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Val di Fassa: our ski areas will conquer you

Proposals for ski fans are more and more appealing in Val di Fassa: 4 ski tours, the Sellaronda, ideal for those who want to spend a day out skiing, surrounded by majestic peaks and amazing sceneries. Val di Fassa is a true snow paradise where to combine the passion for skiing with a relaxing break in one of the many cosy mountain huts found on the way.

Skitour Panorama

An enchanting ski carousel connecting three ski areas of Val di Fassa for a total amount of 70 km of slopes: Ciampedìe, Buffaure-Ciampac, Belvedere-Col Rodella-Passo Pordoi. The ski tour can be regarded as a variant of Sellaronda, feasible both clockwise as anticlockwise. From Vigo a cable car leads you up to the natural terrace of Ciampedìe, where people can ski in the realm of King Laurin, at the feet of Catinaccio-Rosengarten. Before taking the "Thöni" slope to return down to the village, you can ski to "Pian Pecei". Here you can follow the blue runs "Vajolet 1" and "Vajolet 2" descending to Pera di Fassa. Both from Vigo and from Pera the ski bus carries you to Pozza-Meida, at the departure of "Buffaure" cabin lift. From "Col de Valvacin", panoramic point over the San Nicolò valley and mountain group of Monzoni, you can ski down to Val Jumela. Get up to "Sella Brunéch" comfortably seated on the chair lift, and then ski along the Ciampac hollow, right in front of Sella and Pordoi. You can also face the steep slopes of the 3 km long black run crossing the woods and arriving down to the village of Alba. In less than 5 minutes the "funifor" carries skiers up to "Col dei Rossi", in the ski area of Belvedere-Canazei. Here you will be carried away by a breathtaking view: enjoy the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage, covered by a soft blanket of white powder. You reach "Pian Frataces-Lupo Bianco" after descending 5 km of medium-difficulty slopes. Take the cabin lift "Pradel" to get to Col Rodella, above Campitello, and you will be at the gateway to the world famous Sellaronda Skitour.

Skitour Panorama clockwise (yellow): from Col Rodella to Ciampedìe
No. of lifts (9): cable car Campitello-Col Rodella; cabin lift Pian Frataces-Gherdecia; cable car Pecol-Col dei Rossi; funifor Alba-Col dei Rossi; cabin lift Alba-Ciampac; chair lift Ciampac-Sella Brunech; chair lift Roseal-Giumela; chair lift Pala del Geigher; cable car Vigo-Ciampedìe*
Slopes and km: 3-Tre (red; 3,30 km; Col Rodella-Campitello); Belvedere (red; 1,12 km; Belvedere-Canazei); Gherdecia (blue; 1,59 km; Belvedere-Canazei); Orsa Maggiore (red; 2,13 km; Ciampac-Alba); Valvacin (red; 1,64 km; Buffaure-Pozza); Buffaure-Pozza (red; 5,10 km)*
Transfers: ski lifts + ski bus

Skitour Panorama anticlockwise (red): from Ciampedìe to Col Rodella
No. of lifts(7): cable car Vigo-Ciampedìe; cabin lift Pozza-Buffaure; cabin lift Col de Valvacin; cabin lift Orsa Maggiore; funifor Alba-Col dei Rossi; cabin lift Pradel; cabin lift Rodella-Des Alpes*
Slopes and km: Ciampedìe-Pian Pecei (blue; 900 m; Vigo di Fassa); Vajolet 1 e Vajolet 2 (blue; 1,50 km + 2,00 km; Vigo-Pera di Fassa); Pala del Geiger (red; 698 m; Pozza-Buffaure); Sella Brunech (red; 1,70 km; Alba-Ciampac); Ciampac-Alba (black; 2,80 km); Kristiania (red; 1,69 km; Belvedere-Canazei); Del Bosco (red; 1,78 km; Belvedere-Canazei)*
Transfers: ski lifts + ski bus

Customize your Skitour Panorama! Discover all the slope variants that the ski areas Ciampedìe, Buffaure-Ciampac, Belvedere-Col Rodella-Passo Pordoi offer you.

Panorama Ski Tour Map

Sass Becé Tour

The Sass Becé Tour (pink signs) goes around the Becé massif, within the ski area Belvedere-Canazei, right at the border between Val di Fassa and Arabba. It represents a good alternative to the Sellaronda and Panorama Ski Tour. From Canazei skiers can reach "Pecol" by lifts and then catch the gondola "Toè" or the cable car "Col dei Rossi". By following the slope "Kristiania" you get to the departure of "Sass Becé" chair lift and then over to Arabba. The chair lift "Maria" (Saletei-Pordoi) carries you up to Pordoi Pass. From here catch the panoramic cable car and get to the top of Sass Pordoi, better known as The terrace of Dolomites, at an altitude of 2,950 m asl. Return to the pass by cable car and ski along the "Pordoi" slope. Take the ski lift "Gonzaga" and ski down to "Pecol", right where you started the tour.

Customize your Ski Tour Sass Becé! Discover all the slope variants that the ski area Belvedere-Col Rodella-Passo Pordoi offers you.

Note: the Sass Becé tour can be done both clockwise and anticlockwise with the Val di Fassa/Carezza or Silver ski pass. The 300 m long stretch between the arrival station of the chair lift "Maria" and the Pordoi cable car must be done on foot.

Alpe Lusia-San Pellegrino Tour

This tour connectes the ski areas of Moena-Alpe Lusia, San Pellegrino Pass, Falcade and Castelir-Bellamonte. This tour has several starting points. From Falcade, thanks to the cabin lift and three fast chair lifts, skiers can reach Col Margherita (2,513 m), a natural terrace on the Dolomites. Here you can enjoy an enchanting view on the mountain range of Monzoni, Marmolada Glacier, on the mounts Pelmo, Civetta and Agner, the Vajolet Towers and the group of Pale di San Martino. A 3 km long slopes goes down to San Pellegrino Pass, a real ski paradise for families and children, cherished between the peaks of Costabella and Cima Uomo. The ski bus, service with fee, carries quickly to the departure of the cabin lift Ronchi-Valbona. By means of ski lifts you will ascend to "Le Cune", at an altitude of 2,210 m, and from here, 6 km of slopes leads you over to the ski area Castelir-Bellamonte. You can ascend to Passo Valles-Pian della Sussistenza by car (no ski bus connection) and then ski down to Falcade along a marvellous 11 km long run: the so called "Slope of Lovers" ("Pista degli Innamorati").

First World War Skitour

Surrounded by breath-taking views and majestic peaks such as Civetta, Monte Pelmo, Tofane, Lagazuoi, Conturines, Settsass, Sassongher, the Sella group and the Marmolada Glacier one can visit the places of the First World War and ski around the mountain that became the symbol of the conflict: Col di Lana. It is a one day itinerary, suitable for the whole family. Superlative from a scenic point of view are the descents from Lagazuoi to Armentarola and from Punta Rocca to Malga Ciapela, living the experience of skiing on the Marmolada Glacier.


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