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Activities and proposals to enjoy Val di Fassa (even) in case of rain...

Can bad weather or the rain make your holiday in the mountains equally beautiful? No doubts! Don’t panic, Val di Fassa offers an ideal alternative programme for those days when the sun is not shining!

Who said that those black clouds over your head keep you from having a good time in the Dolomites? Forget the forecasts or the bulletins, there are so many things to do in Val di Fassa, and there is not even a minute to get bored.

If the weather is acting up, don’t let your children do the same. Pupils can run wild also when the sky is cloudy in Val di Fassa and even when the weather suddenly changes. Are there any problems? None. We can arrange the thing with amusing in-door pastimes. After so much playing, children will be so tired that it will be hard to bring them home at the end of the day!

15 tips in case of rain. What to do in Val di Fassa

On holiday with your family or with friends, alone or with your lover: let’s find out some of the activities to practice in Val di Fassa in case of bad weather, to keep in mind also to spend a different day downtown.

Pools and Spas


Dòlaondes in Canazei and Aquapark Vidor in Pozza are the water kingdoms for adults and kids. Parabolic slides, swimming pools, wellness showers, hydromassage, children areas, waterfalls, outdoor pools with panoramic view. And to relax, Eghes Centre is right up your alley!

Thermal baths


Bacteriologically pure and rich in minerals. So is the natural water that pours out of the only sulfuric spring in Trentino. Aerosol therapy, hydroponic treatments, mud- and balneo-therapies and many other treatments. Terme Dolomia and QC Terme Dolomiti are in Pozza di Fassa.

Ice skating


The smooth, lucid and candid ice floe invites you to sail it lightly and with outburst. A pair of skates with a sharp blade and much lust to have fun are enough to experience the thrill of ice skating. Where? By Ice Stadium in Alba di Canazei. Hockey and pirouettes.



It’s a game, more than a sport, to share with family and friends. Bowling is the good idea to animate a snowy afternoon or a boring evening. You can find the alleys by the hotel Cèsa Tyrol in Canazei and by the hotel Alpe in Alba, where you can rent everything, shoes included.



Unable to stay away from racket and balls, even on holiday? Challenge your friends, play compelling games on the squash court of Dolomites Inn hotel in Penìa di Canazei. Intuition, reflexes, agility, concentration and endurance: relieve stress and fill up with energy!



Climbing is a discipline more and more practiced in Val di Fassa, open-air, on real rock, or indoor, on artificial walls. By the covered climbing wall in Campitello, basic and advanced courses are organized, as well as individual lessons, custom-made programs and competitions.

Kids world


Good or bad weather? Who cares, we entertain your children with amusing games, group entertainment with wizards and clowns, mineralogy workshops, creative activities, puppets shows, musicals, tournaments, lessons for future cooks and pastry chefs, train mini-tours.



If the weather is not at its best, take the chance to explore the valley and its villages, bearers of stories and ancient traditions. Start your day on the right foot: exhibitions, churches, historical neighbourhoods, elegant houses’ precious frescos and art workshops to be discovered.

Mountain dairies


In farmhouses at altitude in Val di Fassa, some of which are reachable by car, it is possible to get in touch with alpine life, get closer to cows, goats, donkeys and horses, discover the milking and the production of butter, cheese, yogurt... everything has a special taste up here!

Fitness Centres


Are you a fanatic of ripped abs and biceps? If you love to keep fit even on holidays, you can find three excellent fitness centres in Moena, Campitello and Canazei to preserve your physical form or to try new in rhythm group activities, something you have never tried at home.



A movie is always a great way of spending an afternoon or an amusing evening, with the children or with friends. By the cinema in Canazei you can see the most successful movies of the moment, the season previews, reviews’ films and the movies you missed at home.



Is there a better moment to enjoy a book? Vacation lulls to read, especially in the mountains. Those who have forgotten their novel at home or those who have particular curiosities can address to the libraries in MoenaCanazei or in Vigo, where there is even a playroom for children!



Could it be called "holiday", without souvenirs? Shopping is another mark of Val di Fassa good taste. All the villages are perfect locations to do some shopping. And for those who have a sweet tooth: take a chunk of Fassa and enjoy the delight of Ladin cuisine even at home.

Food & drink


The Ladin cuisine is rich in specialities for everybody’s taste. And it is a real mountain of pleasure! Just decide how to get in touch with this pleasure: in a gourmet restaurant or by reaching a refuge with the lifts? In an inviting fast-food restaurant or in eclectic wine bars?



The Ladin Museum in Vigo guards precious treasures: a cultural trip along Val di Fassa from the ancient to contemporary times. In addition, visit also the detached sections, the war exhibitions in Moena, at Fedaia and Pordoi passes and the mineralogical museum in Vigo.


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