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A visit to the medieval church of Santa Giuliana, the valley's patron saint celebrated on both June 3rd and February 6th, is a must. The building dates back to 1237, but the origins of the settlement, a prehistoric hillfort, date back to the time of the Raeti, the people who inhabited these ...

areas in the Iron Age.

From the town centre, climb "Strada de Piz" up to the covered fountain and continue straight on along "Strada de Sent’Uiana". Go past the last house on the left and follow the little paved road leading to the boundary wall of the church, one of the richest buildings in the entire Val di Fassa from a historical point of view.

The church dedicated to "Santa Giuliana" (there are documents witnessing its existence since 1237) is one of the most ancient churches in the valley. On the outside, there is a large figure representing Saint Christopher with a child, today hardly discernible. Inside, you’ll find two precious works of art: the extremely beautiful frescoes on the apse, probably painted by artists of the Brixen’s school and dating back to the second half of the 15th century, and the wooden high altar, carved in 1517 by Giorgio Artz from Bolzano. The large number of benches disseminated throughout the beautiful larch forest invites to take a break in such an enchanting place. In the area beneath the church, you can also visit the Austro-Hungarian War Cemetery. The cemetery hosts the bodies of 663 soldiers killed during the First World War, coming from all the countries that belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time. Guarding the entrance to the sacred place, there’s a bell dedicated to Our Lady "Queen of Peace", decorated with friezes and 506 handmade stars, recalling the 506 known minorities in the world.

From the hill behind the church, follow the easy dirt path on the left, until you cross another path originating from "Valongia". Take a left and proceed downhill. Continue along "Strada de Pontac", and then filter in "Strada Rezia". Turn left to return to the starting point.

Author's advice: Walking poles.

Suitable for families with children; walkable for toddler-carrier/backpack.

The hike is only feasible with a trekking buggy if you walk along the entire "Strada de Sent'Uiana" and then take the paved path to the left to the sanctuary.

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