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NOTES: Skiarea closed due to season’s end.

Every year this wonderful ski area is listed as one of the most beautiful alpine destinations for skiing.

Do you know which are the secrets of its success? The climate, the majestic surrounding, location, alpine scenario, panoramic points as well as the high quality of the accommodation services but also fun parks and most important; the top level ski runs.

It boasts a privileged position directly on the Sellaronda Ski Tour (Dolomiti Superski), but also on the Ski Tour Panorama. An enchanting route throughout Val di Fassa across Vigo-Catinaccio, Pozza-Buffaure, Alba-Ciampac, Canazei-Belvedere and Campitello-Col Rodella areas.

Thanks to the cable car "funifor", skiers can reach Col dei Rossi (and Sellaronda) directly from Penìa and Alba.

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Open from 05/12/2019 to 14/04/2020

Open from 05/12/2019 to 14/04/2020

Val di Fassa/Carezza
Valle Silver
Dolomiti Superski


This wide ski area includes Belvedere, Col Rodella, Pordoi and Sella Pass, all linked up by skiable connections. The ski resort of Canazei and Campitello, most renowned winter destinations of Val di Fassa as concerns alpine skiing, freestyle and freeride, refuges, après-ski and night life. Here all lifts are of cutting-edge technology, as well as the preparation and maintenance of the ski runs. The ski instructors of local ski schools will guarantee assistance and safety on the slopes; ski lessons are then enriched by the enchanting beauty of the landscape, fresh air and an extraordinary panorama.

The ski area of Canazei is called Belvedere (namely "nice view") because of the fantastic view over the Dolomites: Sassolungo, Sella, Sass Pordoi, Tofane, Marmolada, Catinaccio-Rosengarten, all legendary mountains belonging to the Unesco World Heritage. Belvedere can be reached: from the centre of Canazei by means of gondola; by car along the "Road of Dolomites" (SS 48) up to Pecol; with the lift "Funifor" starting from Alba and getting to Col dei Rossi. This ski resort has 18 km of slopes of each difficulty level (mostly red), the Dolomiti Familypark & Funslope reserved to freestyle enthusiasts, the Enrosadira Funpark with a track especially designed for little skiers, many hotels directly located on the slopes boasting panoramic wellbeing areas and amazing refuges with "solarium terraces" to relax and lay pleasantly in the sun. From Belvedere hollow skiers con move to Col Rodella through the slopes descending to Pian de Frataces-Lupo Bianco, and then go back to Canazei along the run crossing the wood or ski over to Arabba. Belvedere ski area is also the departure point of the legendary Sellaronda, a 40 km long ski tour which is considered among the most spectacular in the world.
Col dei Rossi’s area at the Belvedere is a favourite take-off point as concerns paragliding and hand-gliding enthusiasts, who use to fly above the valley also in winter time painting the blue sky with colourful wings.
From Belvedere skiers can pass over to Pordoi Pass, squeezed between Sass Pordoi and Sass Becé, right at the border between Trento and Belluno province. From the pass the access to the Boè Group is immediate, thanks to a cable car that in few minutes reaches the 2,950 m of Sass Pordoi, a dazzlingly beautiful natural terrace offering an unrivalled all-round view over the Alps. From the summit most expert skiers can face the thrilling descent in the homonymous saddle or ski down along the wild Val Lastìes and Val Mezdì (because of the peculiar features of this tracks, they should be faced only with the right weather and snow-cover conditions and with the assistance of an Alpine Guide). The ski slopes of Belvedere are easily reachable from the pass by following the Sass Becé Tour.
As concerns those who want to stay in town, Canazei offers many nursery slopes for beginners and playgrounds on the snow for children.

Col Rodella is reachable from Campitello di Fassa by a modern 100 passenger cableway departing from "Ischia", in the town’s sports area, and goes up to the Sassolungo Group. Skiers can enjoy 10 km of runs which are served by first rate lifts. The snow making system of cutting-edge technology, guarantees a top level snow cover since the beginning of the winter season. At Col Rodella most competitive skiers will also find a "self-timer" race run, while beginners, on the other hand, can practice on the nursery slope "Col de Lin", managed by the local ski school and located on the edge of the town. Here kids will have lot of fun on snow in the Kinderpark Banzimalia or in the indoor kindergarten, near the cable car’s departure in the area of Ischia.
Col Rodella and  Belvedere-Canazei can be regarded as twin ski areas, connected by the 3,3 km red slope called "3-Tre" descending along Salei valley to Pian Frataces-Lupo Bianco on the "Grande Strada delle Dolomiti".
Col Rodella is an open gate to Sella Pass, nestled between the Sassolungo Group, its majestic towers and the Mesules ridge. As a result it is a strategic ski area: cosy refuges on the slopes, many of which are within easy walking distance, medium difficulty runs and quick connections to the Dolomiti Superski and Sellaronda ski carousels.

