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By train

Travelling to Val di Fassa

How to get to Val di Fassa by train

The closest railway stations are: Trento, Bolzano, and Ora. From the train stations, daily bus connections to Val di Fassa are provided, managed by the service companies Trentino Trasporti (Trento) and SAD (Bolzano and Ora). Bus tickets can be bought directly on the bus. Bus tickets can be purchased at the specific ticket offices or directly on board.

Trento central train station
The ticket office is open every day from 06:00 to 20:00. Connection to Val di Fassa by Trentino Trasporti bus. The departure area is about 50 metres away from the railway station. Phone +39 0461 231189
Luggage and bicycles deposit in the hall of the station (every day 09:00 - 11:45 and 11:15 - 18:00). Phone +39 0461 1484954

Bolzano central train station
The ticket office is open every day from 06:00 to 20:50. Connection to Val di Fassa by SAD bus. The departure area is about 100 metres away from the railway station. Phone +39 0471 974292
Luggage and bicycles deposit at track no. 1 (every day 08:30 - 18:30). Phone +39 0471 971733

Ora train station
The ticket office is open from Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 10:20 a.m. and from 13:20 to 16:20. Connection to Val di Fassa by SAD bus. The departure area is in front of the railway station. Phone +39 0471 810181

From the train stations, you can rent a car or catch a taxi or a bus to Val di Fassa. For further information about these different transport options, please contact our taxi and car hire companies, partners of Val di Fassa Tourist Board, which operate with a regular licence.

For train timetables and tickets: official web site TrenitaliaExternal link; Agenzia Viaggi Doltour (Piaz Veie 34, Campitello di Fassa - Phone +39 0462 750555). 

Freccialink takes you to Val di Fassa
Val di Fassa: car-free holiday or weekend! In July and August and from December to March, every Saturday and Sunday the bus route will connect Ora/Auer train station to Val di Fassa. Thanks to the combination of train and bus transport, travellers leaving from Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Verona can reach Ora Auer by means of high-speed train and continue their travel to Dolomite's resorts by bus. Bus stops will be scheduled in Moena (Strada R. Löwy), Sèn Jan di Fassa - Vigo/San Giovanni (Hotel Dolomiti) and Canazei (Strèda de Parèda - Belvedere cableway).
Train+bus and bus+train tickets can be purchased on TrenitaliaExternal link sales channels or by the travel agency "Doltour" (Piaz Veie 34, Campitello di Fassa). The bus transfer cannot be booked separately. Departure from Ora/Auer train station at 11:57 > arrival in Canazei at 14:08 (Rome to Bolzano Frecciargento train, departing from Rome at 06:50); departure from Canazei at 14:45 > arrival in Ora/Auer at 17:00 (Bolzano to Rome Frecciargento train; departure from Ora/Auer at 17:21).

Trenitalia Winter Experience
From 10 December, two new Frecciarossa trains will connect Milan to Bolzano at the weekend. Departures from Milano Centrale station: Friday 17:45 (arrival 20:48); Saturday and Sunday 08:15 (arrival 11:11) and 17:45 (arrival 20:48). Departures from Bolzano railway station: Friday 08:45 (arrival 11:45); Saturday and Sunday 08:45 (arrival 11:45) and 17:45 (arrival 20:45).

Train & bus

By bus

How to get to Val di Fassa by bus and coach

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