Sora I Prè: Pera   Pozza   Vigo

Sora i Prè: Pera - Pozza - Vigo



This beautiful walk connects the villages of Pera and Pozza to Vigo through a panoramic track unfolding at the lower foot of "Ciampedìe" between the wood and the meadows of "Sorapoza". This amusing track alternates even sections and slight slopes and proceeds with pleasant ...
twists and turns connecting the many little valleys going down through the wood. The path is mostly shady and is equipped with tables and benches placed in the most open and panoramic points. The route starts from "Strada de la Taboca" in Pera di Fassa. Leave the last few houses turning right and climb up to a bend in the dirt road: here turn left and walk through the meadows. After a first flat section, the gradient increases gradually until you arrive at the wood. Head for Pozza (you can also start the route from here, thanks to an easy entry through "Troi de Vich" and "Strada de Chieva") and for Vigo: do not miss the fantastic view over "Costabella" and the "Valacia" range on your left. Entering through "Strada de Piz" in a few minutes you arrive to the centre of Vigo.

Author's advice:

Walking poles, suitable for families with children,walkable for toddler-carrier/backpack.

The access to the track is also possible from Pozza, along "Troi de Vich" or along "Strada de Chieva" street.

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