Skiing safety: the rules of good behaviour for skiers on the slopes of Val di Fassa.


Lifts: 23
Open: 1
n.4 Ski lift
n.4 Cable car
n.5 Chair Lift
Seggiovia ad agganciamento automatico
n.2 Detachable chairlift
n.5 Detach. Gondola Ropeways
Seggiovia carenata ad agganciamento automatico
n.3 Detachable chair lift with canopy
Pisten: 31,403 km
Open: 0 km
Easy  n.8   Easy | km. 6,071
n.0 | km. 0
Intermediate  n.21   Intermediate | km. 23,973
n.0 | km. 0
Difficult  n.1   Difficult | km. 1,359
n.0 | km. 0

Connected Skitours
Closed in both directions
Closed in both directions


Ski slopes and lifts

Skiarea closed due to season’s end.

easy slope 0-26%
medium-difficult slope 26%-40%
difficult slope 40%-76%

Ski map and webcams

SKIAREE Buffaure - Ciampac BUFFAURE - CIAMPAC Belvedere - Col Rodella - Passo Pordoi BELVEDERE - COL RODELLA - PASSO PORDOI Vigo di Fassa - Ciampedie VIGO DI FASSA - CIAMPEDIE Passo Fedaia - Marmolada PASSO FEDAIA - MARMOLADA Carezza CAREZZA Moena - Alpe Lusia MOENA - ALPE LUSIA Passo San Pellegrino - Falcade PASSO SAN PELLEGRINO - FALCADE Impianti Buffaure Fraine Baby Buffaure Vigo - Ciampedie Laurino I König Laurin Laurino III Monte Coronelle Tschein Moseralm Baby Franzin Rosengarten Golf I Carezza Paolina Golf II Hubertus Prà dei Tori Le Pope Pian Pecei - Pra Martin Pian Pecei - Ciampedie Campo Scuola - Ciampedie Vajolet 2 Vajolet 1 Buffaure di Sotto Col de Valvacin Pala del Geiger Aloch Orsa Maggiore Sasso di Rocca Delle Baite Alba - Ciampac Alba - Col dei Rossi Pecol - Col dei Rossi Canazei - Pecol Toè Kristiania Belvedere Sass Becè Gonzaga Lezuo Belvedere Saletei Pordoi Sass Pordoi Pian Frataces Pradel - Rodella Salei Rodella - Des Alpes Sasso Levante Grohmann 5 Dita Gabia Col Rodella Campo scuola Valbona Vauz Pordoi Col de Lin Ronchi - Valbona Valbona - Le Cune Valbona - Piavac Campo - Lastè Campo - Le Cune Lago Cavia Laresei Lago Cavia Col Margherita Le Buse Scuola Dx Le Buse Scuola Sx Le Buse Laresei Col Margherita Molino Le Buse Del Passo Chiesetta 1 Chiesetta 2 Gigante Saline Laresei Pian Fiacconi Cima Uomo Costabella Capanna Margherita Campigol Avisio Nani Le Fassane - La Morea Castelir - Le Fassane Roseal Sella Brunech PISTE Rosengarten
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (12 people) | Canazei - Pecol Connected slopes:
Cable car (76 people) | Pecol - Col dei Rossi Connected slopes:
Col dei Rossi (1,664 km) Diego (1,359 km) Variante Agonistica Alta (0,165 km) Variante Agonistica Bassa (0,326 km)
Cable car (65 people) | Sass Pordoi Connected slopes:
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Toè Connected slopes:
Gherdecia (1,589 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Pian Frataces Connected slopes:
Belvedere (1,122 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Kristiania Connected slopes:
Kristiania (1,686 km) Variante Rossa (0,311 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (6 people) | Sass Becé Connected slopes:
Sass Becé (1,674 km) Sass Becé Bis (0,418 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Belvedere Connected slopes:
Belvedere (1,122 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Gonzaga Connected slopes:
Gonzaga (0,461 km) Gonzaga 2 (0,544 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Avisio Connected slopes:
Avisio Fraina (0,600 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (10 people) | Alba - Ciampac Connected slopes:
Ciampac - Alba (2,800 km)
Detachable chairlift (4 people) | Ciampac - Sella Brunech Connected slopes:
Sella Brunech (1,700 km)
Detachable chairlift (4 people) | Roseal - Giumela Connected slopes:
Roseal (0,730 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Orsa Maggiore Connected slopes:
Orsa Maggiore (2,132 km)
Skilift (1 person) | Delle Baite Connected slopes:
Delle Baite - Campo Scuola (0,500 km)
Skilift (1 person) | Sasso di Rocca Connected slopes:
Sasso di Rocca 1 (0,740 km) Sasso di Rocca 2 (0,740 km)
Cable car (125 people) | Col Rodella Connected slopes:
Chair Lift (4 people) | Rodella - Des Alpes Connected slopes:
Rodella (0,915 km) 3 - Tre (3,303 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Salei Connected slopes:
