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Val di Fassa is renowned for the warm hospitality and the different types of accommodation offered. From Moena to Canazei on-line you will find the complete guide to all the 300 hotels, guest houses, B&B, room rentals, mountain huts and more than 1.300 private apartments.

Select the one you prefer from the lists below to check out the availability, prices and services offered in Val di Fassa.

Accommodation lists and availability

To help you find a hotel or apartment you can use "search accommodation", on the home page. Once you put in the arrival, departure dates, the number of nights and persons/rooms, the location (Moena, Soraga, Vigo, Pozza, Mazzin, Campitello and Canazei), you click on SEARCH. You will then see a complete list of the available accommodation. Otherwise, you can send a non-binding request for information directly to the owners. For more details on accommodation please call our Tourist Offices.

Holiday packages

Packages, promotions and special offers for your holiday.

Need help on planning your holiday? The Val di Fassa is able to satisfy everyone. You can choose from a carefully prepared list of convenient ad hic holiday packages, interesting winter and summer promotion and many special offers for families.

Apartments and houses

Holiday in apartment, is like to be at home

Also the Val di Fassa joins the classification project of the apartments rented for tourist purpose (private flats, houses and flats to rent), promoted by the autonomous province of Trento. An important guarantee for our guests to spend high-quality holidays, branded Val di Fassa. To each structure, more than 1.300 from Moena to Canazei, has been assigned a maximum of four Gentians, depending on the services offered, personally controlled by ours supervisors, in respect of the standard provincial parameters.
Guide to the classification of apartments in Val di Fassa.

Accommodation facilities in the Val di Fassa resorts

Campitello di Fassa
Hotel Campitello di Fassa, Guesthouse Campitello di Fassa, Room rental Campitello di Fassa, Bed & Breakfast Campitello di Fassa, Mountain huts Campitello di Fassa, Alpine huts Campitello di Fassa, Holiday houses Campitello di Fassa, Residence Campitello di Fassa, Private apartments Campitello di Fassa, Flat rentals Campitello di Fassa, Campsite Campitello di Fassa

Hotel Canazei, Guesthouse Canazei, Room rental Canazei, Bed & Breakfast Canazei, Mountain huts Canazei, Alpine huts Canazei, Holiday houses Canazei, Residence Canazei, Private apartments Canazei, Flat rentals Canazei, Campsite Canazei

Hotel Mazzin, Guesthouse Mazzin, Room rental Mazzin, Bed & Breakfast Mazzin, Mountain huts Mazzin, Alpine huts Mazzin, Holiday houses Mazzin, Residence Mazzin, Private apartments Mazzin, Flat rentals Mazzin, Campsite Mazzin

Hotel Moena, Guesthouse Moena, Room rental Moena, Bed & Breakfast Moena, Mountain huts Moena, Alpine huts Moena, Holiday houses Moena, Residence Moena, Private apartments Moena, Flat rentals Moena, Campsite Moena

Pozza di Fassa
Hotel Pozza di Fassa, Guesthouse Pozza di Fassa, Room rental Pozza di Fassa, Bed & Breakfast Pozza di Fassa, Mountain huts Pozza di Fassa, Alpine huts Pozza di Fassa, Holiday houses Pozza di Fassa, Residence Pozza di Fassa, Private apartments Pozza di Fassa, Flat rentals Pozza di Fassa, Campsite Pozza di Fassa

Hotel Soraga, Guesthouse Soraga, Room rental Soraga, Bed & Breakfast Soraga, Mountain huts Soraga, Alpine huts Soraga, Holiday houses Soraga, Residence Soraga, Private apartments Soraga, Flat rentals Soraga, Campsite Soraga

Vigo di Fassa
Hotel Vigo di Fassa, Guesthouse Vigo di Fassa, Room rental Vigo di Fassa, Bed & Breakfast Vigo di Fassa, Mountain huts Vigo di Fassa, Alpine huts Vigo di Fassa, Holiday houses Vigo di Fassa, Residence Vigo di Fassa, Private apartments Vigo di Fassa, Flat rentals Vigo di Fassa, Campsite Vigo di Fassa

Non-associated sleeping establishments

List of places providing accommodation that are not associated with the Tourist Board Val di Fassa.


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Brochures and catalogues

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