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High-altitude activities

"Every day a new adventure"

Summer at high altitude: a family activity every day

Wonderland! The beauty of being a child? Let yourself be surprised by everything that happens because this is the realm where everything is possible. Look forward to each adventure and then experience it as a star! There is a world up on the peaks of the Fassa Dolomites that is packed with treasures. A mysterious place that defies even the most vivid imagination. To truly experience each day, with bated breath, anticipation, surprise and then discovery, climb up here and be a kid again. Adventures for little big explorers, nature lessons and mountains of fun for the whole family!


The marmots’ path

Alba di Canazei, Canazei
July 3, 2023

Every Monday, guided hike suitable for families with children at Ciampac to discover where marmots live

On the chamois' path

Alba di Canazei, Canazei
June 22, 2023

Every Thursday, guided loop hike from Ciampac to Alba, along paths trodden only by animals to discover the forest and its secrets

The ancient Art of falconry

Vigo di Fassa
July 7, 2023

Among the most royal birds of prey, falcons are the protagonists of a fascinating and ancient show, made even more impressive by the panorama that can be admired from the Ciampedie

Fly Line & Orienteering

Vigo di Fassa
June 21, 2023

Thrilling descent through the trees and team orienteering competition at Ciampedie, in search of nymph lanterns

The lair of the squirrel

Vigo di Fassa
June 20, 2023

Guided nature excursion to Ciampedie to get to know the forest and its inhabitants

The pasture and the magic of butter

Alba di Canazei
July 7, 2023

Every Friday morning, a manual workshop at Ciampac for children to learn how to make butter the old-fashioned way

Geology, legends and history

Vigo di Fassa
June 22, 2023

Easy walk from Ciampedie to Gardeccia following the ancient footsteps of the "Vivane", the nymphs that inhabit the Rosengarten forest

Famiglia fuori da un rifugio sulle Dolomiti in Val di Fassa | © Patricia Ramirez - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

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