3 - Tre (3,303 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Cinque Dita Connected slopes:
Cinque Dita (1,166 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Grohmann Connected slopes:
Salei (0,737 km) Grohmann (0,607 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Pradel - Rodella Connected slopes:
3 - Tre (3,303 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Gabia Connected slopes:
Gabia (0,188 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Col de Lin Connected slopes:
Col de Lin (0,570 km) Campo Scuola Col da Faè (0,110 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (2 people) | Fedaia - Pian dei Fiacconi Connected slopes:
Col di Bous (2,750 km)
Cable car (100 people) | Vigo - Ciampedie Connected slopes:
Thöni (4,500 km) Variante Thöni (0,250 km)
Detachable chairlift (4 people) | Pian Pecei - Ciampedie Connected slopes:
Ciampedie Pian Pecei (0,900 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Pian Pecei - Pra Martin Connected slopes:
Pra Martin (1,200 km) Cigolade (1,500 km) Tomba (0,900 km) Ciampedie - Thöni (0,500 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Vajolet 1 Connected slopes:
Vajolet 1 (1,500 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Vajolet 2 Connected slopes:
Vajolet 2 (2,000 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Campo Scuola - Ciampedie Connected slopes:
Campo Scuola Ciampedie (0,500 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (6 people) | Pozza - Buffaure Connected slopes:
Buffaure - Pozza (Panorama) (5,100 km) Vulcano (2,200 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Col de Valvacin Connected slopes:
Valvacin (1,640 km) Valvacin B (0,747 km)
Chair Lift (3 people) | Aloch Connected slopes:
Aloch (1,000 km) Aloch Variante Checene (0,630 km) Aloch Variante Pian de Mez (0,230 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Pala del Geiger Connected slopes:
Pala del Geiger (0,698 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Buffaure di Sotto Connected slopes:
Buffaure di Sotto (0,692 km) Buffaure di Sotto B (0,730 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Baby Buffaure Connected slopes:
Buffaure Baby (0,180 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Fraine Connected slopes:
Fraine 1 - Campo Scuola (0,300 km) Fraine 2 - Campo Scuola (0,250 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Ronchi - Valbona Connected slopes:
Fiamme Oro I (1,600 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Valbona - Le Cune Connected slopes:
Fiamme Oro II (2,290 km) Canalone Tomba (0,400 km) Skiweg Pozil (0,300 km) Alfa Fischer (0,700 km) Variante Viezzena (0,650 km) Boardercross de le feide (0,950 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Valbona - Piavac Connected slopes:
Mediolanum (2,050 km) Piavac (1,200 km) Racc. Valbona Piavac (0,230 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Campo - Le Cune Connected slopes:
Direttissima Le Cune (0,770 km) Le Cune (2,200 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Campo - Lastè Connected slopes:
Lastè (2,800 km) Zirmes (3,000 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (10 people) | Castelir - Le Fassane Connected slopes:
Ciaffuli (0,700 km) Castelir (1,400 km) Fraine (0,850 km) Dolomitica (0,800 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Campo scuola Valbona Connected slopes:
Campo Scuola Valbona (0,250 km)
Cable car (96 people) | Col Margherita Connected slopes:
Col Margherita (3,000 km) Le Caviette (2,500 km) Col Margherita Freeride Park (1,200 km) La Volata (2,350 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Costabella Connected slopes:
Paradiso (1,280 km) Costabella (1,580 km) Monzoni (1,720 km) Panorama (1,250 km) Raccordo Monzoni (0,590 km)
Detachable chairlift (4 people) | Gigante Connected slopes:
Le Coste (1,850 km)
Chair Lift (2 people) | Cima Uomo Connected slopes:
Cima Uomo (0,750 km) Ciadin (3,200 km) Variante Ciadin (0,400 km) Nuova Cima Uomo (0,750 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Campigol Connected slopes:
