excursions and visits along the historical tracks of the First World War are also organised.
On occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the War, part of the findings and of the tools shown have been moved to the Theatre "Navalge" to enrich, together with the collections of the Ladin Cultural Institute, the exhibition "1914-1918 La Gran Vera. La Grande Guerra: Galizia - Dolomiti".



In 2005, the association set up the photo exhibition "Guerra alla Guerra" in a tunnel within the Sasso di Costabella peak, at 2,730 metres of altitude, still viewable in summer by the hikers who cover the via ferrata "Bepi Zac" (we recommend getting in touch with the mountain guides). It is a collection of pictures about the abhorrence of the war and of some pacifist texts that were first showed by the German anarchist Ernst Friedrich in Berlin in 1924.

In the area of "Costabella", "Col Margherita", "Bocche", "Lusia" and in "Fango" (on the road that links Moena to San Pellegrino Pass) it is still possible to see many entrenched fields

Once passed over the houses, there is the fort of Someda, a building with a quadrangular plan with granite blocks, built by the Austro-Hungarian Military Engineering Corps in 1898. Being judged unsuitable for any defensive goal, in 1915 the fort was converted into a military storage, while the armament (cannons, howitzers, machineguns) was moved upstream of several kilometres, towards the front on San Pellegrino pass. After becoming a war trophy, which means part of the Italian Military property, it was dismissed in 1927, sold to private citizens and partially demolished, also to retrieve some iron materials. The fort, partly scrapped, cannot be visited.

Opening times and tickets

Opening times from July 1st to September 11th: Mondays from 4.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., Wednesdays from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 4.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. The museum can be visited with other opening times only upon reservation (only for groups at least 8 persons). 

Tickets: free admission.

Getting here

  • on foot, follow the signs to Someda;
  • with the shuttle train from Moena, available from June to September (whistle stop);
  • by car, free car park in the immediate surroundings.





Exhibition "Sul fronte dei ricordi"

Associazione storica "Sul fronte dei ricordi" - Livio Defrancesco
Strada Frate Emilio Chiocchetti
38035 - Moena
Mobile +39 334 8222082
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