Trekking per famiglia sulle Dolomiti in Val di Fassa | © Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Holidays for the whole family

Fun in nature can be found here
Famiglia con cane sulle Dolomiti in Val di Fassa | © Patricia Ramirez  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Holidays for the whole family

The holiday that children will remember fondly

All for one and one for all!

After the holidays, do you need another holiday? You've probably gone away with kids, teens, and so much equipment that it feels like a big operation. We bet you haven't been to Val di Fassa before? Ladin hospitality has been equipped to guarantee relaxation, fun, discovery and experiences for the whole family, with spaces and proposals to share all together but also separately, because every age deserves the right attention. Here you can dedicate yourself to your activities or let yourself be pampered in the wellness centres while your children have fun with qualified entertainment staff, discovering the wonder of spending time in nature with new little friends. Our Family Hotels, then, are a holiday within the holiday because, when you have reconnected with nature, you will still have time for yourself.  

You will look forward to returning to Val di Fassa on holiday, because the chance to detox from stress in the heart of nature becomes an addiction for everyone, and that means the whole family!

Famiglia in inverno | © Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Family Hotel

Where the children, mum and dad are always at home

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Bambini che corrono su un prato sulle Dolomiti in Val di Fassa | © Mattia Rizzi  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Family walks in summer

Excursions for adults and children

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Walks With A Pushchair

Walks with a pushchair

Walking with mum and dad

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