Campigol (0,590 km) Campagnola (0,780 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Del Passo Connected slopes:
Del Passo (0,790 km) Raccordo del Passo (0,200 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Capanna Margherita Connected slopes:
Capanna Margherita (0,450 km) Martinet (0,470 km) Variante Monzoni (0,450 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Chiesetta 1 Connected slopes:
Chiesetta (0,850 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (10 people) | Vauz Pordoi Connected slopes:
Arabba (1,764 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Saletei Pordoi Connected slopes:
Maria (0,706 km)
Detachable chairlift (3 people) | Lezuo Belvedere Connected slopes:
Belvedere 1 (1,536 km) Belvedere 2 (1,130 km)
Detachable chairlift (6 people) | Sasso Levante Connected slopes:
Martinelli (1,200 km)
Chair Lift (2 people) | König Laurin Connected slopes:
König Laurin (3,150 km) Laurino II (4,900 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (10 people) | Welschnofen Laurin I Connected slopes:
Nova Levante - Laurin I (4,640 km)
Chair Lift (3 people) | Monte Coronelle Connected slopes:
Monte Coronelle (2,320 km)
Detachable chairlift (6 people) | Tschein Connected slopes:
Tschein (4,300 km) Variante Tschein (4,050 km) Collegamento Tschein (0,500 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Paolina Connected slopes:
Masarè (1,100 km) Paolina (2,400 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Moseralm Baby Connected slopes:
Moseralm Baby (0,600 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Franzin Connected slopes:
Franzin (2,500 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Rosengarten Connected slopes:
Rosengarten (1,940 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Nani Connected slopes:
Nani (0,300 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Golf I Connected slopes:
Golf I (1,820 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Golf II Connected slopes:
Golf II (0,250 km)
Detachable chairlift (4 people) | Le Buse Laresei Connected slopes:
Saline (1,004 km) Laresei - Le Buse (Panoramica) (1,769 km) Laresei - Le Buse 1 (Plateau) (1,700 km) Raccordo Saline - Malghette (0,210 km) Variante Caviazza (0,630 km) Variante del Gigio (0,358 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Falcade - Le Buse Connected slopes:
Le Buse - Molino (Rossignol) (3,826 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Lago Cavia Col Margherita Connected slopes:
Col Margherita - Lago Cavia (2,390 km) Zingari (1,463 km)
Chair Lift (4 people) | Lago Cavia Laresei Connected slopes:
Saline - Lago Cavia (0,794 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (3 people) | Saline Laresei Connected slopes:
Laresei 1 (1,700 km) Raccordo Laresei - Saline (Skiweg Laresei) (0,885 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Le Buse Scuola Connected slopes:
Campo Scuola Le Buse (0,450 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Chiesetta 2 Connected slopes:
Campo Scuola Primi Passi Chiesetta (0,850 km)
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (8 people) | Hubertus Connected slopes:
Hubertus (1,730 km)
Detachable chair lift with canopy (4 people) | Pra di Tori Connected slopes:
Pra di Tori (2,430 km) Latemarwiesen (1,050 km)
Ski lift (1 person) | Le Pope Connected slopes:
Le Pope (0,600 km)
Cable car (100 people) | Alba - Col dei Rossi Connected slopes:
Detach. Gondola Ropeways (10 people) | Le Fassane - La Morea Connected slopes:
Le Fassane (1,600 km)
Avisio Fraina | Difficulty
Kristiania | Difficulty
Pordoi | Difficulty
Gonzaga | Difficulty
Sass Becé | Difficulty
Belvedere | Difficulty
Gherdecia | Difficulty
Col dei Rossi | Difficulty
Del Bosco - Lupo Bianco | Difficulty
Roseal | Difficulty
Sella Brunech | Difficulty
Delle Baite - Campo Scuola | Difficulty
Sasso di Rocca 1 | Difficulty
Sasso di Rocca 2 | Difficulty
Ciampac - Alba | Difficulty
Orsa Maggiore | Difficulty
Col de Lin | Difficulty
Rodella | Difficulty
3 - Tre | Difficulty
Cinque Dita | Difficulty
Salei | Difficulty
Grohmann | Difficulty
Mortic | Difficulty
Pian Fiacconi | Difficulty
