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Penìa - Lorenz - Vera - Penìa


At the foot of "Dolèda" hill, where witches are said to have gathered, lies Penìa. The last village of Val di Fassa, almost perched on the slopes of Marmolada, is rich in history and ancient traditions that are worth discovering. On the way back, follow the educational trail called "L'ega ...

te cuna - l’acqua bambina", about the origins of water.

Start from the central square in Penìa and pass to the right of the fountain on "Troi de Lorenz", until you come out of the village and reach the meadows behind it. Continue along the road, which cuts the steep slope and arrives first at the village of Lorenz and then, a bit further above, at the village of Vera. Pass the little church dedicated to "Madonna de l'Aiut" to the right, and continue along the flat paved road, with a magnificent view on the imposing northern wall of Gran Vernel. A few metres above the little road, on the left, the ruins of Insom witness that a third settlement stood there. The road evens up and goes towards "Ruf de Penìa" stream: cross it and turn right onto the easy white gravel road, which runs slightly downhill into the wood. Cross the grassy clearing of "Udàer" and descend towards the main road below. Follow it to the right for approximately 150 metres, up to the guard-rail of the bridge over Avisio river. Walk along the outer side of the guard-rail on the well-visible path covered with fine white gravel. Once inside the wood, go through it along a winding path, flat at first and then slightly downhill. As the descent gets steeper, remain on the main track, and reach the paved road. Go up and over the bridge, then follow the main road for another 30 metres. Enter the woods on the right on the well-visible path, unfolding downhill at the foot of the imposing northern wall of Gran Vernel, following Avisio river. Slightly beyond, you’ll find a boardwalk leading to the ancient Venetian sawmill (one of the local branches of the Ladin Museum). This path is also part of the educational trail called "L'ega te cuna", about the origins of water. Go over the bridge on your right and reach the lower section of Penìa. Pass between Hotel Sonia on the right and a beautiful farmhouse with a barn on the left and reach the main road. Alternatively, don’t cross the bridge but proceed on the path and join the route Canazei - Pènt de la Roa - Molin - Penìa - Canazei.

Author's advice: Walking sticks are recommended.

The walk is suitable for strollers/toddler-carrier/backpack.

It is also possible to start from the ice stadium in Alba di Canazei.

Stop at the café in Penìa.

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