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Once you have reached the southern side of the football field (10 minutes away from the centre of Moena) get onto the asphalt road leading to the hamlet of "Medil" (1,365 m). Continue walking along some steep sections, the last of which ends into "Val", a large area covered ...
by grassland. Cross the large meadows and continue on the plain across the wood. Once outside the wood, you are near "Medil". Cross the village and go past the small church. The track becomes steep again. Keeping on the paved road (trail sign no. 517), head towards an old barn on the edge of the wood. Continue to climb (the slope is rather steep) until you reach "Col da Moena", easy to recognise for its peculiar clearing on the left. On the plain you will find a crossing. Go down to the right along an uneasy path and then continue on the plain for a long section. Climb again a short slope and you will come out into the wide and sunny clearing of "Pra Compert". Walk along the edge of the wood and go straight to the opposite side of the clearing. Here starts a series of very useful steps, which help to comfortably go down an extremely steep slope. The slope becomes then easier and in approximately 10 minutes you will reach the ancient settlement of "Penìa". Here you can have a break in the restaurant Malga Peniola (1,470 m). Go back towards Moena across the beautiful meadows surrounding "Penìa". Then the gradient decreases slowly as you cross the wood. On the right, leave the forest road and turn into the narrow path that leads to the hamlet of "Sorte" ("Sort"). From here go back to Moena.

Author's advice:

Walking poles.

Only the parts of the track fromMoena to "Medil" and from Moena to "Penìa" (asphalt road) are accessible for strollers.

The only refreshment point, bar restaurant Malga Peniola, is located along the route.

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