Horse Ranch Highland Cattle

Horse Ranch Highland Cattle

Lessons in style and nature

The Horse Ranch Highland Cattle is located along the road that connects Soraga to Vigo. The western-style stables are easily recognisable by the Indian tent and the large wooden totem pole. 

Discover the mountain on horseback or by pony with guided tours lasting a few hours, half a day or a whole day. Cross the Avisio torrent on the back of well-trained docile specimens. Sit comfortably in a carriage and enjoy a relaxing hike in the woods, surrounded by the spectacular peaks of the Fassa Valley. All experiences that you can try thanks to the Psenner family, which, with infinite passion, manages the Horse Ranch Highland Cattle riding school, along the state road between Vigo and Soraga. The instructors of the Fitetrec-Ante Federation, in addition to accompanying you, will provide you with useful tips to improve your riding style with targeted lessons, perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. Children can also mount sweet ponies, take care of some farm animals - goats, turkeys, donkeys, rabbits and llamas - play outdoors in the area adjacent to the hut and watch the evening milking. The noise of the street is masked by the "concert" of cow bells and yak grazing blissfully in a second fence. 

Opening hours

20 June - 15 September 2023: every day from 09:00 to 12:00, from 14:00 to 18:00


Indicative fee: € 28 half-hour private lesson
Indicative fee: € 25 half-hour ride in the enclosure
Indicative fee: € 33 per person for 1 hour
Indicative fee: € 60 per person for 2 hours
Indicative fee: € 80 per person for half-day
Indicative feea: € 130 per person for full-day
Indicative fee: € 10 pony ride
Indicative fee: € 13 horse ride
Indicative fee: 1-hour carriage tour € 20 adults; € 15 juniors up to 14 years

Info & contacts

Horse Ranch Highland Cattle
Loc. Ciarlonch
Vigo di Fassa
38036 San Giovanni di Fassa (TN)
+39 338 8824885

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