Col di Bous | Difficulty
Pra Martin | Difficulty
Thöni | Difficulty
Vajolet 2 | Difficulty
Cigolade | Difficulty
Vajolet 1 | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Ciampedie | Difficulty
Ciampedie Pian Pecei | Difficulty
Tomba | Difficulty
Fraine 1 - Campo Scuola | Difficulty
Fraine 2 - Campo Scuola | Difficulty
Aloch | Difficulty
Buffaure Baby | Difficulty
Buffaure - Pozza (Panorama) | Difficulty
Buffaure di Sotto | Difficulty
Valvacin | Difficulty
Pala del Geiger | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Valbona | Difficulty
Fiamme Oro I | Difficulty
Fiamme Oro II | Difficulty
Mediolanum | Difficulty
Direttissima Le Cune | Difficulty
Le Cune | Difficulty
Lastè | Difficulty
Zirmes | Difficulty
Piavac | Difficulty
Racc. Valbona Piavac | Difficulty
Ciaffuli | Difficulty
Campigol | Difficulty
Capanna Margherita | Difficulty
Paradiso | Difficulty
Campagnola | Difficulty
Chiesetta | Difficulty
Costabella | Difficulty
Martinet | Difficulty
Monzoni | Difficulty
Cima Uomo | Difficulty
Col Margherita | Difficulty
Le Caviette | Difficulty
Del Passo | Difficulty
Ciadin | Difficulty
Variante Ciadin | Difficulty
Arabba | Difficulty
Maria | Difficulty
Belvedere 1 | Difficulty
Belvedere 2 | Difficulty
Martinelli | Difficulty
König Laurin | Difficulty
Nova Levante - Laurin I | Difficulty
Laurino II | Difficulty
Monte Coronelle | Difficulty
Tschein | Difficulty
Moseralm Baby | Difficulty
Franzin | Difficulty
Rosengarten | Difficulty
Nani | Difficulty
Masarè | Difficulty
Golf I | Difficulty
Golf II | Difficulty
Paolina | Difficulty
Innamorati | Difficulty
Laresei 1 | Difficulty
Saline | Difficulty
Saline - Lago Cavia | Difficulty
Laresei - Le Buse (Panoramica) | Difficulty
Laresei - Le Buse 1 (Plateau) | Difficulty
Raccordo Laresei - Saline (Skiweg Laresei) | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Le Buse | Difficulty
Le Buse - Molino (Rossignol) | Difficulty
Raccordo Pradazzo - Zingari | Difficulty
Col Margherita - Lago Cavia | Difficulty
Gonzaga 2 | Difficulty
Soreghes - Sot Ronch | Difficulty
Ciampac Fondo | Difficulty
Rodolon | Difficulty
Ciancoal | Difficulty
Pozza - Mazzin | Difficulty
Pozza - Soraga | Difficulty
Campo d’Orso | Difficulty
Masarè | Difficulty
Alochet | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Alochet | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Col da Faè | Difficulty
Le Coste | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Ciasates | Difficulty
Panorama | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Primi Passi Chiesetta | Difficulty
Fuchiade | Difficulty
Castelir | Difficulty
Le Fassane | Difficulty
Valvacin B | Difficulty
Raccordo Saline - Malghette | Difficulty
Hubertus | Difficulty
Pra di Tori | Difficulty
Le Pope | Difficulty
Mazzin - Campitello - Mazzin | Difficulty
Campo Scuola Campitello | Difficulty
Aloch Variante Checene | Difficulty
Aloch Variante Pian de Mez | Difficulty
Lupo Bianco - Canazei | Difficulty Ciampedie - Thöni | Difficulty
Skiweg Moena | Difficulty
Ciasates | Difficulty
Diego | Difficulty
Col Margherita Freeride Park | Difficulty
Raccordi / Varianti | Difficulty
Skiweg Bellamonte | Difficulty
Fraine | Difficulty
Dolomitica | Difficulty
Gabia | Difficulty
Vulcano | Difficulty
Variante Thöni | Difficulty
Nuova Cima Uomo | Difficulty
La Volata | Difficulty
Raccordo Ciadin - Costabella | Difficulty
Raccordo Costabella - Ciadin | Difficulty
Variante Monzoni | Difficulty
Raccordo Monzoni | Difficulty
Raccordo del Passo | Difficulty
Variante Caviazza | Difficulty
Variante del Gigio | Difficulty
Malghette | Difficulty
Valles | Difficulty
Zingari | Difficulty
Pradazzo | Difficulty
Raccordo Col Margherita - Zingari | Difficulty
Canalone Tomba | Difficulty
Skiweg Pozil | Difficulty
Alfa Fischer | Difficulty
Variante Viezzena | Difficulty
Boardercross de le feide | Difficulty
Buffaure di Sotto B | Difficulty
Variante Agonistica Alta | Difficulty
Variante Agonistica Bassa | Difficulty
Variante Rossa | Difficulty
Sass Becé Bis | Difficulty
Variante Tschein | Difficulty
Collegamento Tschein | Difficulty
Latemarwiesen | Difficulty


