Tramonto sulle Dolomiti in Val di Fassa | © Patricia Ramirez  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Welcome to
Val di Fassa

Your summer can be found here
Persone che fanno un trekking sulle Dolomiti in Val di Fassa | © Mattia Rizzi  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

The secret
of the Dolomites

Your freedom can be found here
Bambina che annusa il profumo dei fiori appena sbocciati in Val di Fassa | © Patricia Ramirez  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

In the Kingdom of
King Laurin

Your wonder can be found here
Ragazza affacciata da un balcone di una tipica baita in legno in Val di Fassa | © Federico Modica  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

It's time to pull the plug

Your happiness can be found here

Val di Fassa Trentino.
Roll on, summer!

In the heart of the Dolomites, among enchanted rock walls, summer awakens on the sunny barns of the Fuchiade. It runs free between mountain huts and refuges to reach waterfalls of crystal clear water in Val San Nicolò. It enters the forest of firs and pirouettes on the crests of the Monzoni, tickles the Queen, her majesty the Marmolada, to reach the Contrin, then it becomes inebriated with flowers and the hypnotic scent of hay among the pastures of Val Duron. It stays at this high altitude to reach the Buffaure and thus enjoy the magic of the Catinaccio in its entirety. It still emerges from alpine lakes and springs of Dolomia. It somersaults on bright meadows and opens dances in festively-dressed villages to welcome the evening lights. An Alpenglow of fire announces the hour of relaxation that renews every promise: freedom, discovery and wonder. Because here the summer is sincere, and intense. And real. 

Experience summer in Val di Fassa. Your freedom can be found here.

top events

Top Wine Symposium 2950

Pordoi Pass
October 14, 2023

Toast at 2950 metres of altitude on Dolomites’ Terrace

Impianti di risalita Panorama Pass | © Patricia Ramirez  - Archivio Immagini ApT Val di Fassa

Summer Lifts

All lifts openings, May to October Discover more

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