Pista da fondo Ciancoal a Pozza di Fassa | © Gaia Panozzo - Archivio Marcialonga

Ciancoal cross-country ski area - Pozza

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Ciancoal cross-country ski area - Pozza

Although not far from the town centre, the area of "Ciancoal" is a haven of tranquillity surrounded by nature, offering a quiet, relaxing environment. The courses wind their way across the plain between Pozza and Pera, through fairytale forests and picturesque views of "Cima Undici", "Cima Dodici" and the "Dirupi di Larséch" across the river Avisio.

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Slope details

Name Status Opening hours Snow depth Length Difficulty
08:45-16:30 2000 m Easy
Pozza - Soraga
08:45-16:30 (orographic left) 4000 m Medium
Pozza - Mazzin
08:45-16:30 (orographic left) 3000 m Medium

Cross-country skiing and spa wellness

The slopes in the "Ciancoal" area, between Pozza and Pera, are organised in loops and divided by difficulty level. The easy course, with its zero gradients, is perfect for those who are just starting out on narrow skis and still need to get to grips with balance and coordination. The medium circuit, suitable for everyone, winds its way through a wide and sunny area that leads to the upper part of "Meida" before returning into the village centre and continuing towards San Giovanni and Soraga. The most difficult and demanding loop extends towards Mazzin. From Pera you enter the Marcialonga track, the venue for Italy's best-known cross-country skiing competition.

The Marcialonga is a historic race, traditionally held on the last Sunday of January, in which athletes from all nations compete. The race has developed and consolidated the culture of Nordic skiing in Val di Fassa, attracting thousands of enthusiasts every year who want to ski this extraordinary route between the Fassa and Fiemme valleys.

To ensure safe and trouble-free use at all times, all skiing tracks in Pozza are maintained daily by the staff management. You can ski here right through the season, thanks to the artificial snow-making system that takes over in case of need. The easy and medium loops are bordered by nets to prevent pedestrians from entering. Access to the tracks is free

After a day spent skiing, your arms and legs deserve a bit of relaxation! Pozza is a spa town with two centres to give body and mind that profound sense of wellbeing.

Short guide to cross-country skiing

  • Plan your tour, wear the appropriate equipment, taking into account your technical skills and the weather conditions
  • Adapt your skiing to the snow conditions, the visibility and the crowdedness of the slope
  • Respect the signs and follow the right direction
  • Follow the track on the right, if you are in a group proceed in single file
  • Facilitate overtaking when possible
  • Be careful on downhill slopes
  • Stay off the tracks and the track
  • In case of a fall, clear the track as soon as possible
  • Help those in difficulty. In case of real need and for emergencies call 112
  • Respect the environment, do not throw litter, tissues and gels
  • Enjoy skiing, the view and the silence


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