DEPARTURE 26/05/2022

How to spend your next holiday in Val di Fassa

Wide-open spaces and the rhythms of nature have always made Val di Fassa the ideal destination for those seeking balance and well-being. What’s more, hospitality is in our DNA. And never more so than now: in recent weeks, we have worked hard to make sure that the beginning of the summer season will represent a fresh start for everybody in our region, citizens and guests alike. Trentino and Val di Fassa are open and ready to welcome you. 

We look forward to seeing you, confident in our ability to guarantee you not only the welcome we have always taken pride in extending, but also the chance to enjoy a relaxing and worry-free holiday so you can recharge, in nature and with the people you love.

In the sections below, you can learn about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones. You’ll see: we’ve thought of absolutely everything needed to guarantee you a safe and peaceful stay!

Follow our guides and breathe easy once more in Val di Fassa!


The protocol for the mountain huts by the "Associazione Rifugi del Trentino"
Considering the current situation, hikers are invited to get in touch with the mountain hut before starting the excursion, to get to know about any extraordinary restriction or indication being applied, due to the Covid-19 emergency. During summer 2020, the majority of the refuges will follow the rules here below. Cooperation and common-sense towards the managers of the huts will be necessary, as they are working hard in order to implement the health-hygienic rules issued by the responsible bodies for everyone’s safety.

At lunch:

  • Make sure you are healthy before starting your excursion
  • Booking is recommended
  • Respect the distancing rules you will be told to by the owner of the hut
  • The number of both inside and outside seats will be limited
  • Deposit your equipment where indicated by the owner of the hut
  • Remember to bring face mask and gel sanitizer with you
  • Wear your face mask when entering and getting out of the refuge as well as when approaching to your table, wherever it is necessary, or in case it is not possible to respect the safety distance
  • Be patient, the counter service could be suspended or limited
  • Respect the distancing while at the toilet, and remember to always sanitise your hands
  • The owner of the refuge could ask you some information about your health condition, or check your body temperature and, in case of any doubt, ask you not to enter, for safety reason

For the overnight stay:

  • Reservation is mandatory, each family/group will be asked for a contact (cell phone)
  • Always bring mask and single-use gloves with you
  • Use your face mask inside the hut and or in case it is not possible to respect the safety distance
  • Bring your own slippers and use them inside the mountain hut
  • It is mandatory to use a sleeping bag and a pillow case for the overnight
  • The use of common toilets and showers might be ruled or run by rotation
  • Dinner might be served over multiple shifts to allow the distancing (kindly avoid crowds in the common areas while waiting)
  • Bring a book or playing cards from home, they might not be available by the hut this year
  • The room/beds will be preferably assigned from 4 p.m.

How to behave on public means

The provincial transit network within and outside towns and the railways are operating, though with a smaller capacity than before. Reduced numbers of spaces are available on the various means of transport in order to guarantee safe distances between travellers, and masks must be worn on board. Transport services will be running on a regular schedule on both working days and holidays, providing the service within and outside town. Evening services have been reduced within town. Railway services on the provincial networks connecting Valsugana, the Val di Non and the Val di Sole have also been reinstated.

Tickets can be purchased on board or at ticket offices. You can use a multi-trip pass too, such as the convenient pay-as-you-go card or the super handy app Val di Fassa Guest Card.

Mountain lifts open in summer

How to behave on cable cars, cabin lifts and chair lifts 

In compliance with the national and provincial law, the access to the mountain lifts in Val di Fassa is ruled by regulations and hygienic-sanitary indications, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

  1. Follow the dedicated signal signs to get to the ticket offices and to the boarding and exiting areas, in order to avoid crowds and crossing paths with other people.
  2. Before purchasing your ticket, remember to clean your hands with the sanitizer provided by the ticket offices and wherever else indicated.
  3. Keep a distance of at least 1 metre from the other passengers.
  4. Wear a face mask on board of any lift, whether they be cable cars, cabin lifts and chair lifts, as well as in all the common areas by the stations.
  5. If you have similar flu symptoms, do not endanger yourself and others, avoid the use of lift facilities.

The enclosed lifts such as cabin lifts and cable cars can carry 2/3 of their maximum capacity. The members of a single family unit can travel together.

Commonly touched surfaces (doorknobs, handrails, turnstiles) are regularly sanitised. 

NOTES: in the protocols, when referring to the wording of "household" especially in relation to interpersonal distance, we are referring to people who live together, who are family members or who spend time together and who can share the same holiday accommodations, up to a maximum of 10 people, where the ratio of the number of people for the available space can be respected. These requirements must be declared by these people to managers and staff, taking full responsibility for these statements.


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