Lingera Flow Park   San Pellegrino Bike Trail

Lingera Flow Park - San Pellegrino Bike Trail

Mountain bike

Variant of the Burela trail, that connects the mountain station of Le Buse - Laresei chairlift to Chalet Le Buse refuge (Falcade).

The trail develops on the south/western side of Col Margherita towards Cavia lake, on processed ground, characterised by the presence of table jumps ...
and parabolic turns. It’s a trail with a constant difficulty level, designed and realised specifically for bikers that want to perfect their riding. It’s completely downhill and, therefore, is accessible only in this direction. Bikers can thus concentrate uniquely on the trail, on speed control and on the rhythm given by the succession of winding lines and jumps. In the last stretch it reconnects with Burela Flow Trail, to return to the valley station of the chairlift.

To access the trail from San Pellegrino Pass: Col Margherita cable car > Innamorati single trail > Forcella Pradazzo > detour on the right to Laresei refuge.

To access the trail from Falcade: Falcade - Le Buse gondola > Le Buse - Laresei chairlift.

You can easily reach San Pellegrino Bike Trail by lift from San Pellegrino Pass (Col Margherita) or Falcade. The access is included in the bike pass or in the Dolomiti Supersummer ticket, which allows access to a wider resort. Inside the park you will find trails of varying difficulty. If it’s your first time here, we recommend turning to a FassaBike MTB School guide.

Author's advice: Be progressive in approaching the park’s trails, starting from the easy ones and then increasing the difficulty. On the first lap, be careful and stop if you have any doubt, to study the path to follow. Don’t overestimate your skills.

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