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Val di Fassa Tourist Board

The Val di Fassa Tourist Board (Azienda per il Turismo della Val di Fassa) - a cooperative society established in 2003, financed through provincial contributions and resources raised from self-financing - has its registered office in Canazei, in Strèda Roma, next to the Cinema Marmolada.

The operational offices (Administration, Product and Marketing & Communication) are located in Fontanazzo (Municipality of Mazzin) at Strèda de l'Albolina, 415.

In every village in the valley, from Alba di Canazei to Moena, there is a tourist office, responsible for welcoming guests and assisting its member operators. Do you need help to make the most of your holiday in the Val di Fassa? We will guide you to discover the most fascinating places and recommend experiences, activities and attractions to try. Welcome home!

Info & contacts

Azienda per il Turismo della Val di Fassa
Strèda Roma, 36
38032 Canazei (TN)
+39 0462 609500

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