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Holidays in the mountains focused on sport, nature, music and foreign languages

Val di Fassa in summer is the best natural fitness centre for the open-air sports. For this reason the Sports Promotion Association, in collaboration with "La Gazzetta dello Sport" (The Gazette of the Sport - the most important Italian sport newspaper) chose CampitelloCanazei, Pozza di Fassa and Moena to organize its multisport, technical and thematic camps addressed to children and teenagers from 6 to 19 years of age. They are sports holidays dedicated to entertainment, to the group activities with many appointments such as tournaments, games, naturalistic walks, excursions with alpine guides, treasure hunts, magic shows and dances. A unique experience to meet new friends, to practice up to 30 different activities under the direction of a high qualified technical staff, in a valley where the beauty of the Dolomites blend with an excellent tourist offer with avant-garde lifts and structures.

Make this summer in Val di Fassa your summer: meet the great coaches and discover the champion in you!

Gazzetta Summer Camp

Weekly summer campus organized in Val di Fassa (June, July and September)

Technical Camps

Basket camp - Canazei
Football camp - Canazei and Campitello
Volleyball/Beach volley camp - Canazei and Campitello
Swimming/Synchronized swimming camp - Canazei and Campitello
Rugby camp - Canazei and Campitello
Fencing camp - Canazei
Tennis camp - Canazei and Campitello
Riding camp - Canazei and Campitello 
Artistic gymnastics camp - Canazei and Campitello
Kickboxing camp - Canazei and Campitello 
Triathlon camp - Canazei and Campitello
Softair camp - Canazei and Campitello
Parkour camp - Canazei and Campitello
Freestyle camp - Canazei

Thematic/Multisport Camps

English and sport camp - Canazei and Campitello
German and sport camp - Canazei and Campitello
Dancing camp - Canazei and Campitello
Singing/Music and sport camp - Canazei and Campitello
Photography and sport camp - Canazei and Campitello
Deejay camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Team world camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Cooking camp - Canazei 
Education farm camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Radio controlled drones and sport camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Writing and theater camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Acroyoga camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Multisport camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa
Dodgeball camp - Canazei and Campitello di Fassa

Gazzetta Summer Camp

Daily programme sport & holidays camp - summer Val di Fassa

- at 08.00 a.m. wake up
- at 08.15 a.m. breakfast
- at 09.00 a.m. sport activities
- at 12.30 p.m. free time
- at 01.00 p.m. lunch
- at 02.00 p.m. rest
- at 03.00 p.m. sport activities
- at 05.30 p.m. common activities 
- at 07.00 p.m. free time
- at 08.00 p.m. dinner
- at 09.00 p.m. common activities
- at 11.00 p.m. bedtime

Sports centers Val di Fassa

Sports and fitness facilities available in Val di Fassa


  • gym
  • 2 tennis courts 
  • football pitch
  • climbing wall
  • martial arts gym
  • ballroom
  • skatepark
  • five-a-side field
  • basket/volley
  • fitness centre
  • beach volley
  • golf training course/minigolf
  • archery
  • adventure park


  • 2 ballrooms
  • 3 fitness-rooms
  • 2 tennis courts
  • basket/volley
  • football pitch
  • ice stadium
  • cinema-theatre
  • five-a-side field
  • water centre with 5 swimming pools
  • fitness centre 
  • multipurpose pavilion


  • sporting centre
  • 2 tennis courts
  • beach volley
  • basket
  • 2 soccer and rugby grounds
  • minigolf
  • paintball field
  • five-a-side field
  • fitness centre


  • gym
  • tennis courts
  • basket
  • football pitch
  • five-a-side field
  • fitness room and martial arts gym
  • adventure park
  • Spa


Gazzetta Summer Mountain Camps Val di Fassa


General info, entrance fee and registration for summer camp

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