Issued on 18/12/2018
Ufficio stampa Apt Val di Fassa

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A world-class winter narrated through 72 pages. The 45th issue of "Fassa News", the magazine of Val di Fassa Tourist Board that is available from December 17 by the tourist offices and can be flipped through on our website, begins by talking about the "Alpine Junior World Ski Championships". The event, scheduled from February 17 to 28, 2019, gives an international and sport note to the whole season in the valley. So, the magazine emphasizes some technical aspects of those who work for the amusement and safety of those who arrive in Val di Fassa for their winter holidays. There is the article dedicated to the snow cats that every night operate to have top quality ski tracks in the morning, and that about the "boot fitter" that sets out the ski boots to make them become comfortable shoes and about who, since more than 40 years, takes care of the cleansing and of the snow clearing on the roads to let everybody travel safe. Of course, there are also many articles about well-ness, food and wine and the main events at altitude, the exhibitions, the traditions, the curiosities and the pictures of the "social friends" that follow Val di Fassa with much affection, even after going back to town. All the articles, like usual, are accompanied by extracts in English, dedicated to the numerous foreigners that stay in the valley. Have a good read!


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