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A few dozen metres from "Piaz de Ciampedel", the central square, where "Strèda de Salin" and "Strèda de Sènc Felip e Giacum" meet, climb the steps on the right. Go up a terraced path along which you will meet a series of chapels for the "Via Crucis" (the Way of the Cross). ...
The chapels will lead to the village of "Pian". Here you can visit the village, one of the most ancient settlements in Val di Fassa. There are still people living here and some ancient ovens used to bake bread are still visible. Go back to Campitello descending to the right the asphalt road ("Strèda de Pian") leading to "Strèda de Col" and then to the starting point of the route. Alternatively, you can go in the opposite direction and take the dirt road that, across the mountainside, enters the Val Duron. After approximately a kilometre you arrive at the dirt road that climbs up from Campitello. Go left and cross the bridge in "Pian da Molin" and continue on that track, which is at first even and then climbs steeply towards Campitello.

Author's advice:

Walking poles, religious paths.

The "Via Crucis" (Way of the Cross, built in 1760 and refurbished in 1987) starts from St. Philiph and James’ church. Its stations are characterized by interesting sentences of reflection in Ladin language. Some of them deserve to be mentioned among most original ones: "Taking off the hat in front of Christ’s Passion is more worth than whitewashing the capital"; "Sacred Heart of Jesus protect those who pass upwards and downwards".

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