Practical guide to ski area - Notices and advice

In this section you will find: the main services in the ski area, the list of activities and sports one can practice and a link (connection) to the locality or village nearest the ski area, and lots of useful information on how best to plan your holiday on the snow.

Shopping and services

Below are listed the names and addresses - grouped in categories - of restaurants, refuges, mountain huts and places offering refreshment, of clothing and sports gear shops, of rental shops, of snow crȇches for children, of ski and snowboard schools (all situated in the immediate vicinity of the ski area), and of the partners of the Tourist Board Val di Fassa.

Restaurants and pizzerias
Ristorante Bar Crepes de Sela
Ristorante Hotel Bellavista
Ristorante Hotel Col di Lana
Ristorante Hotel Lupo Bianco
Ristorante Hotel Savoia
Ristorante Hotel Tita Piaz
Huts and refreshment places
Baita Rodella 2222
Bar Ristorante Kristiania
Rifugio Ciampolin
Rifugio Fienile Monte
Snack Bar Pian de Frataces
Clothes’and sports’shops
Amplatz Sport
Detomas Shop
Famiglia Cooperativa Canazei
Free Time Sport
I Cashmerissimi
Ladin Sport
Ladin Sport
Livio Sport Lodge
Northland Ski & Snowboard
Peak Sport Adventure
Sport 2001
Sport and Fun Val di Fassa
Sport Bernard
Sport Valeruz
Sport Walter
Sport Walter
Sport Walter
Sport Walter Kids
Ski & snowboard schools
Scuola Italiana di Sci Campitello di Fassa
Scuola Italiana di Sci Canazei Marmolada
Guides and mountain guides
Alta Fassa Guides - Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo
Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo Guide Alpine Val di Fassa
Trinchieri Luca - Dolomiti Explora by Emotionlandguide
Winter equipment
Detomas Shop
Euroski Center
Euroski Center
Fassa Ski Bike
Free Time Sport
La Zondra
Mambo Ski Rent
Noleggio Scuola Sci Canazei Marmolada
Northland Ski & Snowboard
Peak Sport Adventure
Sport 2001
Sport and Fun Val di Fassa
Sporting 2000
Sport Walter
Independent ski and snowboard instructors
Ercolani Alexandra - Ski Elite
Procacci Adriano
Rizzi Francesco - Ski Elite
Carlo Valentini
Des Alpes
Rifugio Friedrich August



  • The skiarea is reachable from Canazei in a few minutes by cablecar or by car along route S.S. 48 of the Dolomites
  • Ski lifts and slopes Col Rodella Campitello di Fassa. Panorama towards Catinaccio d'Antermoia, Val Duron and Denti di Terrarossa
  • Ski lifts and slopes Col Rodella Campitello di Fassa
  • Ski lifts and slopes Col Rodella Campitello di Fassa. Panorama towards the ski area Belvedere Canazei
  • Ski lifts and slopes Col Rodella Campitello di Fassa
  • Nursery slope for beginners and playground on the snow for children in Canazei
  • Ski lifts and slopes Belvedere Canazei Sellarunde
  • Funifor Alba di Canazei Col dei Rossi
  • Cableway Sass Pordoi
  • Funpark Enrosadira
  • Ski lifts and slopes Col Rodella Campitello di Fassa. Panorama towards Sassolungo Group



Società Incremento Turistico Canazei
Strèda de Parèda, 67
38032 - Canazei

Tel. +39 0462 608811
Fax. +39 0462 601507
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Ufficio Skipass Canazei

Strèda de Parèda, 65
38032 - Canazei

Tel. +39 0462 601583

Ufficio Skipass Campitello

Località Ischia
38031 - Campitello di Fassa

Tel. +39 0462 750261


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